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One And Only Kiss – Episode 13


One And Only Kiss – Episode 13

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues


Theme: Bella’s spell isn’t working!


“Jude! I wish I can Love you, I wish , but I can’t, my mind is made up, I can’t help you , you ain’t the one I Love, I’m sorry” Mary said standing before Jude and rushed out of the class after confessing the truth to Jude

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Kitty and Lydia followed Mary outside , they stood beside her without saying a word.

Jude was devastated, he felt like burying himself alive.

Thomas patted Jude on his shoulder as he watched Mary walked out

The whole class formed a pathetic face.

Feathers the class captain came towards Jude and watched Jude lower his head

“Thanks goodness I aint in Love” Feathers thought in his heart

At that tense moment, when the atmosphere was tense and Jude did not even know how to stand up, the shame overwhelmed him that he felt that he was literally bound inside a sack

When he heard the bell for break over, he stood up because he has no choice, the lecturer will soon come

Jude walked towards his sit, the crowds of students scattered and went to their various place


“Charlie, you know what! I like you, you are handsome, and that’s why I’ve been giving you attention” Bella replied Charlie

Charlie couldn’t believe his ears , but like a saying, some guys can be too forward

“You mean you like me?” Charlie asked

Bella nodded

“So that means we are boyfriend and girlfriend now?” Charlie asked nervously

“What is wrong with you?” Bella asked

The happy expression on Charlie’s face dropped to that of frown

“Can you think at all, I’m saying I naturally like you , you are talking of boyfriend or girlfriend , tell me, are you so dumb? have you ever being in a relationship? Is that how you propose to a lady? You know what, I’ve entertained enough of you, bye!” Bella said and walked away

“I thought she said she likes me” Jude thought helplessly

He walked to his class 💘


“that was what happened” Bella said to Lennox

He had just told what happened between her and Charlie to her dad at home

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Lennox smirked

“Bella, guys are very tricky, remember you are on a mission, once you fall in Love, you will be too weak to defeat Owen” Lennox said

“I know that, I ain’t gonna fall in Love with anyone, I know it makes me weak” Bella said

“Good! Is the spell still working on Owen?” Lennox asked

“Yes dad, but Dad it will soon expire” Bella said

“I know , you cast another one on him” Lennox said

“Dad!” Bella exclaimed

“What is it?” Lennox asked

“You know I must not cast another spell on Owen, it will make him loose his memory” Bella said having pity on Owen

“That is his fate, we just had to do what we have to do to save our temple” Lennox said

“Dad! Isn’t that unfair?” Bella asked

“When did you start having pity on Owen, are you falling for him already?” Lennox asked

Bella shook her head

Lennox sighed, stood up and walked away from Bella

“Do I really like anyone, my heart is like a stone, why can’t I love, how do people feel love, Charlie is not bad, but I know I do not Love him, what is this thing called love? Or, have I being enchanted since birth never to be able to fall in love” Bella thought


Star and Mary decided to check on Owen to know why he is not coming out for dinner since he came back from school

They gave a gentle knock on his door and when they noticed that the door is not closed, Star twisted the knob and entered together with Mary

Their eyes met Owen lay on the bed with his two hands folded to the back of his head like someone in a deep thought

Owen didn’t notice that anyone entered, he had being thinking about Bella for days and he did not know why, he showered after he came back from school, and like a blind man who receive his sight, his heart suddenly get lightened , his understanding suddenly get opened and he disliked Bella immediately

Owen did not understand why he had being liking Bella then suddenly dislike her , he may not know much about her love, but he knows what it means to like someone

The very thinking of Bella irritates him , he wish that he will never see Bella again but he knows that is impossible , that has caused him to think so much

“Owen!” Star called and Owen flinched

“Be calm” Star said

Owen adjusted his sleeping position to a sitting position on the bed, he was resting his back on the wall and his two legs stretched across the bed

“What is wrong? You seem to be lost in thought, more so, you didn’t come for dinner , why?” Star asked

Owen sighed

He knew that if he explains how he feels for them, they will never understand, he thought of how they will react if he tells them that he likes somebody today and dislikes the person tomorrow

He better keep it to himself

Owen shook his head

“You don’t wanna tell me?” Star asked

Owen sighed and lowered his head

His mother took a step forward and he realizes that his mum may pressurize him to start pouring out all that had made him disturbed

He better find a way of stopping the woman

“Please leave , I need to rest” Owen said

Mary arched her brow

“Owen!” Mary called

Mary’s sweet voice penetrated trough the soul of Owen, he closed his eyes as he heard her voice, he felt a kind of reliefs that no one could understand

He felt peace, he opened his eye and realized that Mary and his mother were gone

He wondered why Mary can not stay, Mary would have made his night, he would have chatted with her and make her feel very happy

He regretted how he had treated Mary so far, he knew he can not do what he did to Mary then ordinarily, a force pulled him to do it but he can not help it


“Make sure you cast the spell on him today and make him loose his memory” Lennox said wickedly

Bella nodded and went to school, she felt very sorry for what she is about to do to Owen

She walked inside the class and saw Owen sitting diligently in class

“Bobe ariaqum sifolis” Bella said as she faced Owen

Owen stared at her wondering what she was doing

“Bobe ariaqum sifolis” Bella cased the spell on Owen again and Owen kept staring at her like a dummy

Bella knew that Owen must show some sort of reaction for her to know that the spell is working on Owen, but Owen seems not to be affected

“Your spell will never work on him again, you wicked Bella” the voice of a student sounded from behind

To be continued

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