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One And Only Kiss – Episode 19


One And Only Kiss – Episode 19

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues
Theme: Mary got Married


Bella and Lennox arrived home

Lennox sank on the chair and Bella who was feeling guilty of using the ability that she has despite the fact that her father had warned her severally that it’s not yet time for her to use her power

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“Should I get you a drink” Lennox asked like a caring father

Bella nodded, Lennox went inside the kitchen and poured a glass of wine and brought it for Bella.

Bella respectfully collected it and gulped it in

Bella sighed satisfactorily and placed the empty glass on the table

“Bella, will you tell me what happened in school now or you gonna take a nap?” Lennox asked

“I’ll like to rest” Bella replied

“Alright” Lennox said and watched as Bella stood and went inside her room


Owen couldn’t go to the hospital to check up on Bella as he planned to do before because his mother called to inform him that he should come home early and that there is an important issue to handle at home

Owen had wondered what important issue would arose at home but he couldn’t place exactly what it could be

He sat with his mum, dad, his brother and Mary at the living room

Owen stared around the room wondering exactly what was happening

“Well, Owen , Mary” Star called

Owen and Mary focused their attention on Star

“We are travelling and it will take a while, my sister is having a wedding and I’ve promised her that my husband and I are gonna spend a week helping her out in all that she needs” Star said and paused

He observed their faces and notices that they are listening but surprise, she continues

” We will be back in a week time” Star said

“Is Bennet also following you?”Lennox asked in sign language referring to his beloved brother

” yea he is” Star’s husband replied

Owen arched his brow when it dawned on him that only he and Mary will be staying at home, even though he does not dislike Mary as before , he still thinks it’s not proper for Mary and he to live alone under the same roof

“Are you surprised that you and Mary will be living alone for the main time” Star’s husband asked

Owen’s face remains puzzled , like he was thinking of how it will be for Mary and him staying under the same roof

He prays in his heart that nothing will happen between Mary and he

“Owen, don’t be disturbed , I trust you, you won’t have issues with Mary” Bennet said with a voice that looks like that of an 8 years old boy

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Owen faked a smile at his brother , his brother thought Owen’s smile was real and he smiled back

“So that’s it, we moving at night” Star said

“At night!” Owen exclaimed in his heart

“Why not tomorrow morning?” Owen asked

“Does it change anything? i promise my sister to come this night, are you scared of us going out at night or you just nervous that you are gonna be staying alone with Kitty” Bella questioned

Owen nodded , he can’t believe he will be staying alone with Mary

The night clocks and Star, her husband and Bennet went out of the house leaving Mary and Owen at the house

Owen went straight to his room, he thought that Mary might want to start playing or chatting with him, he doesn’t want that from Mary

Owen lay on the bed and closed his eye but he wasn’t sleeping

A knock sounded on Owen’s door and he knew at once that it is Mary, after all, just Mary and he are living in the same house

He wondered why Mary was knocking, he went to the entrance of the door and twisted the knob of the door

“Hi” Mary greeted

Owen stared at her without replying, after all she knows that he is dumb

Mary showed him a book that he was holding in his right hand and a pen in his left hand

“How may I help you” Owen asked sternly

“I do not know this topic , please come and teach me ” Mary said pleadingly showing him the topic inside the book she was holding

“Why not let us do this during the day” Owen asked in sign language

“I would have love to, but it’s an assignment actually, we are to submit tomorrow, please help” Mary pleaded

Owen heart softened at her plead and welcomed her in

“Thanks” she said

She sat on a chair and Owen sat beside her

Mary opened the topic and it was Trigonometry

“What did you want to know about it?” Owen asked

“Everything , teach me please ” Mary pleaded like she didn’t know anything there, whereas, Mary understood mathematics very well, even though she is not too good , but when it comes to mathematics, it’s her favorite subject

The fact is she misses Owen and she wants to see him

“This is SOH and this is CAH and this is TOA , It’s actually a formula in trigonometry written in acronyms so that one can memorize easily, SOH means Sin teeta = opposite over hypotenuse. CAH means Cos teeta = Adjacent over hypotenuse. TOA means …” Owen taught in sign language , he paused when he realizes that Mary was just staring at him the whole time, at first , he thought she was concentrating on his teaching but as he continued teaching , he realizes that Mary was lost in thought

And true enough, Mary was thinking about how cute and handsome Owen is, she kept admiring Owen’s lips

“Are you here” Owen asked

Mary didn’t reply , he kept staring at Owen

“Are you here ” Owen asked in sign language again

Owen tapped her on her shoulder when he realizes that Mary was lost in thought


This is what Mary was thinking


“We welcome you all to the glorious wedding ceremony between Owen and Mary, we all know they are getting Married today” The pastor said and paused

Mary imagined herself blushing on the wedding day

She also imagined positively that Owen will already be speaking by then

“Mary, did you willingly accept this Owen as your crown, during the rain, during dry season, when things are good, when things are bad , either in wealth or poverty?” The pastor asked

Mary who imagined herself putting on a very whitish wedding gown, she assumed that the wedding gown she will be putting on will be one of the most expensive wedding gown in the whole of America

“Yes” She replied the pastor and a very wide smile appeared on her face

“Owen, do you ….”

This was her last imagination before Owen ask her in sign language if she is still listening to the teachings he is giving

Mary heard but he did not want to stop thinking , the imagination is so interesting that she doesn’t want it to end

That was when she didn’t answer Owen’s question


Mary’s imagination continues


“Owen, did you willingly accept Mary as your wife, will you stay by her and with her in rain and sunshine , in health and sickness and in wealth and poverty ” The pastor asked Owen

She imagined that Owen smiled and say Yes

“Good! You may now kiss your bride” The pastor said

Owen turned to Mary and Mary moved a bit closer to him, Owen moved his head towards her to kiss her, that was the day she had being expecting

That was the time Owen patted her on her shoulder when he realizes that he has communicated to her in sign language twice but she isn’t responding

She doesn’t like how she was tapped by Owen, Owen had cut short her sweet imaginations

“Are you here ” Owen asked in sign language

“Erm…yeah” Mary said and faked a smile

“Owen, I think I need some rest, see you tomorrow” Mary said

Mary didn’t say that because she wants to leave Owen, she said that because she wants to find a place for herself so she can continue her sweet imaginations of how she wedded Owen in the future


Owen and Mary both slept in their various rooms




Owen woke up and yawned, he bathed and dressed up for school, he went out without waiting for Mary

Mary felt bad when she realized that Owen did not wait for her

She went to school too


In school



“Feathers, I do not know why you kept on having bad luck this days” the labour prefect said standing beside Feathers at the entrance of their class

They are yet to start the assembly, the assembly starts by 8am

“i want you to do something for me” Feather said to labour prefect

“What?” Labour prefect asked

“We know Jude is always coming late right , tell the punctuality prefect to give him the punishment of cleaning the school poultry ” Feathers said

“That shouldn’t be a problem” Labour prefect said promisingly

Jude came late as usual, the labour prefect has spoken to the punctuality prefect , Jude was was asked to clean the poultry yard of the school, he was surprised at that great punishment just for being unpunctual

Feathers went to the poultry yard and locked Jude inside the Poultry farm .

He could see Jude through the thick net that fenced the poultry farm

“Jude, I made you fall, 1:0.

You made told lie on me and made Vanessa and her gang beat me 1:1.

You told the class to keep f*cking me with their songs, they kept calling a b***h , you successfully let them sing F*CK EM b***h for me 1:2

Now , I already lock you in this poultry farm, have fun with the hens 2:2”

Feathers said and smiled

Feathers raised the key to the poultry farm up, no one is coming to save you here, I’m closing the entrance door too so anyone will not suspect that anyone is here

Feathers pulled his tongue out like that of a dog at Jude who was just standing helplessly

Feathers took some steps away

“Are you really going” Jude who thought Feathers was only threatening him saw Feathers going and it dawned upon him that he might be spending the rest of the day there

To be continued

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