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One And Only Kiss – Episode 12


One And Only Kiss – Episode 12

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Theme: Will you Love me


Kitty who had some tears in her eyes as a result of the very emotional song of Jude, she looked at Lydia and noticed her face looked pathetic, even though she wasn’t crying , she was touched with the song

Lydia noticed that Kitty was looking at her, she turned her head to Kitty, their eyes met, and as if they planned it together, they both stared at Mary at the same time

Mary’s face had become so w€t, tears were rolling from her eyes like the drop of a heavy rain

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“It’s really painful when someone you love does not love you” Mary said and sunk back to her chair

All this while , the woile class were standing up, even students that first ignored later concentrated their attention on Jude

The whole class kept singing the last line of the song

🎼Cus I Love u🎼🎹

Jude sang with so much emotion that a child born today would have listened to his song and cried

The feeling and expression of pain in his words made it touched the heart of everyone

Really, one must say “It’s very painful to love someone that did not like you”

Jude walked closer to where Mary stood, after all, he dedicated the whole of the song to Mary

Mary who was very emotional watched Owen approaching , even though Jude had not cried, It is obvious that the song is coming from the deepest part of him

Jude knelt down before Mary like someone that wanted to propose

He raised his right hand up, and as though he had told Biggy and Thomas to stop playing, they stopped playing the instrument.

Everywhere was silent , students was wondering why he would kneel down before Mary, they knew that Jude likes Mary, but they are oblivious of the intentions of Jude to kneeling down before Mary

“Is he thinking of proposing” many students thought

Jude dropped his hand and looked at Mary whose eyes were w€t

“Mary, I wanna ask you a question” Jude said feeling hot all over.

The hotness he is feeling is a product of the fear of rejection he might get from Mary

He is afraid that Mary may give a very hurtful and negative response to his question

Sweats streams out of his skin, his whole body shook

All this years he had loved Mary, even though Mary had always ignored him, Mary doesn’t give him the attention he thought he deserves , yet he never stopped loving Mary

Many a times, he had tried to imagine if he can ever stop Loving Mary, but never had he successfully imagined it, like a two sheet of papers glued together so his is love to Mary

He can’t help it, he can’t stop loving Mary, his Love for Mary is true and genuine

Mary lowered her head and looked at Jude kneeling down, she did not know why Jude knelt before her, she thought hard maybe she can guess what Jude wanted to ask her before the whole class , but her mind was blank, she couldn’t think anything

Her emotions were neutral but her spirit was high

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She nodded her head to Jude’s question hoping in her heart that the question Jude is about to ask is gonna be the one she can answer easily

“Mary, do you Love me?” Jude asked

Like a graveyard so is the class, Even Feathers the class captain closed the laptop he was using to type story before Jude started singing

“Love!” Feathers exclaimed in his heart, watching every students standing at alert, wishing that Mary would say yes

“I better write a story on this” Feathers thought and moved closer observing the both of them diligently

Mary’s heart shook like Mike Tyson literally used his energetic hand to shake Mary’s heart

Her heart bleeds like someone had pierced it with a knife

Her legs became weak and light like she is on diet trying to loose weight

Her eyes became dim and she could only see the blurry images of Jude

Her emotions came back rapidly like a river storm, she felt like pulling Jude up, hugging him and telling him the truth

But the truth hurts , If only Love is a choice , she would have controlled it

If Love is an option, she would have chosen the one that truly cares and loves her

But her heart is directed to a direction, the direction of Owen, her heart is like magnet with a south pole easily attracting Owen’s heart, but to Jude , her heart is repelling Jude’s heart

She liked Jude as a friend, but she knew in her heart that even if she comes to the world a thousand time, Jude can never be an option , she knew she did not Love Jude

She is so certain of what her heart desires, Like a man will know if the food he ate really satisfied him , so is Mary, she knew she did not Love Jude

She is not confused , Jude is never an option, not because he is ugly , not because he is bad, he has everything a decent guy should has , yet, she just can’t Love him

Mary cried out at Jude’s question, she felt a sharp pain in her heart, the kind of pain she thought Jude will feel if she tells him the truth

Mary was taking ages to reply, she was crying audibly and the classes were wondering why she is crying

“Maybe she has being expecting that from Jude since” some students thought

“Maybe the song is still having effect on her” other students thought

Mary covered her face with her two palms and swallowed hard the truth forming in her mind ready to be poured to Jude

She did not want to hurt Jude

“Mary ! Please give me a reply?” Jude asked pathetically

Jude was ready to faint if Mary says No, that would have being the greatest embarrassment of his life

The class will mock him and carry rumours about him

He can’t stand the insults and gossips from students about him



Owen and Bella had taken their lunch at the school cafeteria, they didn’t communicate inside the cafeteria because that will make everyone inside the cafeteria wondering why students are communicating in sign language

“Bella, I sincerely do not know why I like you ” Owen said while on their way to the class

Bella smiled

She is happy that the spell she casted on Owen to like her is still working

Owen wondered why Bella smirked, Owen knew that Bella isn’t the kind of girl he is suppose to trust especially after what happened the day they were inside the room when she used a power on Jude that made Jude fall.

“Zeus, hope I’m doing the right thing?” Owen asked his god in his heart not expecting an answer

They took some steps but collided with Charlie, the leader of the basket ball team, he is so cute, pink lips, blue eyes, averagely tall and so handsome

Even the queen of the sea would have married Charlie if she sets her eyes on him

Charlie smiled as he approaches Owen and Bella

“Nice meeting you guys, where are you coming from?” Charlie asked

“Coming from the cafeteria” Bella replied humbly

“Since you guys are heading to class, I would not like to disturb you” Charlie said and smiled

“Disturb!” Bella exclaimed

Charles nodded

“No, just say it, did you have an information for us ” Bella asked

Charles nodded

“Say it, we are all ears” Bella said

“Actually, the information I wanted to pass is for you alone” Charlie said seductively

Owen wondered why she wanted to pass an information to Only Bella, he felt jealous and he wish that Bella would say no

His like for Bella is making him feel like Bella is now for him, even though he can’t explain why he mysteriously like Bella

“No qualms” Bella replied Charlie

“Is it gonna take long so I can tell Owen to leave?” Bella asked facing Jude

Jude nodded and smiled

“Owen, we are gonna meet in class, I wanna see Charlie ” Bella turned and say to Owen

Owen’s face projects Jealousy but Bella ignored, Owen walked sluggishly to the class.

He dislikes Charlie for choosing to speak with Bella

Bella turned to jude and stood opposite him

“I’m all ears Jude” Bella said

“Well, Bella, I don’t know how u are gonna see this, but I’m gonna just say it” Charlie said

“Say it” Bella said already thinking that he may want to talk about Love

“Actually! Erm… i wanna say that …erm…erm… I like you” Charlie said with an heart beating very fast , faster than the speed of light

His heart was beating heavily like it was being pounded inside moral and pestle

His heart was praying for a positive response

He hoped in his heart that Bella would not turn him down

He couldn’t look at Bella’s face, he lowered his head thinking of how humiliated he will feel if Bella insults him or says she dislikes him

Let’s discuss

Males : Tell me about the first time you told a girl you like her , what was her response , how did u feel? Did u text her or say it?

Females: Tell me about your first crush, did you like him so much but he does not like you? Did he later tell you he likes you or you think that he will never like you

To be continued

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