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On the fence episode 2 – 3

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🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Two🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:- Pizarena.com

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Paris🌲<<<===== Continuation Mercy was shocked immediately she saw two guys on masks James has arranged their plans Two guys to outside and was checking when situation changes while him and the other guy went to meet Mercy "hey, what do you guys want?" Mercy asked shivering although she tried being strong but those guys gave her deaf ears They knew that once they mistakenly make a statement, their voices would be recognized.. Rather, they just had to act fast knowing that the security guard might show up if they didn't act fast They started beating her But firstly, they held her and solataped her mouth to avoid her shouting Mercy wasn't strong by bone but only by words She cried her eyes out After James and his gang were done with their mission, they rushed out +++++++ =====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== After dismissal, Rita who happens to be in the same class with Mark and Lucy has a crush on Mark She sometimes get jealous of them but she doesn't want to look cheap before him Making her to apply self-control She doesn't normally stay long after dismissal even Lucy's driver do come earlier to pick Lucy Meanwhile Mark had to be the last to go as a result of his position and his driver don't normally come early But that very day, everything turned around Rita decided to drop back and waited outside the school As she wait for Lucy to go before she would be able to have chance to at least help Mark out in his little work But Lucy didn't show any signs of going She felt like staying with Mark all the time because she was scared of loosing him knowing that he was an easy going person Rita's bestie who knows about what was going on inside Rita's heart has advised her to kill the feelings she has for Mark but it seems so difficult "why is your driver not here yet?" Mark asked because it was getting late for her normal time As they were walking around the school, making sure that no one was inside and to be sure that everywhere was intact "are you trying to chase me away?" Lucy returned the question instead as she stopped "not like that, am just worried because it's getting late" Mark replied trying to pamper her "actually, I asked him not to worry that you will drop me off" Lucy said while Mark widened his eyes "are you for real?" Mark asked in disbelief while Lucy just laughed Mark was just scared of his father who has already warned him against anything related to visiting someone Even his father wasn't aware of his relationship with Lucy So if he mistakenly see them in that position that Lucy was trying to put them in, it would be a hot soup "don't worry, he will be here any moment from now" Lucy replied still laughing "I wonder when you will stop this fear of yours" Lucy added but Mark intentionally ignored her as he opened a particular classroom checked it out and closed it Rita knew that there wasn't a chance for her that day, she was left with no other option than to go +++++++ =====>>>🌲Paris🌲<<<===== The following day, the news were everywhere about principal's daughter being beaten up and she wasn't able to come to school that day The principal had to gather the whole students at their assembly ground "something similar to this has been happening in this school but this particular one is too much" the principal started looking around, making sure that his eyes were covering everyone "Anyone who did this won't be allow to continue with us" "how could a student have such heart" "if you know that you have hand in this, am giving you a grace from now till dismissal, to come and report yourself maybe I may forgive you, but if not, then I will use my own strategy" principal concluded and dismissed them to their classes The guy who just joined James gangs was already scared He thought of reporting himself but he knew that if he does, then others would be implicated, making him to be in a very hot soup Meanwhile James and the rest of his gangs were just busy chatting and laughing at one corner of the classroom because they were sure that they did a clean job After school, principal made his final announcement He threatened not to spare those miscreants if he discovered them He promised to use his own method to investigate Actually, he didn't have a plan then but was just threatening After dismissal, the scared guy among James gangs met James He tried talking sense into him but it seems not working The guy was just scared knowing that he would be in a hot mess if they find out that he was among them His father most especially won't spare him ==== The next day, Mercy managed to come to school everyone was just surprised seeing her James didn't stop in laughing among themselves except the scared guy as he was busy looking at Mercy Mercy later went out of the class Few minutes later, a message was passed through that James was needed in the principal's office On hearing that, James knows that there was already a problem James got inside the principal's office, Mercy, the principal and some teachers were present James became weak a little knowing that everything wasn't good The principal cleared his throat making James almost urinate on his dress "Mercy you said that James is a suspect of the attack?" the principal asked to the hearing of everyone while Mercy nodded "what!!" James shouted just to cover up "just keep quiet" one of the teachers said "okay then Mercy, can you tell us why you are suspecting him" the principal asked while Mercy brought out a bangle "This bangle bracelet dropped off from one of the two guys pocket as they were rushing out" Mercy replied handing over the bangle to the principal who took and examined it It was designed with James logo "James, who owns this bangle bracelet?" the principal asked "it's mine" it took James long to respond "am sorry" James tried apologizing for the first time in his life even Mercy was surprised "meet you at the gathering, and make sure you come out with your bags, just leave my office now" the principal commanded which he did == The principal called for another gathering James was made to stand before everyone "I heard that you were two when you attacked Mercy, so who's the other guy?" the principal asked him before everyone although he has asked him before but he refused to answer "I might give you another chance" the principal added James wasn't stupid, he knew what must surely happen so he didn't reply him Rather, he kept mute "From now henceforth, James has been expelled from this school, he will never be part of us" the principal announced as he handed him over a letter James didn't show any expression knowing what his mother could do He just took the letter and left even without looking back 🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀 🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃 💞Love Story💞 🐾🐾Episode Three🐾🐾 Written By Chris Val 💎 **not edited** =====>>>🌲Paris🌲<<<===== Mrs Sharon got home, and seeing James being at home at that time surprised her James haven't been at home on time before James was sitting in the living room when Mrs Sharon walked in But James did as if he didn't see her as he focused his attention on television show Even his face wasn't bright, showing that something was wrong Mrs Sharon had to off the television just to get his attention "ah" James exclaimed angrily as he lifted his head "didn't you see?" Mrs Sharon asked with a serious face "Mom, I saw you but am not happy" James replied faking a sad look "what happened?" Mrs Sharon asked as she walked closer to him James took his time and explained everything to her adding he's Just to make it more interesting "what!?" Mrs Sharon shouted as she checked her wrist watch It was already late "don't worry, we will go there tomorrow" Mrs Sharon said "But I can't go with you" James opposed He went further and told her that it would be worst if he does because the principal has warned him on time ======== The following day, Mrs Sharon had to cancel her schedule for the day as she visited the school Mrs Sharon was not that familiar with the school because she hardly come there The only time she would come was whenever James had an issue Mrs Sharon was directed to the principal's office by a student She politely knocked at the door and she was asked to come in Immediately she entered, the principal recognized her "I know why you are here but please have a seat first" the principal said gesturing her "I don't have time for it, am here for a serious issue" Mrs Sharon replied as she couldn't pretend anymore "am not surprised or maybe I was mistaking" the principal said seeing her reaction "Since you already know, am just giving you two days to cancel that expel letter or face my wrath" Mrs Sharon threatened "maybe you say something, you have to know where you are and who you are talking to" the principal paused "if James show his face here again, then he will sleep in prison, I have the necessary evidence, better don't make any move that you will regret" the principal continue "he has done enough and you have acted enough, but it has gotten to the extent that it won't continue, if any other move, I will show you what a father can do for his daughter" the principal added Mrs Sharon has never been afraid before but the principal's statement got her scared she couldn't tell what he has been keeping just for this moment Mrs Sharon had to leave On her way home, she got a call from her company that her attention was needed urgently She had to go for it first before going home ++++++++ =====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== At School Lucy held Mark on time in order to prevent him from being with someone else Even the mathematics she claimed to be learning doesn't seem like it was communicating She already knew the maths but her jealousness couldn't let her be A lady who knows what Lucy was up to, had to take the courage and joined them No one has ever think of, talk more of doing so Everyone in the class was surprised when the lady approached their desk with her chair "please can I join the teaching?" The lady requested "oh, sure, you can place your seat here" Mark replied as he shifted a bit ignoring Lucy's look On seeing that, other students who has been watching and was wishing to join used the opportunity to gather their with the same request Mark couldn't help it but smiled Meanwhile Rita was on her seat watching the whole scene She didn't know if to smile or to frown because she felt Lucy's pain Lucy couldn't take it any longer as she stood up and walked out although Mark tried to stop her but she was gone Mark watched her as she exited the classroom ++++++ =====>>>🌲Paris🌲<<<===== Mrs Sharon got home from their company after the call On seeing her, James stood up hoping to get good news But Mrs Sharon didn't say anything "Mom" James called since his mother doesn't seem to be saying anything "what's the problem?" James asked "sorry, you can't go back there again, the principal threatened to arrest you if you do so" Mrs Sharon replied "I guess he has gotten a lot of evidence" Mrs Sharon added as she sat down on the couch "are you giving up? Or do you have a plan" James asked "none" Mrs Sharon replied confusing James "how do you mean?" James asked as he walked closer to her "I was planning on what to do but I got transferred to Switzerland, I have a project to carry on" Mrs Sharon replied "oh no Mom, I can't just leave, how can I leave my friends, Mom you have to rethink about it" James said almost crying "you have no other option" Mrs Sharon replied "no, I have!!" James shouted on top of his voice as he walked upstairs +++++++ =====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== -------))At School((------- The following week, Lucy was still using her normal method of holding Mark down A junior student came in after some minutes, she informed Mark that his attention was needed by the principal On getting to the door, he met a teacher coming in and greeted her He turned to continue with where he was going to when he bumped into someone "hey, you got to be watching" the guy shouted but Mark just shock his head and continued -- In the class "actually, am not here to bother you guys but here to introduce a new student" the teacher said as she stretched her hand towards the door while a guy walked in "his name is James, welcome him" the teacher added "oh don't worry, I have welcomed myself" James said while the whole class laughed "find an empty seat and make yourself comfortable" the teacher said and left while James just went and sat down beside Lucy Just then, Mark came in He was surprised to see the same guy he bumped into, sitting on his position He walked up to him politely "that's my seat" Mark said politely "so?" James asked "stand up, so that I can sit" Mark replied "actually, firstly, the time I came in, there was no one here and secondly, the teacher asked me to find an empty seat and sit, so this is the one I find, better go and sit somewhere else" James responded keeping mean face Tbc Please like and comment ❤️

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