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One And Only Kiss – Episode 21


One And Only Kiss – Episode 21

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Jude feed Mary

“Jude” Mary called and paused

“Mary, I know you like me, stop hurting me please, you and I know that I like you” Jude said

Mary sighed

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“Jude, to be frank, I don’t like this, why would you bring me here to ask that kind of question” Mary said

“I’m sorry, I just need to know” Jude said

“What did you want to know” Mary asked

Jude sighed

“The truth is hard to bear, Jude, I do not love you” Mary said and walked away

Jude felt like someone whose heart was stabbed

He regretted what his friends told him to do

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done that”Jude thought

He thought of how he is gonna be feeling if he sees Mary, he better start trying to avoid Mary, he felt rejected

“But can I ever stop loving Mary, she seems to be a part of me, I Love this girl, I know that” Jude thought as he walked to his class


The labour prefect heard the rumour that his friend, captain Feathers had being detained at the poultry, it pisses him off, he felt bad for Feather, he waited till break time, then he went to the principal’s office

He pleaded with the principal that the he should kindly release Feathers, the principal insisted at first , but when he realizes the adamancy in the labour perfect voice, the labour prefect was not ready to leave the principal’s office unless the principal agrees to release Feathers

The principal gave up and considered the plead of Jude , he handed over the keys to the farm over to Jude. Jude collected it happily, he thanked the principal and ran to the farm

He opened the gate and saw Feathers facing the north , Feathers was backing the labour prefect

The labour prefect wondered why his friend was standing and facing the wall , Feathers didn’t even notice that he had come, what is he doing that made him this serious

“Feathers” Jude called

Feathers turned to him with his phone in his hand

“What are you doing?” Jude asked in surprised

Feathers maintained his frowned face

“Typing stories of course, I must drop the next episode today, after all, they had met the requirement” Feathers said

“Alright, I’ve pleaded with the principal and he has handed over the key to the poultry to me, I’m sorry that you stayed here for few hours” the labour prefect said and unlock the door to the poultry

Feathers walked out and kept his phone inside his pocket

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“Are you done typing the episode” The labour prefect asked Feathers when he wasn’t saying anything not even a thank you

“Almost, gonna post soon” Feathers said

The labour prefect nodded , he locked the doors to the farm and they both went to the class

Feathers felt bad because as a class captain , he had never thought he can be humiliated in such a way

He can’t imagine himself being inside that farm for almost four hours

Just as he was about to enter the class, he saw Kitty and her friends walking outside , they are gonna be meeting at the very entrance

He waited outside with the labour prefect for them to pass, he was in a very bad mood.

Kitty saw Feathers standing outside with the labour prefect, his very good friend

“Hi feathers” Kitty greeted

Feathers stared at her and hoped that she knows where he is coming from

“Must you greet him, he is just a proud pea cock” Mary said to kitty but Feathers heard

Feathers said and arched his brow “Am I proud?” He asked Mary innocently

“Oh, you do not know , you treat ladies with contempt, I wonder how you treat your family members” Mary said

“Oh! I do not think I have ever done anything wrong to you , why did you keep hurling insult on me ” Feathers said

“You have done that for my friend, so, whatever you did for her, you did to us” Mary said , she was trying to provoke Feathers to anger , but Feathers isn’t moved by her words

“What do you want from me?” Feathers asked

“Apologize to our friend” Mary said

“Kitty, I’m sorry” Feathers said and moved closer to kitty, Kitty bowed her head , Kitty can’t imagine Feathers behaving this way, Feathers held her two shoulders and hugged her.

Kitty knew at once that it was a dream, she closed her eyes for ages , she opened it and still saw Feathers hugging her.

Feathers disengaged slightly and kissed Kitty at his forehead, Kitty can’t raise her head up to see Feathers because she was shy, “this is not happening ” she thought

Feathers felt a kinda peace around Kitty that he had felt since he lost his parents.

Feathers lost his parent at the age of 8, they both fought and killed themselves . Feathers wondered how a couple that once loved themselves killed themselves in cold blood

It made him believe that Love does not exist , he vows never to date or marry any lady till he die, he hates anything Love

But the words of Mary touched the soft part of him instead of making him angry

He realizes that he might be proud truly and he had to apologize to Kitty

He used his right fingers to raise kitty’s head up

“Kitty, I’m sorry” Feathers said and Kitty was still finding it hard to believe what she was hearing from Feathers

“I do not know how it feels like to like a lady , I do not know what Love is, I had being dead to Love since my presents die , can you teach me to Love?” Feathers asked sadly

Kitty’s lips parted when she heard the last word of Feathers

Kitty nodded slightly

Kitty felt pathetic on feathers and hugged him tight

Mary shook her head , she never imagined that Feathers can be this soft at heart

“Where are you guys going now” Feathers asked Mary after slightly disengaging with Kitty

Mary who was still recovering from how Feathers had just behaved came back to her sense and was searching for the right answer to Feathers question

“We are heading to the cafeteria” Lydia helped Mary answer the question

“I would have love to follow you guys , but I had being standing for hours, maybe next time” Feathers said and Mary and her friends nodded

They watched Feathers and the labour prefect entered the class


Break time


Owen stood up and walked out of the class, ever since he abused Bella, Bella had being behaving coldly and ignoring him, even though Owen felt bad for what he had done to Bella, he felt there was nothing he could do, may be he will apologize to her in the future when she is ready to listen to his apology

Owen was feeling hungry, unlike before when his mum used to cook and prepare breakfast for him to eat t home before he leaves to school , he has to start depending on the school cafeteria to eat till his mum return

Owen walked to the sane cafeteria that Mary went


Thomas who is always giving Jude false encouragement has told Jude not to give up on Mary, he told Jude that he overheard Mary and her friends going to the cafeteria , he advised Jude to join them at the cafeteria and sit with them and foot the bill, he told Jude that it will make Mary and her friends respect him

He told Jude that when a guy foots the bill of a girl at a cafeteria , the girl always like them

Jude who always believed his Thomas, his adviser without thinking twice or meditating on what he heard to know if it is good or not

Jude suddenly became happy on hearing the advise of Jude. He told his friends to follow him , but that they should stay outside the cafeteria while he goes in to sit with the girls and foot the bill

Thomas , Bigger and Jude walked to the cafeteria


Jude got there before Owen, he searched around with his eye and found where Mary and her friends sat , it was a four sit surrounding a table , Mary, Kitty and Lydia occupied a three sits, Jude was happy that he can sit on the fourth one

He walked towards where Mary and her friends were while Thomas and Bigger hanged outside the cafeteria

“Hi girls” He greeted on getting to where they sat


The girls were surprised to see him

He was scared that they might tell him to leave, he didn’t wait for them to tell him to sit, he sat on the fourth chair and smiled

“Sorry, have you guys ordered for food ” Jude asked

The girls kept staring at him

“No” Mary replied

Jude signaled to one of the attendant and the attendant attended to Mary and her friends

Mary was feeling uncomfortable because of the presence of Jude but she didn’t want to insult Jude again, she had to play nice

Mary ordered for their favorite food and in a jiffy, the attendant brought a plate of the food they ordered for , Jude’s own included , he ordered the same thing they ordered for

Jude foot the bill has planned

They kept eating, Jude didn’t like how everywhere was silent , he didn’t want to break it either, he use the cutlery to pick a fries and called Mary, Mary looked up , he requested to feed Mary with the fries he picked from his food,Mary felt like telling him No, but since it’s just this once, she decided that when she gets to class, she will warn him not to do what he did again by coming to disturb their peace at the cafeteria

Mary faked a smile and opened her mouth

Owen who had being watching Jude eating with Mary and her friends walked towards them but they didn’t notice him until Mary opened her mouth and received the fries from Jude as if Jude was her boyfriend, her eyes met with Owen immediately the fries landed on her mouth

Guys, behave like Owen, what would you do

Girls behave like Mary, what would you do

To be continued

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