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One And Only Kiss – Episode 15


One And Only Kiss – Episode 15

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: The fall of Jude


“You look so beautiful” Feathers replied Bella

Bella blushed

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“But my grandmother told me something” Feather said and paused

Bella arched her brow at feathers word

“Beautiful girls with big eyes do not always have sense, do you know why? All the senses that are suppose to be stored in their brain has being stored in their eyes, that is why their eyes is always big , follow me home, let my dog eat part of your eye so u can have a normal eye that everybody has” Feathers said and smirked

He walked away without turning nor feeling guilty

It’s part of him, he doesn’t know what love is , he doesn’t know how to love

Bella’s face dropped and hot tears formed rapidly in her eyes, they were gushing from her face like a heavy rain, she wondered how an handsome boy like Feather can treat her with so much disdain

She quickly brought our her mini Mirror from her bag, she stared at it for ages looking at her eyes and regretting being born to Lennox family because all the generations of Lennox are always having big eyes


Jude who had wanted to know where Mary lives devised a plan

After the basketball training , he pretended like someone going home, but he didn’t . He hid behind a tall tree watching Mary who was standing obviously watching Owen

Owen moved closer to her, and signaled with his head for them to start going home together

Mary’s smile broadened and she seems so happy, even though she was expecting Owen to tell her to go home with him , she still believes that Owen might ignore her

She can’t stop herself from thinking about how Owen fell on her body, she couldn’t even feel the weight of Owen on her , all she could feel was his love in her heart

Thinking about it alone makes her happy, and she’s happy that Owen is finally liking her

Jude traced them and took a cab to follow Mary’s car , Owen and Mary entered Owen’s house like a couple

Jude felt a bit of jealousy arose in him, he smiled when he finally knows that Mary and Owen live under the same roof

He walked away


“Bella, why is this happening, we have just two days left after today, do you want our temple to crumble , that is all we have got in our entire life, that is the reason we live, Bella , it’s taking ages , just Kiss the dumb boy , that’s all, is that hard to do? Or is it that that you neglected your mission already or could it be what I’m thinking” Lennox said scolding Bella for not accomplishing the mission behind her attending the school

Lennox is suspecting already that Bella might be in love with Owen especially with the way Bella has pity on Owen anytime he talks about casting spell on Owen

“Dad, it isn’t easy like u thought ” Bella defended

“What is making it hard my dear” Lennox said with a very frowned face

“Dad, It’s complicated , that Mary of a girl was the one that distracted me the last time I was casting a spell on him, dad , you know what?” Bella said and paused

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“What?” Lennox questioned

“I think we should deal with Mary first , once we deal with her, getting to Owen will be easy” Bella suggested

“nice idea, you know what to do right?” His father asked

“Yes father, I was only waiting for your permission” Bella said

“Good, deal with her” Lennox said

“Done” Bella said and smirked


In school

8:0clock am

Every students stood in a well arranged order at the assembly hall

There had being series of programmes being done as usual , the principal walked to the podium, he gave his boring speech and the students stood with their mind far away hoping that the big belly principal will conclude his speech soon

“As you all know that our male senior prefect had a very terrible disease , he was operated last week and her parents informed us that he will not be coming to school anytime soon, we can not leave the office blank, you and I know that the role of a senior prefect in school is very cardinal and of utmost important” The principal said and gulped the saliva forming in his mouth

A lot of students concentrated to what the principal had just said anticipating on what he was about to say next

“We have appointed a new male prefect, we appointed him based on his credibility and diligence, please make welcome our new male prefect, Bright Owen ” The principal said and all the students cheered

The students were twisting their head searching for where the Bright Owen is gonna come from

“Jeez! My name, why did the school management have to choose me, I don’t want this, no, I don’t” Owen thought in his heart almost crying

“Can you come out please” The principal ordered when he didn’t see the sign of anyone coming from the assembly ground to where he stood

Owen realized that he has no choice but to come out

He went to meet the principal and the students were in awe at his handsomeness

“So cute” a clumsy student said unconsciously

“Congratulations” the principal said and stretched his palm towards Owen, Owen reluctantly received his palm without saying a word

“Isn’t too much to say thank you boy, is it?” The principal said sarcastically trying to tell Owen to learn how to say thank you when someone congratulates him

But Owen already said ‘thank you’ in his heart, the word that only him could hear, the principal couldn’t hear his words because he can not speak

The principal realizes that Owen is not speaking , neither is he ready to say ‘thank you’

The principal ignored him and wondered in a jiffy how a rude boy that is too big to say ‘thank you’ could finally become the senior boy of the whole school

“Bright Owen,kindly give a speech of appreciation and vow to be faithful to your call as a male prefect of Kingston high School” The principal said and handed over the microphone to him

Owen collected the mike like someone that can speak, he formed a courageous face and smiled

“Zeus, I’ll be embarrassed, do something now please” Owen pleaded in his heart to his god

His heart aches all of a sudden and an involuntary cough started pouring from his mouth into the microphone

The assembly of students were surprised when they saw the male prefect who is suppose to give a beautiful speech coughing uncontrollably

The principal held him by his shoulder and some teachers who were standing behind the students rushed to the podium to aid Owen

He was carried by two teachers to the school health centre when the cough doesn’t look like one that will stop.

The principal informed the students to sing a song and march inside

They all did

Owen who had being quickly attended to by the doctor had already stopped coughing as soon as they got to the hospital

“There is nothing wrong with you young boy” the doctor said to Owen on the bed

Owen nodded

“He thanked Zeus in his heart for saving him”

“Are you getting better now?” The doctor asked

Owen nodded

“Can you talk please” The doctor asked not feeling comfortable with the way Owen was using his head to answer his question

Owen closed his eyes and turned to the other side of the bed ignoring the doctor

The Doctor stood up and walked away


“Poor boy” a masculine voice called

Owen turned and saw him standing

“You again” Owen said in his heart

“Our new male prefect that coughs on his first speech” Jude said and paused, he walked closer to where Owen lay

Owen wondered why the rude boy called Jude had come to visit him at the health centre

Owen lifted his head a little not feeling comfortable at the presence of Jude

“Owen, why are you sleeping with Mary?” Jude questioned

“What!” Owen said in his heart, he opened his mouth to express his emotions to Jude but nothing was coming forth

He raised his head when he wanted to speak and dropped it back to the bed when he couldn’t say it out

“Answer my question?” Jude said with a hard face

“I don’t know what u talking about” Owen said defensively in his heart

Owen nodded his head trying to tell Jude that he is not sleeping with Mary

“You are good at lying right? Ain’t you staying at place, living under the same roof” Jude said

Owen wondered how he knew because he didn’t tell anyone and he knows that Mary must be smart enough not to inform anyone about them living togetherness

Owen sighed

“You are probably wondering how I knew , but that is by the ways, hope nothing has happened between you two?” Jude questioned

Owen shook his head implying No

“Well, I’m gonna trust you, be fine” Jude said and was almost standing up to leave when Feathers and Charlie entered

Charlie had gone to meet Feathers in his class that they should go and check up on Owen at the school health center

They were surprised to see Jude with Owen, they both know that Jude and Owen are competitors that can never get along

Feathers knew in his heart that Jude must have come to intimidate Owen, he wouldn’t mind giving him his piece of cake

Charlie and Feathers walked closer

Jude was surprised to see them, he ignored them and took some steps to walk away

“Don’t tell me you are going” Feathers said facing Jude

Jude nodded

“You can’t go?’ Feathers said

” why?” He asked

Feathers ignored him and turned to Owen

“Owen, what has this boy done to you” Feathers asked

Owen remained silent

Feathers turned and looked at Jude with disdain

Mary, Kitty and Lydia had also decided to check up on Owen at the school’s health centre , they entered and saw Feathers, Charlie and Jude with Owen

“Feathers” Kitty greeted unconsciously

“Crazy girl” Mary muttered silently but audible enough for Kitty to hear

“What?” Kitty questioned

” After all he did for you the last time, you still calling his name” Mary said silently and Kitty ignored

Feathers smiled and stretched his hand wide like someone that wanted to hug

Kitty, Mary and Lydia arched their brow at the same time

“What! Feathers wants Kitty to come and hug him” Mary said and couldn’t believe he eyes

“Does that mean Feathers has changed , oh really! ” Mary thought

Kitty who couldn’t believe her eyes , he watched Feathers stretching his hand wide like someone that is expecting a hug

Kitty thought in her heart that the feathers she had being crushing on must have changed from a bad ass to a good guy

Kitty ran without thinking twice to Feathers to hug him, Feathers held her two shoulders when she was almost getting to him

Kitty was shocked at the way Feathers suddenly gripped him her

Feathers looked into her eye and smirked

He moved his face towards Kitty’s face like someone that wanted to kiss

“Can you stop calling my name? It doesn’t sound nice in your mouth, I dislike being called by you” Feathers said and loosed his grip on Kitty’s shoulder

Kitty felt bad and closed her eyes hoping that she can disappear but she can’t

“Mary, Owen is fine now” Jude said

Mary nodded, she ignored Kitty, after all, she had warned Kitty but it seems she can’t think straight because she is in love with one crazy class captain

Mary touched Owen’s face to see how he is fairing, Jude got jealous and took some steps closer to Mary

Feathers who had a the peel off of a banana in his bag, he ate it while they were coming because Charlie came to call him when he was about taking his breakfast, so he bought a banana, that is his favorite fruit, he bought it at the school tuk shop, and chewed it on their way to the hospital

The school authority does permit throwing of Liters in just any place except in liter bin which was placed in every strategic area of the school

Feathers couldn’t find where to dump the banana peel off after eating the banana inside, he kept the peel off at the small purse beside his bag hoping that he will dispose it when he sees a liter bin , but he didn’t see any till he and Charlie got to the hospital

He brought the banana peel off out after Jude had taken a step to meet Mary who was with Owen, he threw it before Jude and Jude stepped on it unconsciously

Jude’s leg slipped and he fell using his head to hit the small stool that is beside Owen’s bed

To be continued

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