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One And Only Kiss – Episode 16


One And Only Kiss – Episode 16

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Bella , the Confessor

“Feathers!” Charlie called

Feathers turned his head to him

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“That serves him right” Feathers said

Jude stood up and felt embarrassed for falling in front of the girls , especially Mary

Mary walked to Jude

Sorry, does it hurt?” Mary asked

He shook his head as he stood upright, he searched himself to see if he isn’t rough, he still looks cool

He walked out without saying a word


“You mean Captain did that” Thomas said

Jude who was sitting amidst his friend bowed his head and stared at the empty ground

“Sorry boss” Bigger said and Jude nodded

“What are you gonna do now?” Thomas asked

“I don’t know yet” Jude replied

“I have a suggestion though” Bigger said

“Tell me about it” Jude said

“When it is break time, we gonna tell the students we wanna perform, since they loved our previous show, they will be willing to listen to us, then we can sing a song of insult to him , a song that will make him feel ridiculed before everyone, he might regret coming to this school” Bigger said

Jude smiled

“Nice idea”

“Let’s work on the lyrics immediately” Thomas said

Thomas took a book and scribbled in a lyrics

“Check mine” Thomas said and gave it to Jude.

Jude collected it smiled when he read it

“Bigger, write the solo, I’m going for the chorus” Jude said

“Yes boss” Bigger replied


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Owen had returned to his class, Bella wasn’t thinking about her mission, she has never fell in Love before but ever since she saw Feathers , her heart has being longing to see him always, she can’t say if she loves Feathers but she knows she likes feathers so much, but the guy is bad mouthed, he abused her the last time, even at that, Bella never stopped liking Feathers

Owen noticed that Bella was moody and inactive unlike before

He tapped Bella

“Bella, is anything the problem?” Owen asked in sign language

Bella shook her head

She feels weak on the inside, she feels like she is failing her dad

“I have to deal with Mary” she thought

Mary is the sole obstacle to getting to Owen

The teachers came and taught according to their period


Mary’s Class


Break Time


“Hey guys, let’s go to game room today, please , I wanna make sure I win Lydia today” Mary said

“Are you joking, Lydia won you five times yesterday, forget that, you can’t win Lydia ” Kitty said

“Leave her, let her keep giving herself false hope, I might even win ten times today” Lydia said and laughed

Kitty and Lydia laughed in mockery of Mary who was very poor in playing game

Mary squeezed her face like someone that would cry and placed her head on her locker

Jude, Thomas and Bigger walked to the front of the class

“Friends, we are have a very nice song to perform” Jude said

“Fvck off” The labour prefect said

He is a friend of Feathers , Feathers and he both dislike Jude and his friends because he stalks Mary and intimidates Owen

“No, continue ” Lydia said from her sit

“Is that your business?” Mary said

Lydia giggled

“You are scared that he wanted to sing a love song to you like he did then right?” Lydia said

“He won’t, he would not like to be embarrassed again” Mary said

“Let’s see what they are up to then” Kitty said , Lydia nodded and Mary maintained a straight face towards Jude and his friends

Jude held his invisible mic in his hand folded in a blow like manner

Thomas sat on the teachers stool with his guitar

Thomas stood holding his mouth organ


“Pa pan ran ran

Pam pan pannnnnn ran”

Thomas played

“Hun hun , hun hun hunnnn, hunnnn”

Bigger played


Oh na na (2x)

Come and see a boy

Oh come, oh come

Come and see a goat

Oh come oh come


Pa ran ran ran rannnnnn nnnn n” Thomas played

“You need to see

The only goat, he is a fool

He is dumb

Do u know, do u know him

” hun , hun hunn nnnunnun” 🎼🎼🎼🎼

Bigger played


This boy killed his mother

Pa ra ran

This boy killed his brothers

Pa ran ran tan tan

This boy has a bad o o o omen


If u stay around him

You will suffer a bad omen

He has slept with

A aaa a aa

10 girls in this school

Oh! Oooooooo

Did u want to know him🎹

The whole class stood up excluding Feathers and the labour prefect who was wondering who Jude and his friends were referring to

Jude paused his song and talk

“If u want to know him, you are all are gonna do the right thing to him, did you grab? ” Jude asked the listeners

They all nodded , anticipating to know who the person is

“When I mentioned the person’s name , you all know what to do right!” Jude asked

“Yeah, don’t worry, leave that to us” a very muscular and strong face girl said with a thick voice, those are the class gangsters , theirs is do deal with anyone that does wrong or cheats another

And now they are waiting for Jude to mention the culprits name so they can deal mercilessly with whoever he was referring to

“Feathers, I think this guy is up to something” the labour prefect said

“I think so to, but let’s watch” Feathers said

“No, let’s go out, what if he mentions your name, the whole class are gonna pound on you to beat the hell out of you” Labour prefect advsied

“We have issues , quiet alright, but he dares not mention my name ” Feathers said confidently

“Alright, if u say so” The labour prefect said and directed his attention back to Jude and his friends who were performing

Jude continued his song


His name is not rare

Pa ran ran

He is right here with us

Pa ran ran



His name is


Pa pan pan ran an


Before Jude could finish spelling in song , the class gangsters pound on Feathers and dragged him out to the class

Jeez! They beat the hell out of him

Mary knew that no one interferes when the class gangsters are dealing with a student , they felt pity for Feathers

Bella entered Mary’s class to deal with Mary at the same time use the opportunity to see and greet Feathers , that is if she will not be insulted by Feathers again

Her eyes met with Feathers who had being beaten mercilessly and was lying on the floor with a torn uniform, rough hair , and shabby face

Bella wondered why everyone was watching Feathers on the floor without helping him

She was oblivious of the class gangster

Bella ran towards Feathers and squatted beside him

“Who the hell is this” The head of the class gangster stood up and walked towards Bella, the other girls followed

“Who the hell are you?” Gangster leader asked Bella

Bella ignored and was checking Feathers body

“Sorry Feathers, who dealt with you like this?please tell me?” Bella said trying to comfort Feathers who had lost all strength and didn’t even have enough strength to answer Bella’s question nor stand up

“We dealt with him” the gangster leader answered Bella’s question to Owen

She pulled Bella up with her collar roughly

Bella tried to free herself but the girl was strong

“Are you his girlfriend?” The gangster leader asked

Bella refused to answer, she was trying to remove the girls hand from his collar, it was making her feel molested

“Since, you won’t answer, I guess you leave or you suffer the same fate Feathers suffered ” The girl said

Anger arose inside Bella and looked straight into the girls eye

“Suprolis ariat manana ” Bella casted a spell of confession

Bella has the power to confess a female but her dad has warned her not to use it , when it is the right time, he will tell her , but Bella can no longer stand being molested by the muscular girl, more so, she needs to take revenge for Feathers

Bella’s eye turned absolutely red and the girl’s eye turned totally black

The gangster girl got confessed

Once a person is confessed, the person confessed will be doing everything that the person that confess him or her wanted him or her to do

The gangster girl had being confessed by Bella, that implies she has to be doing all that Bella wants and give truthful answer to any questions asked by Bella

“Now tell me, why did you beat Feathers?” Bella questioned

Jude who didn’t understand what was happening yet was smiling with his friends at Bella and the gangster girl

The gangster girl explained all that happened , including why Feathers was beaten

When Jude heard the gangster girl behaving like a fool and explaining everything that happened in class to Bella and why Feathers was beaten, he started getting scared but his friends were still smiling

He remembered that Bella once touched him and he fell

He hurriedly stood up and went to the class’s entrance in case Bella wants to take revenge for Feathers

And true enough, when Bella heard all , she searched immediately for Jude

“Where is the crazy guy that told lie on Feathers” Bella asked staring around the class

“At the entrance ” A student said

Bella saw Jude and Jude’s eye met with her

Jude picked a race and ran like a …….

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To be continued

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