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One And Only Kiss – Episode 20


One And Only Kiss – Episode 20

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues
Theme: Say you Love me

Bella had told Lennox that it seems Owen trust her and that Owen is gonna do everything that he virtually orders

Lennox followed Bella to school, he waited for Bella to inform Owen that he is around.

Bella went to class, he informed Owen that Lennox wants to see him and Owen obliged

Owen and Bella met with Lennox at the school garage where Lennox car was parked

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“Owen , how are you?” Lennox greeted

“I’m fine” Owen said in sign language but Lennox do not understand sign language

He understands that Owen was probably speaking in sign language, he faced Bella for interpretation

“he said he is fine” Bella interpreted what Owen communicated

“I guess I have to start learning sign language ” Lennox said and laughed , Bella faked a smile at her father’s boring joke , where as , Owen maintained a straight face, he wasn’t laughing

“Erm…Owen, I’m just gonna go straight to the point , Bella is the right lady for you, and if you will like to kiss early, I suggest you have to kiss her quick” Lennox said

Owen nodded

“Are you gonna kiss Bella today so you can speak?” Owen asked

Owen nodded

“Good boy” Lennox said with a smiling face and stepped inside his car, he waved at Bella maintaining his smiling face and drove off

Bella turned to Owen

Owen turned his head to Bella , returned it and went inside the class without saying a word to Bella

Bella wondered why Owen was behaving cold , it’s quiet unusual of him

She watched Owen walked to the class and she followed him behind


“Ha ha ha ” The labour prefect laughed

Feathers smirked

“You mean the fool is enjoying his day with the hens now?” Labour prefect asked sarcastically

Feathers nodded as he sat with the labour prefect inside the class waiting for the teacher of the first period

“That’s a great lesson for him” Labour prefect said and laughed , he brought out a novel and showed it to Feathers

“Have you read this” He asked

“No, you know I don’t read novels” Feathers said

“Hey ” Thomas said as he and Bigger walked towards Feathers

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Feathers turned his head and looked at them

“Where is Jude?” Thomas asked

“When did I become his brother , why asking me?” Feathers questioned

“We were there when the punctuality prefect told him to go and clean the poultry just for coming late, we waited in class to see if he will join us or not, but he didn’t, we finally went to the poultry to check him, it was locked , and we were told by the woman who sells fruit beside the farm that you were the one that came out last from the farm” Thomas explained

“So?” Feathers said

“So” Thomas repeated and giggled, he turned to Bigger , Bigger looked at him and they both turned their head back to Feathers

“I advise you to give us the key to the farm now or you give us the hard way” Thomas threatened

“Seriously! The hard way, you wanna fight me or what?” Feathers said not ready to give up the key to the farm

He wants to ensure that Jude to spends a whole day there

Thomas and Bigger walked out of the class.

“Feathers, what do you do, seems they are guessing already that you lock Jude inside ” Labour prefect said

“And so?” Feathers replied

Labour prefect who knew feathers to be adamant especially when he has made a decision, he sighed and opened the novel he show Feathers some minutes ago and started reading it


After 15 minutes


The principal came inside the class with Thomas and Bigger

“Feathers” He called

He suddenly heard the principal called his name

He closed his laptop at once and looked up to the principal who had worked to the front of the class

The principal recognized him

“Come out” The principal commanded Feathers

He came out

“Where is the key to the poultry farm” Feathers blinked his eye and went to his bag, he unzipped it and handed over the key to the principal

“Follow me ” the principal said

Thomas and Bigger went to report to the principal after they Left Feathers

Feathers, Thomas and Bigger followed the principal behind

They all got to the farm, the principal unlock the key and entered

He saw Jude who was already sitting at a corner hugging his knees and bowing his head

“Jude” the principal called

Jude rose his head

Jude stood up and came closer to where they are , the principal opened the door of the poultry and he came out

“This is not happening” The principal said in a surprising manner as he wondered how Feathers can be this cruel

“How about you entering and staying there till night” The principal said

Feathers nodded with a pleading face

Jude walked towards his friend and they were happy to see him

“Now, enter this poultry” The principal commanded Feathers

“Please sir, please” Feathers pleaded

“I won’t say that again” The principal said sternly

Feathers walked inside the farm as he kept staring at the principal with a pleading face maybe the principal would change his mind

The principal saw him entered, he closed the door on him and locked it

He went out of the poultry with Jude, Thomas and Bigger and he locked the main gate to the farm

Sorry Jude, Feathers will learn his lesson” The principal told Jude and his friends

“Thanks sir” Jude and his friends said gratefully

They departed


Owen sat in his class thinking of how to be careful with Mary especially now that they are the only one living at home

“Owen, why are you behaving coldly, I mean, you did not seem happy, is anything wrong?” Bella asked

Owen nodded

“Tell me about it ” Mary requested

” Lennox said you are the right lady , but am I not suppose to have some sort of feelings for you for me to know that you are the right lady, I’m scared and confused” Owen said in sign language

“Don’t be, trust me, you may not have a feeling for me now but you will defiantly have one for me in the future” Bella said

“I hope so” Owen replied in sign language

“Since the lecturer is yet to come, we can kiss right here, no one will know” Bella said

Owen sighed

“Bella, I prefer being dumb than kissing you, I need to have some sort of feelings for you first, how can I kiss someone that I did not love, more so, I do not like your big eyes” Owen said to Bella in sign language

Bella’s mouth dropped , she couldn’t close it , she can’t believe Owen just abused her with her eyes

Tears rolled on her face and she placed her head on the locker

Owen turned to her and noticed she felt bad

“I shouldn’t have said that” Owen thought and regretted what he said

He wanted to touch Bella on his shoulder but he withdrew his hand, he was scared that Bella may insult him.

“I’m sorry Bella” He said in his heart and set his gaze at the book in front of him


Thomas and Bigger had advised Jude never to give up on Mary, they told him that ladies like men that are persistently disturbing them, they gave him false believe that Mary liked him but she didn’t know how to confess it

They advise him to stop asking Mary if she likes him or not , he should just go and meet her and ask her to look inside his face and tell him that she did not like him

They told him that Mary will never be able to do that because she truly loves Jude

Jude decided to obey them and went to meet Mary, he invited Mary to the rest room before the lecture could even start

Mary wondered why Jude would want to speak to her privately, but she trusted Jude

She informed her friends before she left for class to the relaxing room

Jude stood directly opposite Mary

His heart beats heavily against the walls of his heart, he stared at Mary’s beautiful face

Mary kept wondering what he is about to stay

“Mary, the truth is I like you” Jude said and paused

“I know” Mary replied bluntly

“Mary” Jude said silently

“Tell me you did not love me and I will stop disturbing you” Jude said frankly

To be continued

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