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One And Only Kiss – Episode 2


One And Only Kiss – Episode 2

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story continues
Theme: I am Lennox

Owen looked back and threw the letter to the liter bin and walked to his class. Mary had being lost in thought, she was hallucinating , her eyes drifted to the lips of Owen and she began to imagine herself kissing him . Owen realized that she had being lost in thought as she kept staring on his lips. It was when Owen looked back and throw the letter to the liter bin that she came back to herself

Her friends who were watching the drama from behind noticed that Owen has left . They walked gently towards Mary

“ Mary , how was it ?” Lydia asked

Mary looked at her and bite her lips , she turned and pointed to the liter bin

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“ what?” Kitty questioned

Lydia moved towards the liter bin that Mary was pointing to and stretched her neck , she saw the letter inside the liter bin

“ Oh my! “ Lydia exclaimed and covered her mouth with her palm

“ what ?” Kitty asked and moved towards the liter bin ,she stretched her neck to see what Lydia saw in the liter bin that shocked her , she saw the letter inside the liter bin

“Tell me this is not true ?” kitty asked

Mary remained silent and felt so bad, she knew it was her fault , she wondered why she suddenly get lost in thought because she saw his s£xy lips .this is not Mary’s first time of seeing s£xy lips , but Owen’s lips is unique to her , it is very pink and just imagining her kissing him made her felt good

She walked away gently to her class without saying any word and her friend followed her .

Mary got to the class , she could not listen to anything the teacher was teaching , she was thinking about how she was humiliated by Owen

“ Owen is a very handsome boy , his lips are very s£xy and his beautiful eyes are lovely , why did he choose to remain silent , he was not even replying me , he threw the letter I wrote to the liter bin right in front of me, he can’t respect my presence “ Mary thought

Jude is the leader of a music gang in school , he and his three friends , Thomas and Bigger . They are known in the school for their love for music , always creating a scene everywhere they get to by staging themselves and singing .

To them , it was all fun. Jude is a an average student . His love for Mary reaches the sky . He had being finding every means to express his love for Mary , but anytime he wanted to , something will always hinder him

Jude and his two friends were coming from the tennis club , they didn’t go the tennis club to play , Never ! they are so poor in games , they went there to create a stage for themselves and they started singing , the people who came to watch the tennis match stopped watching those that are playing tennis and focus their attention on Jude and his friend .

Jude is very good in singing , his voice his sweet and lovely , it can compete with the voice of Justin Beiber , Thomas his friend, is very good in playing guitar .

Thomas is a unique guy and a crazy one indeed, wherever Thomas goes , he goes along with his guitar , he will tell people around him

“see this guitar , its my friend, my girlfriend , my mum and my dad , take this guitar away from me and I will stop leaving “

He is very good in playing guitar and he is very loyal to Jude , always following Jude everywhere. Whenever he is coming to school . after he is well dressed, he will hung his guitar on his neck. To him , the guitar made his dressing complete .

Bigger is an introvert , he isn’t as outspoken as Thomas , but he is very good in playing mouth organ .

Jude and his friend were in the same class with Mary, Kitty and Lydia

Jude and his friend were going to the class after stealing the show at the tennis club when they saw a crowd of student gathered around a liter bin

“ what in the world are they doing there ?”Jude asked looking at the crowd

“ Lets move closer and see “ Thomas said and bigger nodded

The three boys move closer to the crowd

“ excuse us , the boss is here “ Thomas said and patted way for Jude

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Jude stepped amidst the crowd like a boss and observe carefully what made all of them gathered

“ what is happening here “ Jude asked turning his head around amidst the crowd

“ I came to dispose a blunt pencil inside the liter bin here some minutes ago and I found a letter there , I first wanted to ignore but I decided to check to see what was written on it , I opened it and I was shocked when I read what was written inside” a student said and handed over the letter to Jude

Jude read the letter , It was the letter that Mary wrote to owen , After Owen had thrown iit inside the liter bin and walked away , Mary did not bother taking it , she simply walked away.

Jude arched his eye brow when he was reading the letter

“ Mary can not write this , someone is framing Mary up “ He said and moved towards the guy that saw the letter and pulled the crowd around

Jude held him roughly in his collar

“ tell me , huh? Young boy , why did you want to frame up evil against Mary ?” Jude said

“ I’m not … I ain’t… doing that , I sincerely found the letter there “ the junior student said with an expression of fear on his face

“ I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson “ Jude said

“ Jude !” a sweet voice called from behind

Jude gently looked back to discover the gentle and sweet voice calling him from behind. It was Mary

Mary and her three friends had received their first lecture , they also heard the rumours in their class that one Mary wrote a letter to Owen and it was discovered by a junior student.

Mary and her two friends rushed curiously to where they were told by the carrier of rumour that the crowds were

Mary walked a bit faster and find her way amidst the crowd of student surrounding the liter bin

Mary was surprised to see Jude bullying a junior student

Jude saw Mary and quickly disengaged his hand on the boy’s collar , the boy exhaled deeply

“ Mary !” Jude called almost silently , he was surprised that he could hear his name being called in the mouth of the girl he had always dreamt of having as his love

“ what is happening here “ Mary asked . Her heart was beating , she was praying it shouldn’t be what she saw thinking , she remembered that Owen had thrown the letter she wrote to him in this same liter bin

“ Mary , can you imagine ! this junior student is trying to frame up something against you ,he said he found a letter in the liter bin and that you were the one that wrote it to Owen “ Jude said confidently

Mary’s heart skipped and beat faster

She stretched her hand and collected the letter from Jude , she saw it and read it , it was the same letter she wrote to Owen

She raised her head and she saw crowds of students waiting to hear her say something about the letter so they can know if the junior boy is lying or not

“ Jude , let the junior boy leave?” Mary said with tears forming on her eyes

“ Oh no! I know the letter is not true , I must teach this b***h a lesson” Jude said and moved closer to the junior boy roughly like he would devour him immediately

Mary knew that Jude will not take it easy with the junior boy .

She can never allow an innocent junior boy suffer just because she is trying to protect her integrity

“ It’s true “ Mary said out loud

Jude who had moved closer to the junior boy and backed Mary turned his face to see if he heard well and if the voice was that of Mary.

He looked at Mary’s face with an incredible expression hoping that it wasn’t Mary who spoke

“ yeah , it is true , I wrote the letter to Owen but he dispose it to the liter bin “ Mary said and lowered her head

“ Mary , don’t feel sad “ he said and moved closer to Mary

“ Mary , I’m angry to the guy that you wrote this letter to , you mean the guy threw the letter you wrote to him inside the liter bin, Mary , I’ll deal with that Owen of a guy for you , why will he treat a beautiful girl like you with contempt ?” Jude said and face his friend

“ where is that Owen of a guy?” Jude said angrily

“ he is right here “ a student amidst the crowd answered and they patted way , they all saw Owen standing not too far from them.

He was also observing wat was happening and what had made crowd surrounded where he threw the letter that Mary wrote to him some minutes ago

He suddenly noticed that all eyes were on him , he was shocked , his heart was beating fast ,he did not know what to think

“ why are they all staring at me ?” Owen thought

He noticed a student coming towards him

“what is he coming for ? Zeus , you know I can not speak , please do not betray me here, help me ,I need your help, if everyone knows that I can not speak , they will call me dumb and I will loose my respect in this school “ Owen prayed to Zeus his god in fear

“ hey , you, who did you think you are?” Jude asked as he got closer to where Owen was.

Owen smirked and parted his lips gently like he wanted to speak

“ are you mocking me or what ?, I will rough handle you , why will a beautiful girl write you a letter and you will throw it inside the liter bin , huh ?” Jude asked

Owen gasped and stood akimbo , his body expression was revealing that he was bold but inside of him , he was very afraid

“ tell me “ Jude said and moved closer to Owen

“ please leave him “ Mary pleaded from behind.

She walked towards Owen

“ this shouldn’t be , he is not even speaking , he is proud “ Jude said

Mary remained silent for few seconds and spoke

“ the fault is all on me “ Mary said and tears rushed down her face

“ you made an innocent girl cry “ Jude said and pretended as if he would slap Owen

Owen was greatly shocked and closed his eyes , he had never being that shocked before , he fell and lost consciousness.

“ what !” someone in the crowd exclaimed

“ I didn’t slap him “ Jude said defensively

“ call the ambulance “ Mary yelled

in few minutes, the ambulance came to pick Owen

The crowds dispersed and the rumour of what happened spread the more

Mary picked up her phone and called her dad, she explained to her dad the tragic incident that happened . her dad told Mary to go the hospital Owen was carried to and that he would meet her there

Mary took permission from the school authority and went to the hospital.

Owen became conscious all of a sudden in the hospital , he recalled what happened in the school and thanked Zeus in his heart for making him faint , he is happy that his prayer was answered . he believed that Zeus had made him fainted so he can escape the predicament that is about to befall him from Jude and the crowd of students

A young doctor entered , his hair was curly and his skin was red

Owen watched as the man entered, his heartbeat increased but he didn’t know why , fear engulfed him but he did not know why.

“ Owen , did your mother tell you about Lennox“ the doctor said with a neutral voice

Owen could not believe what he was hearing , his heart raced rapidly and his body trembled

“ how did this man know Lennox, My mum said Lennox appeared to her in the dream shortly after my birth and said a man who called himself Lennox prophesied that although I am dumb, I will speak if the right lady kisses me “ Owen thought and set his gaze on the man watching every body movement of the man

“ I know you can not speak , I am Lennox , did you want to know who the right lady is ?” The doctor said

“you are Lennox “ Owen thought and his eyes was full of surprised

He wished he would talk , he had many questions to ask the man who called himself Lennox

Owen nodded his head in response to the man’s question

“the girl is …

To be continued

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