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One And Only k-ss – Episode 27

One And Only k-ss – Episode 27
© Oyebamiji Samuel
Story Continues
Theme: Serious students
Break Time
Bella had just come from the cafeteria where she went to eat alone, she did not bother inviting Owen, she felt guilty because of what she did for Owen
She disliked the boy that helped Owen, while she was coming, she met some set of girl rallying round the billboard at the principal’s office, she decided to check what they were staring at, she took her time and checked , it was the names of debaters that were written and the topic they they were gonna be debating on
She saw her name and that of Owen written boldly at the left side while Mary’s name and Feathers name were written at the right
“what! I’m gonna be debating against my crush, gosh!” She thought and went to her class
“Owen, have you seen the update on the school billboard” Bella said to Owen who was reading silently
Owen nodded without raising his head neither was he smiling
“I’m sorry for not helping you, you and I are representing our class, while Mary and Feathers are representing their class” Bella said expecting a surprise reaction from Owen
Owen simply nodded his head without saying anything
“You won’t say anything ?” Bella asked
“What am I suppose to say?” Owen asked with a sterned face in sign language
“Oh! Guess u are not in the right mood, I just think we can work together, more so, you can not speak, how will you speak at the debate?” Bella said
Owen remained silent
“My dad can help you speak for 24 hours but under one condition, at least you will be able to speak during the debate” Bella said
Owen arched his brow when he heard the Lennox can help him speak for 24 hours. He was damn surprised
When Bella told him about the truth that he had being chosen as one of the debater, he felt like expressing his shock, but he kept it, he did not like what Bella did to him so he is still pissed off with Bella at least to let her know that what she did to him was wrong
“You mean Lennox can help me speak for 24 hours?” Owen asked to confirm what he has just heard
“Yeah, but under one condition” Mary said
“What is the condition? Owen asked
” you gonna k-ss me after the debate” Bella said
“k-ss you! Why is that necessary, even if you are the right girl, I should still be able to choose and not get forced” Owen said
“Then you won’t like it when the wh0le school found out that you are dumb on the debate day” Bella said
“That will be worst” Bella added
Owen looked at Bella and squeezed his face like someone that wanted to cry, he thought painfully as to why he will be born dumb, if he is not dumb, Bella is not gonna be taking advantage of him like this
Owen had no choice but to say yes, at least for the time of debate to pass
.”what if I k-ss her, and I’m not able to speak again, then I will become dumb for life” Feathers thought confusingly
“What did you think” Bella asked
Owen nodded
“It’s fine” he said in sign language
Bella smirked and rejoice in her heart
“You gonna have to follow me home today so dad can perform the power on you” Bella said
Owen sighed heavily and prayed to Zeus to help him like he always does
Mary had gone to meet Feathers about the debate, they had promised themselves to make their class proud , after all, they are not yet dating their crushes
Feathers and Mary sat in the school library, sitting side by side and reading the textbooks they have ordered for to have a broad understanding on the topic of debate
They continued reading for hours
Mary called Owen to inform him that she will not be able to drive him home today because she is in the library studying
Owen do not respond on phone, he will simply pressed a button on the phone so that Mary will hear the click of the button, that is how Mary will know that he heard her
Owen smiled because she has already being thinking of how to tell Mary that she is following Bella to her house
Owen followed Bella to her place, Lennox welcomed them
Bella called her dad to a private place and told her dad about the debate Owen will be participating in on Friday. He told his father to help Owen to speak for 24 hours, she knows her father has the ability to do that
Her father performs magics for people, but the magics are never permanent, the highest number of days a magic from his father had lasted to their client is 3 days
By client, I mean, those that come to the temple to ask Lennox for help
“That shouldn’t be a problem” Lennox said
“Thanks dad” Bella said and smiled
She took some steps outside, her father called her back suddenly
Bella turned
“How about your primary mission in that school?” Lennox asked
“Dad, trust me, I’ve handled it” She said and smiled
Lennox sighed and went to meet Owen at the living room where he sat anxiously
“Owen, I’m gonna help you speak for 24 hours, from 12am on Friday till 11:59pm on Friday” Lennox said
“I will be grateful” Owen said in sign language
“Open your mouth slightly” Lennox said
Owen parted his lips and Lennox casted a spell on it, Owen felt his tongue loosened, he tried to speak but he can’t
“I felt my tongue loose but I still can not speak” Owen said
“I just said u gonna start speaking on Friday morning ” Lennox said
“Oh! I totally forget, okay” Owen stood up anxiously and wanted to start going home
“Are u going so soon?” Bella asked
“What else?” Owen asked in sign language
“Aren’t we gonna prepare for the debate” Bella said
“True” Owen said
“Where can we study then?” Owen asked
“Right there” Bella pointed to an open room that looks exactly like a study room
They went there and started studying about the topic of the debate
Bella brought out her laptop and was researching, she was cramming, Owen was doing the same too, their face looked serious , there is not one single emotions attached
They are seriously preparing for the debate, they wanna make their class proud
The deal day of the debate is in the next episode, you wanna see who win?
To be continued

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