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On the fence episode 4 – 5


🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Four🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:- Pizarena.com

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== Continuation Mark didn't get it, he became confused "I said this is my seat" Mark repeated "please what's your name?" James asked bending his neck one side "am Mark" Mark replied not getting what that question was for "oh, unfortunately, they didn't write it here" James said checking out the desk "better go and sit somewhere else" James added as he sat comfortably more than before Mark just consider him as a non-respectful child as he took his bag and went to sit on another chair Luckily there was still an empty seat just beside Rita Mark had to sit there He turned and smiled at Rita waving his hand and said "Hi" which Rita responded smiling also In the other hand, James just lied his head on the desk A teacher came in after some minutes making James to woke up immediately She was actually teaching maths The teacher started her teaching Mark didn't stop looking back to know which level they were Meanwhile James was just focusing on the board He doesn't really have eyes on Lucy, just that he was naturally troublesome Lucy in the other hand, was dumbfounded by what was happening She couldn't utter a word She kept looking at Mark countless times just to make sure that he wasn't chatting with Rita Soon, it was break period but James didn't make any move Rather, he just bend his head on the desk making everything difficult for Lucy When it was dismissal, James was the first to disappear from the class He rushed home Mark had to use the opportunity to approach Lucy Rita just looked at them and smiled, then left the class "where did they pick that thing from?" Mark asked immediately he got to Lucy "am really confused, I think it's time the school authority will be checking their students before admitting them" Lucy replied really tired of what happened earlier "am sorry," Lucy apologized feeling bad "what are you sorry for?" Mark asked just confused "I couldn't stop him from sitting, in the first place" Lucy replied making Mark to smile "you don't have to, I couldn't drag him up also" Mark said and they bursts out laughing +++++++ !====))Mrs Sharon New Resident((====! James got home really tired Mrs Sharon was at home checking out some paper work in the living room "good afternoon Mom" James greeted as he collapsed on a sofa "good afternoon, seems like you are tired?" Mrs Sharon asked but still focusing on the papers "so how was school today?" Mrs Sharon added "hectic, I guess it going to be difficult" James replied "it's your first time, so that's it, but you will get to master the situation" Mrs Sharon said "you will not understand, there was this particular guy they called headboy, if you see how he was talking to me, no one would ever get that guts to talk to me like that in my former school" James replied "I really missed my school" James added scratching his head "I guess you are just suffering from today's stress, just go and freshened up, I have made your lunch already" Mrs Sharon said as she returned her attention to the paper "no Mom, I really do, and my friends, the worst part is that I didn't tell them that I was relocating" James said instead "those things aren't good friends" "they are, Mom, why did you even say that?" James asked "even after, when the principal expelled you, they have not for once visited you to know how you were doing" Mrs Sharon replied leaving James in thought "but did you really attacked the girl?" Mrs Sharon asked looking directly to James "she was giving me hard time, so I had to" James replied "were you the only one who beats her?" Mrs Sharon asked "no" James replied "but your friends were still in the school the day I went there" Mrs Sharon said "That's because I was careless then, I was the one they caught through my bangle and I wouldn't like to call" James replied "and you are facing the punishment alone" Mrs Sharon said, she was a talking type "Mom I thought you said that I should freshen up?" James asked trying to change the topic knowing that his Mom would never stop "but you chose not to" Mrs Sharon replied by then, James was already standing up "am hungry Mom!!!!" James shouted as he rushed upstairs Mrs Sharon couldn't help it but laughed ++++++ !====))Mr Jones Resident((====! Mark arrived home His father was already home when he came in He was busy with newspaper "Good afternoon Dad" Mark greeted Mr Jones bent down the newspaper and adjusted his eye glass because his voice sounds different from his usual voice "good afternoon, seems like today's school was something else?" Mr Jones asked trying to find out what really happened Just then Miss Hannah walked out, probably from the kitchen because she was with Mr Jones food "Good afternoon Ma" Mark greeted first knowing that Miss Hannah would greet him and he doesn't like it It makes him to feel bad, looking as if he lacks respect "Good afternoon young master" Miss Hannah replied as she dropped Mr Jones food, placing it on the small stool in the living room and rushed to collect Mark's bag "no, don't worry, I can't take it" Mark said trying to stop Miss Hannah but she insisted Mark just had to give it to her "after you can change your uniform then come out for your food" Miss Hannah said while Mark just nodded "Dad, this one you choose to eat here instead of dinning table" Mark said just as Miss Hannah walked away "I don't speak with hungry people, go and eat first" Mr Jones teased there were fund of teasing themselves Mark couldn't help it but laughed "Remember, you started it because am coming back" Mark said and rushed upstairs +++++++ !====))Mr Richard Resident((====! Mr Richard was Rita's father Their home was made up of Mr Richard, His wife, Rita, Ruth who was Rita's senior sister although they look like twins because it was almost the same time but days difference and Ruth was smarter that they promoted her, one class ahead of Rita and finally Peter their last born None of them had their schooling in the same school Rita arrived home Their parents weren't around only her siblings Peter was busy with his game while Ruth was lost in her phone when Rita walked in "those are the two human beings that never exist!" Rita shouted while Ruth and Peter jumped up from their different positions "hey, you scared a hell out of us" Ruth shouted back "not us, only you, I can't be scared of ordinary female voice" Peter said trying to defend himself because he always claim that he doesn't get scared, that he was a man "who's even talking, I know you almost run out" Ruth said Rita just stood there watching the show They actually like fighting themselves while Rita was either the referee or the fight separator Rita just shook her head and walks upstairs leaving them behind Rita got to the kitchen and took her lunch few minutes, she was done and she dishes it She finds her way to her room where she just collapsed on her bed Few minutes later, a knock came on her door "don't come in" Rita said as she rolled herself on the bed but the person has already entered "you supposed to know that won't buy that" that was Ruth's voice as she walked in "am really tired" Rita said "do you think am here to fight you? just tell me how today went and your crush Mark, hope you people are getting along?" Ruth asked as she sat on the bad +++++++++ =====Brightful Star School===== The following day, Mark came so early than before as he occupied his position before James arrived James mind wasn't there as he found himself an empty seat He was just looking around when his eyes caught Mark and Lucy sitting together Mark was even looking at him "who are they to each other?" James asked the guy next to him as he pointed at Mark's direction "he's the headboy and that's his girlfriend" The guy replied On hearing that, James smiled "so that was the reason why you almost fight me that yesterday?" James asked no one to reply "I wasn't intending on befriending her but since she's yours, then expect me in this game" James concluded as he laughed silently 🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀 🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃 💞Love Story💞 🐾🐾Episode Five🐾🐾 Written By Chris Val 💎 **not edited** =====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== ------/| Brightful Star School |\-------- Continuation "can we be friends?, my name is Phillip" the guy who sat with James asked him, calling James back from his thoughts on how to place his game as he turned facing Phillip "I don't make friends with just anybody" James said instead as he stood up and walked out of the class as Phillip got amazed "what sort of human" Phillip said and turned, facing his books ==== It was almost break period when James came back He has skipped some classes He walked up to Mark and Lucy They were busy with what they were talking about "sorry to interrupt but please guys, I will like us to go together to the school cafeteria, so that we can eat together, if you guys don't mind" James said drawing their attention But they didn't know what to say "headboy, am sorry for yesterday, I didn't know that this chemistry was between people" James added apologizing James has never apologized in his entire life but he had to do that just to win their hearts "or should I kneel down?" James added asking as he bent pretending as if he wanted to kneel "no no no, there's no need" Mark said immediately as he held his hand and made him to stand up 'fool, just accept' James cursed within him "we will" Mark finally said while James opened his eyes wide including Lucy "are you serious?" James asked, just to be sure while Mark just nodded "thanks, all bills on me" James said out of joy and get back to his sitting position "hey" James greeted Phillip Phillip couldn't believe it Why was now acting nice "do you people have something like, gangs here?" James asked since Phillip didn't respond to his greetings "why are you asking?" Phillip returned the question as James pushed back his head "I just want to know, do you know if I will join" James replied but Phillip didn't say anything "am sorry for what happened earlier" James apologised He couldn't believe himself apologizing as he counted it two Phillip just looked at him It's true that he didn't know if he was sincere or not because it wasn't written on his face "we have but the capon isn't in this school, we don't even have much members from this school" Phillip replied as James smiled That's all he wants, whether they have members or not, he don't care "I will like to join you guys" James said as Phillip turned Their capon would be happy if he joined them but the thing was that he was still new That's what Phillip was thinking "it's dangerous, and you are new in this school" Phillip tried to explain to him but James has been a stubborn being ever since he was born "that's because you don't really know me" James said "don't worry, just introduce me first" James added ====== >>>>School Cafeteria<<<< ----Break period---- Mark, Lucy and James found their way to the school cafeteria Mark drew out his own seat and sat Lucy reached to her seat and was about to draw it out when James rushed holding the seat "allow me to do this, beauty" James said It struck Mark immediately as he started suspecting James Lucy let go of the seat while James draw it out and used his finger to check if the seat was dirty but it wasn't "so what do you guys like to take?" James asked as he rushed standing before them In the table, it was three seats but Mark's seat were more closed to Lucy's own than James own "normal rice and chicken with drink" Mark replied "okay, so Miss Beauty". James asked as he turned facing Lucy smiling "the same thing" Lucy replied not even returning the smile "locked, since that's what my miss beauty want, then that's what I will eat" James said as he turned, rushing to make the order "what a being" Lucy said feeling irritated but Mark didn't say a word as he was busy looking at James Shortly, James arrived with the orders Three plates of food on a tray, well garnished It was actually rice and stew with chicken "here we go" James said as he took them out one after the other placing them before each others Lucy just smiled for the first time "so, who will pray for us?" James asked as everyone became surprised "this is school cafeteria, James" Mark said with an amused look "don't tell me that you don't pray because it's an open place?" James asked For James entire life, he has never prayed before eating but he had to arrange his game very well "okay, fine, let's eat like that" James finally said as he started eating he was really hungry but he has to be playing calm Lucy was about to take some stew to add on her rice when James intervened "please permit me to do that miss beauty" James said as he stood up and used his spoon to block her, stopping from taking it Lucy just had to withdraw while James stood properly and started adding stew on her food Lucy raised up her finger indicating that it was enough while James stopped "what of mine" Mark said almost immediately "with all pleasure" James replied as he did the same thing Few seconds later, they were already eating Lucy was about to put a spoon of rice inside his mouth when someone from behind pushed her making her rice to pour on her body Lucy and Mark was about to turn to the person but James was too fast as he was already beating the guy "are you blind or what?" James shouted as he hits the guy He was overreacting that Lucy had to shout "it's okay, stop!" James turned immediately he rushed as he brought out his white handkerchief "don't think of stopping me" James said noticing that Lucy wanted to prevent him from cleaning her dress Lucy had to leave him to clean her face first As it got to her chest, James was about to clean it when Lucy collected it from him "Thanks" Lucy said as he collected the handkerchief and cleaned the remaining stain James started mixing Lucy's rice together with the stew Lucy stretched out his handkerchief "you can keep it, maybe my first gift" James said smiling "you have to let me feed you because it might happen again, I guess your hands aren't that strong" James said with a rice on his hand Lucy just smiled pushing out his hand Out of jealous, Mark stood up and left the cafeteria "ah, where's he going to?" James asked pretending as if he didn't understand what that was for "am hungry, let me eat first" Lucy said as she started eating she had to eat fast so that she would meet Mark before it would be late ====== ____The Garden____ Mark walked with a great speed as he entered the school garden Rita in the other hand was just coming out from the library but seeing how Mark was walking, she started wondering what might happen She was in the classroom when he left with James and Lucy but now, he was going alone with an unusual move Rita calculated the whole thing and walked into the garden as well Mark was facing the other side throwing some stones on a particular tree in the school garden thinking that it would reduce the pain "you don't have to kill yourself today when we still have tomorrow" Rita said from behind Mark turned, seeing her, he turned back facing the tree Rita walked closer and stood by the right hand side of Mark "this days, people play games just to win someone's heart" Rita said again For the first time Rita has ever spoken to him ever since they become classmates "who told you that am suffering from heart break?" Mark asked pretending "you don't have to tell me because I have eyes, I can see" Rita replied smiling "so what do you suggest I should do?" Mark asked While Rita just looked at him how she wished that Mark could have reads her heart long time ago "fight for her love because it's just the beginning" Rita said smiling although she was hurt because she thought that might have been her opportunity for Mark to come to her but she was the one giving him advice to fight for his love but she couldn't stand to see him in pain either really sad "so how do I do it?" Mark asked making Rita to turn looking at him ====== ----In The Class---- Lucy rushed in from the cafeteria as looked everywhere for Mark but there was no sign of him She rushed to Becky, her best friend who was busy with her study "Have you seen Mark?" Lucy asked referring to Becky making to turn "no, I thought he left with you guys?" Becky returned the question "yes but he later left" Lucy replied Becky stood up and walked out from her seat she held Lucy as they walked out of the class Becky dragged Lucy into an empty room "is he here?" Lucy asked looking around "no, I brought you here so that we can talk only two of us" Becky replied . "how do you mean?" Lucy asked surprised of the new system of talking "I guess he left out of jealousness, right?" Becky asked "I keep what James must have done" Becky said thinking "yes, that's why am looking for him" Lucy replied "don't you think that this is the time?" Becky asked confusing Lucy the more "time for what?" Lucy returned the question "pay back" Becky replied "what am I paying back and with what??" Lucy asked really confused "have you forgotten that all this while, he has been making you jealous by being with ladies" Becky replied while Lucy smiled making Becky to smile back "but that wasn't his fault, he was just trying to help the other students" Lucy defended "exactly, that's why you have to do this so that he will learn to stay on his own" Becky replied "if he gets jealous, he would start distancing himself from the ladies in the school knowing how you do feel then, just check it out" Becky added leaving Lucy in a big thought Tbc I love you all 💞💞💞💞

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