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One And Only Kiss – Episode 18


One And Only Kiss – Episode 18

© Oyebamiji Samuel
Story Continues

Charlie rushed and entered the room

“What happened to her” He said as he approached Bella

Owen had also squatted beside Bella wondering why she suddenly slumped

“I don’t know” Owen said in sign language to Charlie who also understood sign language

Charlie looked at him and set his gaze back at Bella
“Did you see her eyes?” Charlie asked fretfully

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“Yes, it’s absolutely white, where is the eye ball” Owen said confusingly in sign language

“Call the ambulance” Charlie ordered and Owen ran out but hurriedly came back when he realizes that even if he dials 911, which is the ambulance line, he will not be able to speak to them because he can not speak

“I can’t speak , remember?” Owen said to Charlie in sign language

Charlie recollected and quickly stood up and ran out to call 911, Feathers stood watching Bella lay on the floor

He wondered why Bella had suddenly slumped, he thought that maybe Zeus had protected him from Bella

But he trusts Bella, he doesn’t know why, he is scared when Bella wanted to kiss him but he is also happy that Bella is not the kind of somebody that can betray him

Two men in civil uniform followed Charlie inside the empty room with a stretcher, they carefully carried Bella and placed her on the stretcher , she was Carried immediately to the ambulance car parked outside, then to the hospital

Owen sighed as he watched the ambulance drove Bella away from the school

“Was she suffering from a sickness before” Owen thought

Charlie had followed the ambulance to the hospital , he had thought that if Bella wakes up and see him stood by her, Bella will reason that he is caring and probably begin to like him

Feathers went to his class thinking about Bella and waiting for the school to close for the day so he can go and visit Bella at the hospital

Thomas and Bigger had gone to pick Jude at the rest room he ran to, they informed him that Bella had gone and that he should come to the class

Jude sighed heavily and followed them to the class

Feathers watched as Jude and his friend entered the class, he couldn’t do anything to Jude yet because the second to the last period teacher was teaching

The teacher continued teaching, everyone concentrated except Feathers who was imagining how Jude will be beaten by the class gangster after he had ordered her to beat him

“I believe you all know the formula for Pythagoras theorem?” The teacher asked the whole class

Some murmured while some said Yes

“Captain, stand and tell me the formula for Pythagoras theorem” The tall black american teacher said

Feathers head was bowed still imagining how Jude will be beaten by Vanessa

He couldn’t hear what the teacher had just said

“Feathers, can you hear me at all?” The teacher asked again

Fathers came back to reality and blinked his eye, he nodded like someone that heard the teacher

“Hope you are cool?” The teacher asked

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Feathers twisted his neck and nodded , he placed his two hands on his locker and stare directly at the teacher

“Alright, remind us the formula for Pythagoras theorem?” The teacher asked

“That should be … Erm.. What’s that now?” He muttered silently facing the Labour prefect who is his sit partner

“Errmmmm. Square + ermmmm. Square =Adjacent square ” That was not what the labour prefect said but because he was speaking silently in such a say that the teacher will not know he is telling Feathers the answer, that was what Feathers heard

Feathers smiled thinking that that is the answer

He stood up .

“Sir, this question is so simple for me, I’m the class captain here, kindly ask another person sir” Feathers said confidently

“Oh really? As a class captain , you should be able to be able to answer all questions on behalf of the Class

Feathers giggled

“Well, if that’s what you want, as a matter of fact, pleas bring the marker, I will write it” Feather said proudly

“Oh no, that isn’t necessary , you know! Just say it” The teachers said patiently

“I insist sir ” Feathers said stubbornly

“Alright” the teacher said and handed over the marker to Feathers

Feathers smiled and raised his shoulder up like a peacock, he walked proudly to the white board , he opened the marker and wrote

” M squared + M squared = Adjacent squared

The brilliant ones suddenly bursted into serious laughter and the dull ones too had to pretend as if the knew the answer, they also laughed

The whole class bursted into laughter making Feathers smiling face dropped and turned into a shameful one

“Your crush is so dumb” Lydia said in the middle of her laughter to Kitty

“Very dumb, the guy is so dull, rude, proud. gosh! all he knows how to do is to write stories” Mary added

Kitty was the only one who was not laughing among the whole class, how can she be mocking her one and only crush

Kitty couldn’t reply her friends, she didn’t know what to say

“Brilliant class captain” the teacher said ironically and everyone bursted into laughter again

Feathers stood in shame and the teacher shook his head and collected his marker from him

“Who can tell us the formula for Pythagoras theorem?” The teacher asked

Mary raised her hand

“Tell us please” the teacher requested

“Hypotenuse squared = Opposite squared + Adjacent squared

Before the teacher could comment on if it is wrong or not , the dull ones in class bursted into laughter including Thomas while the brilliant ones wonder what is funny about Mary’s correct answer

Indeed, class is a crazy bunch of students

” what’s funny” The teacher asked with a serious tone and a serious look too

The dull students laughing stopped laughing at once

“What’s funny now, answer me, because she got the question right” The teacher said and the dull students in class stylishly bow their head so the teacher would not ask them the next question

The teacher continued teaching till his time elapses, he went out of the class.

Same time that the teacher started teaching
Lennox received a call at home that Bella , his only daughter had being rushed to the hospital, Lennox knew at once that it was because she used her confessing power

“Bella” Lennox called on getting to the hospital

Bella remained mute, she wasn’t talking , her eyes were still absolutely white, there is no sign of eyeballs

“Bella, I believe you are hearing me, no matter how angry you are , you shouldn’t have used your confessing ability , you brought this upon yourself” Lennox said and exhaled as he stares directly into Bella’s eye

He sat down on the small stool beside the bed of Bella

Sorry dear, anyways, unknown told me what to do to save you,” Lennox said brought out a metal that look like pen

He pointed the mouth of the metal pen to Bella’s white eyeball

“Tefris ajiat tebrinat!
Asius melicasus Asius
Comba qiquosat Jeruvu” Lennox casted the spell and the eye balls of Bella turned blue

She coughed all of a sudden and came back to consciousness

“Now , everyone you have confessed will be free as well from your confession” Lennox said and sighed happily seeing Bella conscious again


Immediately the teacher left, Captain Feathers stood up at once and went to Vanessa’s sit

Feathers did not know that Vanessa had being free from Bella’s confession because of what Lennox did for Bella at the hospital to heal her

“Vansssa! Stand up right now ” Feathers commanded with a loud voice

“What the f*ck” Vanessa exclaimed

“Can you hear me at all, I say stand up right now and go and beat that boy mercilessly” Feathers commanded pointing to Jude

Vanessa stood up and held Feathers roughly on his collar

“Looks like you want more beating, the beating you received during break isn’t enough ” Vanessa said.

Feathers became confused , and Jude who was already getting scared that Vanessa may obey Feathers and come to beat him also bursted into laughter in mockery of Feathers

Thomas and bigger and few students who were also watching laughed at Feathers

Jude saw another opportunity to punish Feathers again for how he made him fell at the hospital

🎹 🎹
“Peacock Feathers ”
Proud and dumb
Dull and stupid

Jude sang

Thomas quickly brought out his guitar and Bigger hurriedly took his mouth organ out of his pocket

They played

“Everybody say f**k EM b***h ” Jude said pointing to Feather

And as if he used a spell, the whole class obeyed and started singing that line of the song

“f**k em b***h(20x)

Mary mocked Feathers and faced Kitty, she pressed her eye and pulled her tongue out to Kitty

Kitty slapped her hand like a kid, kitty did not like how Feathers was being treated

But Mary and Lydia liked it because of how Feathers had treated their friend Kitty

” f**k em b***h” Mary and Lydia stood up from their sit and joined the class in singing

To be continued

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