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🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Nine🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:- Pizarena.com

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== Continuation James still held Mark in hugging position as he whispered again Mark was facing Lucy while James was backing her due to how they positioned themselves "I will never quit, it's better you pick up the challenge" James said patting Mark gently on his back as he kept smiling Mark meant to push him away but James held him tightly "don't act before her, just comply" James said Mark thought for a while and smiled looking at Lucy who smiled back Lucy thought that he was apologizing "challenge accepted" Mark replied as he patted James back "let the game begin" he whispered not to let Lucy hear it "That's my guy" James shouted as he freed Mark from the hug He smiled, walking to the door He turned to face Lucy who was just lost looking at them From Mark to Mikhail, then from Mikhail to James "take care" he added and walked out "what happened that yesterday?" Mark asked just to confirm what Mikhail told him earlier "sorry, I promised to call you but I lost my phone that same yesterday" Lucy replied walking closer "so who picked the call, the time I called?" Mark asked "I have no idea, am just confused, I couldn't remember exactly how it got disappeared" "so what really happened that yesterday?" Mark asked remembering that he forgot to ask her that earlier "actually, as I left the school compound, my driver called me to inform me that he would be late because the car broke down on the way, so I decided to take a walk down the road hoping to see my driver on the way but instead, I saw sets of guys coming before me with their deadly look, I wanted to run but one of them overtook me" Lucy paused "you would have came back to school when the driver told you that, since I was still in the school" Mark said really concerned and worried "you don't have to bother yourself because I was rescued" "by who?" Mark asked widening his eyes "James" Lucy replied On hearing that, Mark's mind sped off 'James hand work' he thought 'it's really a game' Mark added to his thoughts and smiled +++ The following day, Lucy has launched a new phone That wasn't her problem because her parents could afford it countless times During class, James respected himself and sat on his normal position with Phillip He was just in thought of his next plan He needed perfect planning on how to win the game Meanwhile, Mark and Lucy were together busy with their books Mikhail in the other side was just watching the whole class Rita in her own side was also busy with her books She do use Mark's method and was able to solve as many as she could Although she felt hurt seeing Mark and Lucy together but since Mark was happy, then she concluded not to have a problem with it James was feeling uncomfortable, that he turned but got a eye contact with Mark who lifted his head just to take a breath James gave him a dangerous look which Mark returned Lucy was saying something but Mark seems not to be concentrating Immediately she raised up her head, Mark noticed it as his mouth curved, James did the same as well making Lucy to smile 'getting along, I guess' she thought as she returned her face back to her book, Mark and James face returned to frown Mikhail was just watching the whole show and couldn't stop laughing silently "This war will be very tough" Mikhail said to himself James turned to Philip "check out the weather" James said while Phillip brought his phone "I think, it will rain" Phillip replied while James smiled "perfect time, call the driver" James added smiling === During break period, Mikhail and Mark found their way to there normal position as Mark wished "This is so complicated" Mark said scratching his head as he paced around the hall "what's so complicating here?" Mikhail asked trying to hear it from Mark "it's now a double game, how can I play with Rita and still maintain Lucy's love and you know that James is been serious" Mark replied as he leaned on a pillar "then quit mine, as in consider me as the winner, then focus on Lucy, am sure you wouldn't want to lose that" Mikhail suggested but Mark didn't buy that "you know I can never quit, I don't give up" Mark said as he scratched his head again "that's why it will be difficult" Mikhail responded He wanted him to quit for Lucy and focus on Rita because he knew how Rita feels ++++++ After dismissal, Lucy waited for her driver who seems not coming she has called him several times and he told her that he was coming Lucy started walking down the road again but the thunder brought her back to life as she noticed that it was about to rain But before she could run back, it has started raining already Mark in the other hand, saw the thunder he remembered that Lucy just left he had to run out where he was as he rushed to where he kept his bag and phone as he called Lucy immediately Lucy was stoked under the rain although it wasn't that much it just started she was getting scared already when a car drove by James came down from it and rushed out with umbrella as he covered Lucy immediately Lucy was just surprised "please let's go inside the car, am very sure that you are waiting for your driver but you can wait for him inside my car" James requested Lucy's phone started ringing but she couldn't bring it out under the rain so she accepted to go inside the car with James James opened the door for her while she entered James closed the door and ran over to the other side and entered "sorry, I wasn't on time" James tried apologizing but Lucy didn't say a word "am sorry" James added making Lucy to look at him "it's okay" Lucy simply said "I guess, this chemistry kept pushing me, I wish you will understand" James said trying make it sound real "how I wish this chemistry can put this together" James added Lucy was just wondering when her phone started ringing again she checked and it was Mark she picked it up immediately "are you alright?" Mark asked from other end of the phone "am fine, why are you sounding worried?" Lucy asked "can't you see that it's raining? Have your driver come?" Mark returned the question "not yet" Lucy replied "what! But,,,,,,,,, " Mark wanted to say but was cuts short "don't worry am already in James car" Lucy said "what? James?? "Mark almost shouted "yes, any problem?" Lucy asked like she was surprised "no, just that I haven't seen him with a car before" Mark replied James couldn't help it but to smile endlessly as he operated something on his phone "just take care" Mark added and hung up James smiled again Lucy was just confused Just then, her driver drove by He alighted just before James car "wait my princess, let me do my work" James said as he rushed down from the car with his umbrella Lucy was just looking at him James rushed over to the other side and opened the door "please my princess" James said as he gestured her to step down opening the umbrella Lucy just smiled before getting down James walked Lucy to her car and opened the door for her Lucy was lost in smile that she slipped but James caught her Lucy was lies on James arm while James was standing but still holding her They were like that when Mark's car drove by He couldn't believe what he was seeing 💥The Game💥 🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀 🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃 💞Love Story💞 🐾🐾Episode Ten🐾🐾 Written By Chris Val 💎 **not edited** =====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== Continuation Mark was dumbfounded by what he saw Meanwhile, James has seen him with his side eye but pretended Lucy was lost starring at James, she was brought back to life by the sound of the car she heard She turned a little bit to take a look, still on James hand She stood up immediately she that it was Mark She rushed out from the umbrella and meant to walk to Mark's car which was moving slowly but Mark whispered his driver to speed up which he did Lucy just stood under the rain forgetting that it was raining James stepped forward with his umbrella ☔, covering Lucy with it as he stood beside her "I think you should go home first, you can still call him later" James said but was facing forward instead of looking at her Lucy turned to look at him on hearing that James also turned and behold, tears was all he could see that filled up Lucy's eyes "He doesn't deserve that" James said faking a caring eyes while Lucy narrowed her eyes as she looked at him with an unbelievable mind "that doesn't supposed to lead to shedding of tears" James added but Lucy couldn't stop crying as she lowered her head down James held her hand making Lucy to look up at James "shall we?" James requested as he used his head to look at the car meaning 'can they go to the car' They turned and walked to the car slowly James opened the door still looking at Lucy who wasn't returning the look she entered while James closed the door and looked at the driver and gave him a thumb up while he nodded his head and drove off "I don't really care about your feelings" James said as he watched them drove off his sight "perfect planning, timing and wow" James added and laughed ++++++ <<<<<}{Mr Jones 🏡Residence🏡}{>>>>>


arrived home
He sat in the car for some minutes as the things he saw that day kept flashing back

He sighed and got down, then walked into the house

He met with Miss Hannah, he couldn’t gather himself to greet and couldn’t return Miss Hannah’s greeting

He just walked upstairs, direct to his room

He locked up his door and fell on the bed

“This is serious” he whispered to himself

A knock came on the door
obviously, it must be Miss Hannah

“young master, are you there?” she asked from outside but Mark didn’t reply back

She kept knocking but still got the same thing

“your food is ready” her voice came in again still knocking

Just then, Lucy’s call came in
Mark glared at it and remain calm
He pushed out out his phone which was lying beside him

The call came again but Mark didn’t bother checking it
The knock came again but Mark still ignored it
He got up and went to his bathroom
He stayed there close to 30 minutes before taking his bath

He later came out with towel around his waist as his phone started ringing again

He took the phone with the intention of switching it off but stopped when he sees that it was Mikhail

He was forced to smile as he picked up the call

“are you on leave?” That was Mikhail’s first word which happens to be question

“how do you mean?” Mark returned the question
He was just used to answering questions with question

“That’s your nature, always returning questions, I have been calling you” Mikhail said

“I was actually in the bathroom” Mark responded as he dropped the phone on his bed after placing it on a loud speaker

“for over 30 minutes now, what were you doing?”

“how do you mean?, don’t I have to take my time in taking bath again?” Mark returned the question again making Mikhail to laugh

He removed his towel throwing it on his bed and walked over to the closet

“Still in you, actually, Miss Hannah asked me to help her in calling you, that you have locked up yourself ever since you came back” Mikhail paused

“what happened?” Mikhail added asking

“what do you think that might be the problem?” Mark returned the question smiling
Of course he did it intentionally
He removed one of his favorite short

“hey, stop that, am not even in the mood” Mikhail jokingly said while Mark laughed

“I don’t think you can stand what I saw today” Mark said as he brought out a singlet
He didn’t wear it, rather he hanged it on his shoulder and went to pick up his towel he dropped earlier on the bed

“what did you see?” Mikhail asked

“it happens” Mark paused as he walked closer to the closet and hanged his towel on a rod

“come on, continue” Mikhail said while Mark came to sit on his bed

He picked up his phone and removed it from the loud speaker

Mark took out his time and explained everything he saw to Mikhail but Mikhail ended up laughing

“what’s funny?” Mark asked in confusion

“so that is why you want to starve yourself?” Mikhail asked, of course he wouldn’t expect any reply from Mark which happened

“I think you have forgotten your past just because you decided to change” Mikhail paused not to push forward on that while Mark was just listening

“I guess James is fast in planning, don’t forget that you picked up the challenge” Mikhail added

“what are you trying to say?” Mark asked

“better eat well, then start making your own plans, or do you want to lose?” Mikhail asked

That was what Mark would never do, losing in anything

Just then, Mark’s stomach makes a little noise meaning hunger

“oh shit” Mark said under his breath

“I think I heard it, better eat up”

Mark just kept calm thinking

“don’t forget my own game” Mikhail said bringing him back to life

“maybe I should just let go of Lucy” Mark suggested

“when you have already accepted the challenge?” Mikhail asked but Mark didn’t say a word

“remember, it’s 1-0 now and I will be counting it” Mikhail added laughing

“you are scattering my brain already” Mark complained scratching his head

“show them what you got” Mikhail shouted

“I have to go and eat now” Mark said and ended the call before Mikhail would say a word

“that dude is acting crazy” Mark said breathing heavily

just then, his stomach made another sign of hunger again

“damn it, my stomach is burning of hunger” he said and rushed out to the dinning table

His food was still there, even Miss Hannah was sitting there waiting

“have you been waiting so long?” Mark asked surprisedly as he sat, facing his food

“of course, yes, hope there’s no problem?” Miss Hannah asked while Mark smiled

“not at all, sorry for keeping you waiting” Mark replied as he rushed his food
He was really hungry


<<<<<<<}{ Lucy's 🏡 House 🏡 }{>>>>>>>

Lucy sat on her bed as everything that happened earlier in the day started flashing in and out

She scratched her head not believing that she was actually admiring James handsomeness that made her to get to his trap

“it’s not what you think Mark” she said as tears dropped off her eyes

she picked up her phone and dialed Mark’s number but still got ignored

She threw out her phone on the bed as she left tears flow freely from her eyes

an idea came into her mind as she picked up her phone and texted Mark

“Mark, please it’s not what it seems like, it accidentally happened, please try to understand me and forgive me as well” she typed and waited

She wanted to delete it but was urge by herself to send it which she did

She waited for some minutes but got no response

In tears, she rushed to her bathroom
She On the shower and sat under it letting the water pour on her
still on her clothes

She sat there for some minutes before standing up

She walked out and she saw her phone vibrating

She reached out to it and it was a message from Mark

“am not thinking anything, just that am not in the mood for phone calls now, let’s talk tomorrow” it reads

Lucy’s lips curved to smile all of a sudden


<<<<}{Mr Richard 🏡 Residence🏡}{>>>>

Rita was in her room
lost in thought that she noticed when Ruth came in and sat beside her

“this one must be serious” Ruth said waving her hand on Rita’s face that made her to come back to life

Rita blinked her eyes and adjusted herself on the bed

“Is it now beyond your control?” Ruth asked bringing her face closer to Rita

“They’re coming back together again” Rita said

“it’s not that am wishing them to fight and break up but this heart is a cheat” Rita added
Truly, she doesn’t wish them fight and break up but the mood of seeing whom you love, loving someone else

“I thought you said the new guy has gotten involved?” Ruth asked

“yes, but it couldn’t stop them” Rita replied

“since its now two guys, two ladies,,,,,,, one will match with your heart” Ruth said looking at the wall

“how do you mean? You know I can’t love the other guy” Rita asked

“not that, this is game of love and it requires brain” Ruth said as she stood up

“you are confusing me” Rita said

“don’t worry, let’s check it out later” Ruth replied and walked out of the room, closing the door from behind


<<<<}{Mrs Sharon 🏡 Residence🏡}{>>>>

James couldn’t stop smiling ever since he came back and Mrs Sharon noticed that

She do come back from work on time unlike others

James sat with one of his leg on top of the couch he was sitting on as he used his arm to hold it

Mrs Sharon was busy with the program on the television but was also watching James

She became confused because the program going on in the television 📺 wasn’t funny

“something must be wrong somewhere” Mrs Sharon said not even looking at him
James understood that she was talking to him as he smiled the more
He brought down his leg and sat well
positioned himself in a way that he was facing Mrs Sharon

“do you remember the girl I told you about before?” James asked still smiling

“the one you said that you want to use against the headboy?” Mrs Sharon returned the question

“exactly!” James exclaimed jumping up from the couch

“stop acting and tell me what happened” Mrs Sharon said making James to smile and sat back

“and also you said that she was somehow your weak point” Mrs Sharon added while James nodded

“I guess, she’s the one” Mrs Sharon said

“which one?” James asked confused

“I think you two are meant to be” Mrs Sharon replied but James laughed instead

“don’t even go there, I can’t date such girl, she’s cheap” James said changing his face a bit

“better treat her better” Mrs Sharon said

“why are you saying that, you know I can’t fall in love, I haven’t, am just using her to kill someone heart” James said smiling to his foolish word

“I made her heart melt today, she was just confused and I saw her so called boyfriend in a car watching us, Mom you need to see his face” James added and laughed

“once it involves a lady’s heart, am against it” Mrs Sharon said

“Mom, you supported me in everything why are you against this one?” James asked feeling sad
he always like his Mom to support him in everything he does

“I know how it feels like when a lady’s heart is being played with” Mrs Sharon replied

“don’t worry, you will get to understand some day, don’t forget to off the television” Mrs Sharon added as she stood up and walked up after patting James on his shoulder

‘no, I can’t be discouraged, not now, I must win this game, after then, I will leave’ James said inwardly and relaxing well on the couch

<<<<<<<}{ 🏫 School 🏫 }{>>>>>>>

The following day, James arrived first as usual as he waited for Lucy who arrived after some minutes

James smiled and waved at her
Lucy waved back also

James waited patiently on his desk and couldn’t take off his eyes from the window

of course waiting for Mark to show

In few minutes later, James saw Mark coming

he took out a package he bought
It was two and it contains clothes
one for him and the other one for Lucy

He rushed and stood before Lucy’s desk

Meanwhile, Lucy was busy with her books but immediately she felt the shadow before her, she raised up her head and it was James

Phillip in the other hand, hits his hand on his desk showing that Mark has arrived inside the class
and that was part of plans
Mark was just surprised watching them from behind and Lucy didn’t notice him

“happy birthday in advance” James said giving her one package

“I want you to wear it during your birthday and I will mine as well” James added as she collected it surprisedly

“how did you get to know that my birthday is around the corner?” Lucy asked still confused

“it doesn’t matter, just promise me that you will” James requested faking a baby face while Lucy smiled

“okay, I will” Lucy replied still smiling

Meanwhile, Mark was still standing when Mikhail stood up from his seat and walked up to him then whispered

“2-0, am still counting it”


seems like this James is a great planner

Let’s see when Mark would start his own
He’s just dull 😫

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