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On the fence episode 13


🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Thirteen🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:- Pizarena.com

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== In a middle of the road to the field, Mark's car broke down The road was really lonely that people hardly pass there Mark was just short of words, he didn't know what next to do He reached out to his phone but couldn't find it He couldn't believe it was happening "I personally kept my phone here, how could it be missing?" Mark asked but it seems like rhetorical question because no one replied him His driver was busy with whatever he was checking in the bonnet as he used his one kind eyes and be checking on Mark who was just pacing around and scratching his head at the same time "can I make use of your phone?" Mark asked the driver walking up to him The driver just touched his pocket and exclaimed "shit!! I forgot mine" the driver lied searching his pockets looking at Mark "why would you have to spoil here and now" Mark angrily said kicking the tyre "oh no, it's already time" Mark added checking out his wrist watch +++ =====()In The Field()===== The game master became confused as he couldn't stop scratching his head "I guess, he was just scared of loosing" James said looking at the game master who didn't bother looking at him Lucy rushed to Mikhail whose his eyes focused on the gate, hoping to see Mark's car driving in "where's Mark?" Lucy asked referring to Mikhail but was looking around "he haven't arrived yet" Mikhail replied looking confused "and his line isn't going through" Lucy said "that's the worst part of it" Just then, the captain from the opponents walked up to them and informed them that it was time All their gaze were just shifted to him on hearing that James couldn't stop smiling The referee warned that if they waste any more time again, then they have to consider themselves loser of the game The game master had to take those that was around to go for the match "please sir, can I go for second half, so that I could go for Mark?" Mikhail requested walking up to the game master "how do you expect us to go to a match without a striker, you people just have to try your best, he might arrive later" the game master replied while Mikhail scratched his head "James, you will have to go for striking position" the game master said looking at them one after the other "now, let's match in" the game master added in command as they all started walking inside the field Mikhail walked halfway of the field but stopped and ran back The game master was just shocked, he didn't know what he was up to Mikhail rushed to his driver who just arrived "you asked me to come" the driver said when Mikhail ran up to him "yes, I want you to go to Mark's house and bring him here because I guess everything isn't alright but in case of anything, just call me" Mikhail said while the driver nodded and drove off James was watching, wondering what he was doing but couldn't figure it out Mikhail was just watching the driver when the sound of the whistle brought him back He rushed back to the field as the match began Mikhail were the first to pass the ball and they sent it back The passing they were distributing at the back was excellent Mikhail signalled James to stay in position that it was time to score the first goal James understood it and waited for it Mikhail got the ball and dribbled the first person He placed it on the run as he speeds up James in the other hand started running The goal keeper from the opponent saw that coming He shouted at his defenders, informing them that it was their dangerous style, that no chance Mikhail reached the edge as he draw the ball back making the defender who was tackling him to fell down He then tipped it up, sending it to James who smiled to the wonderful passing as all his hope was to scatter the nest One could hear their game master saying "score, scatter" But James shot it up off the bar "oh no" Mikhail shouted remembering Mark he would never miss such The keeper from the opponent side had to change their patterns to canter He rumbled the ball and one of his team caught it and did the same thing They didn't let it to reach the ground as their striker dropped it in the nest They all screamed 'goal!!' Mikhail did their second passing it wasn't good that one of the opponents striker got the ball from the defender He didn't waste time in dropping it again making it 2 James was given a clean chance but he missed it again Mikhail had to make change of positions with James but still yet, James weren't able to give a clean passing +++ ===()In The Lonely Road()=== Mark got tired and sat down in the car The driver did the same Mark would have scolded the driver for carelessness of not checking the car he drives often but he doesn't like it when a child scold his elders Mark was lost in thought, thinking of how the match would be when a car drove by The car almost drove up but stopped It parked as the driver came down Mark recognized him as Mikhail driver and smiled both Mark and his driver came down from the car "sir, master Mikhail asked me to pick you up" Mikhail driver said On hearing that, Mark's driver rushed to the bonnet and started doing what he knows Meanwhile, Mark just picked up his bag and boots He was walking to the other car when his driver called him, starting the car as well "it have responded" Mark's driver said but Mark didn't stop He firstly places his item in Mikhail car before turning to face his driver "That's strange but it might break down again" Mark said "please let's go" Mark added referring to Mikhail driver as he closed the door Mikhail driver came in and they drove off leaving his driver behind "shit!" Mark's driver said hitting his hand on the steering as he watched them drove off from his sight ++++ =====()In The Field()===== Mikhail and his team were managed to hold the 2 goals They didn't score and they didn't give their opponents the chance to score again The referee blew the whistle indicating halftime Everyone retired to where they changed their dresses earlier As they were walking out, one guy from the opponent side approached Mikhail because he know him before "please what happened to your fellow striker, he didn't come to match today?" the guy asked still maintaining their walking Mikhail knowing who he was asking of he turned to look at him "don't get me wrong, I always admired his styles and skills, I always wish to be like him" the guy said Just then, Mikhail car drove in Mikhail sighted Mark on the front seat and smiled "there he is" Mikhail said pointing at the car the guy turned as well James in the other hand has known that Mark was coming, he has to hold Lucy when she wanted to meet Mikhail after the match probably was going to ask for Mark again James pretended injured and Becky helped him in holding Lucy back Lucy was good in treating people but when she squatted to treat James, she became confused because there was no injury "where's it?" Lucy asked in confusion "it's gone" James replied smiling "how?" Lucy asked "I just wanted you to be with me" James replied As they heard the sound of the car, they turned and it was Mark Mark's first eyes was on them, James smiled winking at him Mark couldn't take off his eyes from them because of the odd position they were in Mark got back to himself when the driver told him that they have arrived He got down and hugged Mikhail who stood closer to the car "thanks a lot" Mark said while Mikhail smiled hitting him lightly on his shoulder Mark walked to where his team were He forgot what he saw earlier all of a sudden after he remembered that the game was still on "am sorry guys" Mark apologised looking at all of them "what happened?" the game master asked "am sorry sir but my car broke down on the way, and worstly on a lonely road" he apologized "what about your phone? You kept us worried" the game master asked again "I lost it, am sorry sir" Mark apologised again Mark was really a responsible guy "just get changed, we don't have much time" the game master said while Mark went to dress up "so how many are we going with?" Mark asked after he gets ready "2-0, against us" Mikhail replied Mark felt disappointed but had to comply The game master made a changing pushing James back from striking position and placed Mark there he removed one guy who he replaced with James Few minutes later, the referee blew the whistle for the second half They all matched in They positioned themselves and the opponents were to start the passing Mark's eyes went to where Lucy was she was also looking at him Mark smiled and returned his gaze The ball started The opponents started with the canter but they already know about it, so they were able to hold them back Mikhail made a sound with his finger nails and Mark nodded The ball was passed to Mikhail who controlled it He dribbled the first and second person and placed it on the run He was among one of the fastest runner in the school That was the only thing he was good in it more than Mark He sped off Mark could see that, so he rushed forward Mikhail did the same thing he did before by drawing the ball back letting the defender to fall That was when the goal keeper noticed that Mark was in the game before he could say a word, Mikhail has already sent it up Mark collected it with his chest as he sent it to right angle The keeper tried but be couldn't it even before it touches the nest, the game master has already shouted goal!!!! Mark didn't rejoice much as he told them to calm down because it was remaining one He turned and did a thumb up to Lucy who smiled It was 70 mins of the game and it was still 2-1, the opponents were just holding the post tight as they went for defense, not giving them chance Making them not to be able to score either but they didn't care because they were winning The ball went on throwing as Mark whispered something to Mikhail who nodded in agreement The throwing was for them it was threw to Mark who collects it with his chest again as he tipped it up Mikhail in the other hand smiled at the perfect tipping he did as he took the race He ran and was able to catch up with the ball but the keeper rushed to him forcing him to tipped and sent it up over the keepers head The keeper wanted to rush for the ball but it has reached to its destination as everyone shouted another goal!!!! Mikhail rushed and hugged Mark who couldn't stop smiling James got jealous as he requested for changing which they did He knows that the weak point of Mark was Lucy so he went and stood beside her acting nice he bought ice cream for the both of them It was 90 mins as they were given 3mins additional time The opponents had to hold tight trusting their keeper when it comes to penalties because that would be next "where do Mark like placing his free kick?" James asked Lucy as he felt it coming "you know he played only right, but whenever it comes to die minutes goal, he would stand in the right but places in the left" Lucy replied A min to go, Mark held a ball and smiled as he applied some tricks he dribbled and was almost in the 18 when they kicked him down he fell down immediately since that was what he was looking for and the referee blew it 'I actually meant penalty but it has come this way' James thought smiling as he sneaked out from Lucy and he walked up to the keeper from the opponents He gave him exactly what Lucy told him He thought he was betraying Mark but the goal keeper used his sense and calculated that it wouldn't be possible and at the same time thought that James wanted to deceive him Meanwhile, they were still deliberating it and James was given enough chance to give out his information After much deliberation, it was declared free kick, Mark positioned himself well waiting for the whistle He looked at Lucy, James was back already there He swallowed his saliva and looked back Tbc Thanks

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