November 29, 2021

On the fence episode 21


🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Twenty One🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== Continuation Mark was beyond shocked when he saw James "Good afternoon Ma" Mark greeted Mrs Kat bowing down "Good afternoon, and who are you?" Mrs Kat asked "Actually, am Mark by name, the same class as Lucy, and also the headboy, am here to check how she's doing" Mark replied politely Mrs Kat was impressed as she smiled nodding "so, were you at the party when she gets drunk?" Mrs Kat asked confusing Mark because he wasn't aware that Lucy was drunk that night Mrs Kat forgot to offer him a seat but Mark liked it more because he wouldn't be comfortable Mark's mind rushed to where James told him that he had s£x with Lucy He thought maybe it was then that he used the opportunity "no, I left so early because my Dad was worried" Mark replied "wow, your Dad? What of your Mom?" Mrs Kat asked "she's no more" Mark replied bending his head in sadness "sorry for that, I just like responsible children that respect their parents, but Lucy here will just be giving you excuses" "oh, sorry, I didn't ask you to sit, please have a seat" Mrs Kat said "actually, I am rushing home, I came to see if she is fine" Mark said Ignoring the sign Lucy was making, which means he should sit "thanks for that, please I will like to take my leave" Mark added and turned He didn't wait for anything else as he walked out James smiled as he has succeeded in that He took out his phone and texted his driver who wasn't far from the location "My Mom must be very worried, please I have to start going now" James said standing up Lucy thanked her God as well "okay, see you next time" Mrs Kat replied smiling James nodded before going out He went outside the compound but saw Mark standing at his car, probably thinking He smiled and walked up to him "hey dude" James said smiling the more Mark turned facing him but didn't say a word "do we still have to compete?" James asked but got no response "her mother has already approved me coming here anytime I wish" James added smiling Mark just looked at him, shook his head negatively and opened his car "what are you planning next?" James asked again but Mark gave him a deaf ears and entered his car ++++++ ==((🏡)) Mr Jones Residence ((🏡))== Mark arrived home really angry He didn't see Miss Hannah in the living room as usual he was about going upstairs when he saw Miss Hannah coming down "Good afternoon young master" Miss Hannah was the first to greet "Good afternoon, please is my father home yet?" Mark asked standing at that spot "no, please can I make your lunch?" Miss Hannah asked Just then, Mark heard Mr Jones car's sound "yes you can" Mark replied because he had no other option since Mr Jones was back although he doesn't know how proud of him Mr Jones always be whenever he does such by himself "okay" Miss Hannah said as Mark walked pass her and found his way to his room Mark got inside and collapsed on his bed "He's going beyond his limits" Mark said scratching his head Mark could hear a sound of footsteps behind his door making him to kept calm "have he comes back?" that was Mr Jones asking sure referring at Miss Hannah "yes, he is inside his room but I guess he's very tired today" Miss Hannah replied making Mark to smile "okay, just tell him am back" Mr Jones said, with that, he walked out That minute, a knock came on Mark's door "come in" Mark said sitting well Miss Hannah walked in, dropped his food and also informed him that Mr Jones was home Mark just nodded and Miss Hannah walked out Mark was about to stand up when his phone started ringing it was Mikhail He was forced to smile "hey dude" Mark said immediately he picked up "hey, so how did it go?" Mikhail asked "before I got there, James was already there" Mark replied as his voice changed "but how come? Why must it be today" Mikhail asked "how will I know?" Mark returned the question "did he know?" Mikhail asked again "how will I,,,,,,,, " Mark wanted to ask back but paused "wait" Mark added #Flashback Back at the hall, When Mark told Mikhail that he would be visiting Lucy after dismissal They heard footsteps like someone was there Mark rushed to the door followed by Mikhail but James was gone and they couldn't get to see him "I guess someone was eavesdropping on us" Mark said when they couldn't find anyone or anything that made the noise #EndOfFlashback "That means he was the one" Mikhail said immediately Mark reminded him of what happened then "I guess so" Mark replied "he may see it as smartness but it's stupidity" Mikhail said "I will call you back, my Mom needs my attention now" Mikhail said and hung up Mark was about to drop the phone when it started ringing again It was Lucy calling "am sorry for what happened today" Lucy tried apologizing just immediately Mark picked up "I understand, so don't worry, so how are you feeling today?" Mark asked "it's better, I have missed you too much" Lucy said one could tell that she smiled "the same here, I missed you more, but I have a question to ask" Mark requested "sure, go on" Lucy replied "were you really drunk that night?" Mark asked "yes, I guess I was drugged" Lucy replied Mark felt sad immediately again "so when you woke up, did you feel any pain, (let me say this) on your private part?" Mark asked "not at all, did you think someone had his way in me that night?" Lucy asked because she was confused "not really but am just scared" Mark replied "you don't have to be, after all my driver was there" Lucy said Mark then remembered how his own driver betrayed him "you don't have to trust him like that" Mark managed to say "why did you say so?" Lucy asked "never mind, will you like to join me because am about to eat?" Mark asked changing the topic +++++ ===(((🌲))) Black Veil Brides (((🌲)))=== In a desert very far from town which was referred to as Black Veil Brides because that was where the most dangerous gang in Switzerland named Black gang normally hang out It was specially designed for their meeting and also where they do keep and kill their victims A huge guy was their capon he happens to be the founder and that was where James and Phillip belong although James was new but he was dangerous as well they had been suggesting that they would attack Mark and teach him a lesson but James was against it saying that he has a plan that he was just checking something Normally, James wants to win Lucy but he doesn't want his gang to know "we don't like leaving matters unfinished" the capon said looking at James who understands him He left Lucy's house and went straight to their meeting area instead of going home "I know capon, am actually working on it, I want Mark to struggle more before we can use that method and then, if I get Lucy" "as in when we capture him, then I will like to have s£x with Lucy just before him but I want him to start the suffer now till then" James said "I guess he has point in that, so that it would be worst than heart attack for both of them" Phillip supported him James mind wasn't what he really said He just want to get to Lucy before eliminating Mark because he knew that if Mark got missing just like that, Lucy would suspect him He found himself falling for her and she wouldn't want to lose her He also knew that it was dangerous because no one knows his intentions and if they got to find out, they would kill him knowing that he lied to them "no problem, Luke don't forget your mission" the capon said referring to a guy It was actually about spying on James but no one was aware apart from the capon and the guy +++++ ===((🏡)) Mr Holmes Residents ((🏡))=== The following day, Lucy woke up really strong She smiled She got dressed up before taking her breakfast Mrs Kat was surprised for the first time she dressed up before her food Mrs Kat was also eating with her "Mom you won't understand" Lucy said smiling because she noticed that her mother was looking at her "I understand but help me and greet James when you get to school" Mrs Kat replied "Mom, you don't even know him well" Lucy said as she tried eating up and was checking her time as well "what else do I supposed to know when he saved you that night" Mrs Kat said "I don't think you will like to know" Lucy said shaking her head negatively "you are not even asking of the other guy" Lucy added "is he not the headboy so he actually came to check his student" Mrs Kat said Lucy just smiled taking her last tea and dropped the cup "he's not just the headboy but also,,,,,,," Lucy had to cut it there in order not to get into trouble knowing how her Mom hate anything like relationship at early age although Lucy was already an adult "he's also what?" Mrs Kat asked confused "Mom goodbye!" Lucy shouted taking her bag and rushed out Mrs Kat just shook her head negatively and concentrated on her food ++++++ ====(((🏫))) School (((🏫)))==== Mark was very happy when he saw Lucy at school James and Lucy came earlier than him but James was on his position "finally" Mark said walking inside the class spreading his hand Lucy smiled and stood up knowing what he wants as he hugged her James in the other hand was burning in jealous he couldn't control it any longer he walked up to Mark by then, he was already sitting "can I have a word with you?" James asked trying to maintain cool nature before Lucy "sure" Mark replied understanding him "I am coming" Mark added referring to Lucy who shrugged her shoulders In the hall, James stood facing Mark with anger "this is your last chance" James said while Mark changed his face smiling "stay away from Lucy or else you might not like the out come, am just giving you your last chance" James added Tbc please like and comment

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