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On the fence episode 16


🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Sixteen🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:- Pizarena.com

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== Mark couldn't stop smiling as he walked to his classroom Every angle he steps in, it was only the same news as everyone was wowing at the pictures in the net Mark got to his class, Lucy and Becky were discussing about what was on net Mikhail in the other hand was also busy with his phone He got the notification the previous day but decided to keep it till the next day Mark just stood at the door post watching them all Lucy wanted to elaborate what she was telling Becky when her eyes caught Mark at the door She was forced to stop and smiled at the same time Becky followed her eyes and turned On seeing that it was Mark, she hissed slowly Lucy noticed but ignored that Becky stood up and meant to walk to her seat when Mark walked faster and was able to stop her "I don't mean to interrupt, you people can continue" Mark said smiling, at the same time holding her hand Becky hissed again and forced her hand out from Mark as she walked away from the seat "did I do something wrong?" Mark asked with a dull voice as he bends down closely to Lucy "of course no, don't worry I will speak with her later" Lucy replied while Mark shrugged dropping his bag "was that why you took me out yesterday?" Lucy asked changing her eyes making Mark to smile ++++ Mikhail was just bored as hell He was tired of staying in the class So he decided to walk around since there was no lesson anymore He was about to walk pass their normal hall when he sighted someone inside there, alone He brought his head closer to be sure of what he saw and it was Rita She seems so down from the look Mikhail walked gently as he walked closer to where she was He checked and it happened to be that she was looking at her phone Of course the pictures Whenever Rita is in deep thought, she finds it difficult to notice the presence of someone Through the reflection in her phone, Mikhail could see her face He was figuring something in her eyes when he saw tears dropping off her eyes Mikhail shook his head negatively feeling pity for her He thought for a while and walked out of the hall He knew that Mark's and James game was very dangerous knowing what the outcome would be He was only trying to avoid that by betting with Mark on Rita because he also knew about her feelings for Mark Immediately Mikhail got out from the hall, he walked down not knowing what else to do He was about to take a turn from his right hand side when he bumped into someone It was nobody else but Mark who he was planning to meet but didn't know how to, in order for Lucy not to be aware of it "hey, where are you rushing to?" Mikhail asked because it seems like Mark was up to somewhere "of course, to check out on you, the way you walked out of the class shows something was wrong" Mark said as he takes the lead "nothing is wrong, I saw what you uploaded" Mikhail said as Mark smiled "was I the one?" Mark asked smiling "you don't have to tell me" Mikhail replied knowing what he was about to do "at least, it's now 2-1" Mark said still smiling "no, this one is more than,,,,,,,,,,, " Mikhail Paused when Mark stopped before the hall He was just looking and wondering what Rita was doing "remember, this is your second game, better use this opportunity" Mikhail tried convincing him "how will you expect her to fall after seeing that?" Mark asked still looking at her "then, am winning" Mikhail pushed "you know that I can't buy that" Mark was still saying when Rita turned around, probably was about to leave Mark has to be mute he turned to look at Mikhail but he was already gone Mark was the only Rita could see because he was the one that was at the door Mikhail stood at a spot and did a thumbs up for Mark Mark then turned to face Rita as he could gather smile on his face He managed to walk in since Rita wasn't making a move "hi" Mark was the first to greet "hi" Rita responded "seems like you are bored?" Mark asked by then, he was already inside very close to Rita "not really, I just don't like being in class when there's no teacher, it was always boring" Rita replied as Mark walked passed her and went to a desk that was inside the hall as he sat on it But Rita didn't make a move, she just turned watching him "aren't you tired of standing, I have been watching you for a very wrong time" Mark said trying to be nice 'let it not be that he saw that' Rita thought before smiling as she walked closer and sat as well but maintaining distance "oh, I guess you were thinking of your boyfriend" Mark said while Rita laughed "I wish so" Rita responded "why did you say so?" Mark asked really confused "I don't have a boyfriend" Rita replied as she picked up something next to her that looks like a stone then threw it at a pillar "seriously? so can I be making your day so that you won't feel bored again?" Mark requested as part of plans "don't even think of that, how do you expect Lucy to feel like when she sees us?" Rita asked just to clear things she was never planning on coming inbetween them "can't I have a female friend again?" Mark returned the question "don't sound like a playboy" Rita said making Mark to smile a bit although he wasn't comfortable with that word ++++++ ==((🏡)) Mrs Sharon Residence ((🏡))== James got home after dismissal as usual, Mrs Sharon was already at home arranging some papers "I guess, that doesn't make you to stop greeting" Mrs Sharon said when she noticed James presence but she didn't bother raising her head as she kept arranging the papers "Good afternoon Mom" James greeted with an unusual voice "what happened? Seems like another thing happened apart from the one that happened yesterday" Mrs Sharon still her head down "Mom you need to see how today's topic was all about that" James complained as he sat Mrs Sharon couldn't help it but smiled "That's the reason why you should plan faster" Mrs Sharon says she seems to be glued with whatever she was doing "I thought you promised to join hands with me?" James asked as he stood up from where he sat and walked closer to his Mom "of course I did but you seems to be smarter, I thought you declined it" "Mom stop playing around, you know I can never decline your offer" James said faking a baby face "actually, it's very simple, we women like surprises, make it romantic and she will fall for you" Mrs Sharon said "really?" "yes, but remember" Mrs Sharon paused for the first time she raised her head and removed her spec "her favorite color matter in surprise, and before you carry it out, just let me know first" Mrs Sharon added James couldn't stop smiling +++++ ==((🏡)) Mr Jones Residence ((🏡))== Mark was in his room and couldn't stop thinking he was brought back to life by the sound of his phone he checked and it was Mikhail he smiled before picking up "hey dude" Mikhail said from the voice, you would know that he was smiling or rather laughing "am just confused" Mark said "why, what happened?" Mikhail asked changing his voice to normal "are you aware that it's only one brain that I have?" Mark asked one could hear Mikhail laughing "don't even go there" Mikhail said "the worst part is that she thought I was a playboy" Mark said "are you giving up?" Mikhail asked but Mark kept calm "hey dude, have you gone deaf?" Mikhail asked again almost laughing "am not going to quit, am changing my strategy" Mark finally said ++++++ In The Study Room Mark always like teasing his father anytime he feels stressed out with thoughts so that he would ease it Mark knocked "don't come in" Mr Jones replied as their normal way the door was opened while Mark walked in "I thought I told someone not to come in?" Mr Jones asked but wasn't looking at him "maybe the someone is still outside" "that means am speaking with ghost" "do ghost still exist?" Mark asked as he walked around the study room touching anything he sees "am I your teacher?" Mr Jones asked he was going through his record books "everyone can teach, teaching is not specify on a particular person" Mark "seems like we have new lecturer in the house" Mr Jones "what can I get in my birthday?" Mark asked changing the topic "what do you wish for?" Mr Jones returned the question "shit! This old man again" "what can a father give his son as a birthday gift?" "what can a son request from his father as his birthday gift?" "Dad, how do you know that a girl love you?" Mark changed the topic again "do you have someone in mind?" Mr Jones returned the question "just answer me first" Mark said just then, Mr Jones made a sigh of relief as he gathered the whole books placing them well "now am done, so what were we discussing?" Mr Jones asked as he turned facing Mark properly "see who am chatting with" Mark said not believing his Dad +++++ The following day was Saturday, James called Becky and Phillip as they met at a spot where they normally stay for their plans as they ordered for drinks "have you come up with something?" Phillip asked referring to James "yes, I want to surprise her during her birthday" James replied "how?" Becky asked "that's why I called you guys here, I want to give her another package of dress that she will wear during her birthday since Mark has the one am supposed to wear" James replied "Becky, you need to help us and contribute" James added facing Becky "it's not a big deal, I will do anything possible to make it happen" Becky replied 'after taking Mark from me, I will punish you, I know James intention isn't genuine, I will make sure that you fall in' Becky thought smiling Tbc

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