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One And Only Kiss – Episode 17


One And Only Kiss – Episode 17

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Bella, why?

Everywhere was calm, the students were wondering why Jude ran away , they were also wondering why the class gangster was talking subjectively to Bella

Bella helped Feathers up and looked at Feathers pathetically

Feathers grunted and walked back to his sit

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Bella walked towards him

Sorry dear” Bella said and he nodded his head . he was trying to recover from the hell of a beating he received from the class gangster

“Hey you, now apologize to him” Bella said facing the class gangster

“I’m sorry Feathers” she said and bowed her head

“What, this is not happening ” some students muttered

They wondered how a whole class gangster can be this subjective to slim Bella

No one could place what was really happening between the gangster girl and Bella

“What’s your name by the ways?” Bella asked

“My name is Vanessa ” the girl replied

“Alright, Vanessa, from today , be doing everything that Feathers wants, is that understood” Bella said

“Yes” Vanessa replied

Feathers forgot his pain in a jiffy when he heard that their class gangster is gonna be working for him

“What! Do you mean she is gonna be working for me” Feathers asked

“Yeah, don’t worry, she will do all that you commanded her to do” Feathers lips was parted and dropped in surprise

“Let me try if this thing will work truly” Feathers thought

Every students had already sat down and concentrated on what they were doing , after all, they did not even understand a thing that was happening between Vanessa, Bella and Feathers

“Hey Vanessa” Feathers said and threw his pen to the front of the class

“Yes” Vanessa replied

“Go and pick that pen for me” Feathers commanded

Vanessa went and brought the pen

Feathers arched his brow “is this a magic or something?” he thought

Bella smiled and felt happy that with what she just did for Feathers. Feathers must have deeply fallen for her

Bella did not know that Feathers and Love are word and opposite

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Feathers himself didn’t care if Bella was using magic or not, all he cares about is that he will be able to use Vanessa and deal with her for once punishing him

Feathers smiled and brought out his laptop

“Feathers, you need to change your cloth, it’s dirty” Bella said feeling that she is caring

“True, but I must type this episode first ” Feathers replied

“That reminds me, I heard that you are writer and you have a page on Facebook” Bella said

“Yes dear, even though my old page got hacked but I’ve created another” Feathers replied

“Sorry, can we go for lunch?” Bella asked

“With a magician” Feathers thought

Feathers faked a smile and started typing, intentionally ignoring Bella who was standing

“Feathers” Bella called

” Bella, you have done enough , thanks , please leave, let me type this episode” Feathers said and continued typing

Bella felt embarrassed when she realized that Feathers isn’t grateful despite all that he did for him

She became depressed , her spirit became low, she walked sluggishly from Feathers place and walked to the entrance feeling depressed

She remembered immediately what her primary mission is , she walked back to the class to meet Mary

Mary’s heart beat increased, she became fretful at the presence of Bella

Bella imagined in a second what she can do to Mary that can make her stop stalking and liking Owen

“Seflagino arisum quicom seflagino arisum quicom” She said and Lydia pushed Bella away with anger

“Those words she’s saying are not native american language , they are magical spells” Lydia said

Bella fell to the ground , Mary stood still in fear

“She is a witch” Kitty said

“More reason why we need to ensure that she Stays far away from Owen ” Lydia said

Mary sunk to the chair and sighed

Bella who was pushed by Lydia had fallen to the floor, she stood up gently feeling embarrassed, she felt like calling Vanessa to come and deal with the three of them but she refused to.

Instead , she purposed in her heart to kiss Owen by force, she walked out angrily and went straight to her class

“Owen, please follow me ” She said with a frowned face

“Why?” Owen asked in sign language

“Just do” Bella said

“Alright” Owen said in sign language and stood up, he wondered why Bella wanted him to come

He followed Bella hoping that everything will be alright

Charlie who had just stepped out of his class watched Bella and Owen walked towards a tiny hallway , he wondered where they were going, he traced them gently and he watched as Bella drew Owen to an empty room

“What could they be doing there all alone” Charlie thought

Charlie tip toed to the side of the room where he can conveniently watched them

Bella had already purposed in her heart that should she see anyone interrupting what she is about to do, she will make sure she cast a spell on whoever the person is

Bella stood before Owen and looked straight into his eyes

“Owen, Lennox is my father, you and I know that he is very powerful , he already told me that I’m the right lady destined to kiss you ” Bella said

Owen looked at her with fear of what may happen after he must have kissed Bella

Charlie felt jealous when he saw Bella moving her lips towards Owen to kiss him, but he couldn’t move, he reasoned that Bella may not be pleased with the fact that he is stalking her .

Bella moved her lips towards Owen’s lips, Owen stood still with his heart beat beating very high

Few second before Bella’s lips touched Owen, she fell down and fainted


“Lennox!” Unknown called as he twisted the knob into Lennox room

Lennox who lay on the bed quickly stood up when he heard the seriousness in the tone of Unknown

“Lennox” unknown yelled again

Lennox looked at him in fear trying to search in a second in his heart if he had done something wrong or disobeyed the rules of the temple

“Why did you allow your daughter use her confessing power” Unknown asked Accusingly

“What!” Lennox who was oblivious of the truth that Bella has indeed used her confessing power

“Yes, I received the signal in the temple when I was meditating , you and I know that this is not the right time for her to start using her confessing power , anyways, she must have being in a bad situation right now and I do not know if she will survive it

To be continued

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