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One And Only Kiss – Episode 6


One And Only Kiss – Episode 6

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Is this a porn house

“Guys, It’s break time, where should we go?” Lydia asked

“Let us go to the school restaurant” Kitty said

“Restaurant? I’m not feeling like going there now” Mary said while sitting

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Her two friends were also sitting beside her

“Mary, don’t tell me you are still in a bad mood, cheer up, I understand how you felt because of Owen’s reaction to you when you wee coming to school , but you can’t keep thinking about it forever, you have to cheer up” Kitty said

“What I think is that Owen may be trying to be sure if you truly love him or not” Lydia said and winked

“Really!” Mary exclaimed suddenly

“Yeah” Lydia responded and smiled

“You mean I shouldn’t relent, he is trying to see if I truly Love him” Mary said and faced Lydia

Lydia nodded and she bite her lips and smiled

“Nevertheless, I ain’t feeling like going to the restaurant, how about going to the game room to have some fun?” Mary suggested and looked at her two friend interchangeably

They both arched their brow

“We went to the game room yesterday by break, why must we go there again today” Kitty said

“When there are many places that we could go” Lydia added

“Don’t you get bored of game?” Kitty asked

“Okay, I get, where should we go then?” Mary asked and raised her left fingers in the air

They were all silent for a while

“Let us go to the rest room” Kitty suggested

“Rest room” Lydia and Mary said at the same time while looking at Kitty’s face

Kitty nodded

Mary looked at Lydia’s face to decipher what she was thinking

Lydia nodded

“Not bad” Lydia said

Mary faced front and tried to think about it , but her thoughts were absolutely filled with Owen

“Alright, let us go to the rest room” Mary said

The three girls stood up and walked majestically towards the rest room

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The rest room is upstairs while their class is downstairs

Mary and her friend walked from their class to where the stair case is, they climbed the first stair case and they saw Jude and his gang coming

Jude was stepping down from the second stairs, he was coming from the computer room, the computer room is not far from the rest rooms

“Hey! Mary, how how are you?” He asked and looked at Mary who was frustrated from the inside immediately she saw Jude

She knew that Jude will not allow her to leave so easily and she is willing to play with her friends in this break time

“Where are you going?” Jude asked without waiting for Mary to answer the first question

Jude squirms as he expect Mary’s response

“Mary, we will be in the third rest room” Lydia said

“Alright” Mary answered

She watched her two friends left her at the middle of the staircase with Jude

“Jude, I’m fine, as you can see, I’m going to the rest room to catch some fun with my friends, you did not need to stop me” Mary said

“Oh no! Why would I, I didn’t stop you, but you know I always feel like seeing you, always feel like staying around you, I always feel like…” Jude said and paused suddenly in shock at the shout he heard behind him

“Mary, Mary” Lydia called loudly

Kitty yelled “Mary”

Mary’s heart beat, shock overwhelmed her , she stood still and her mouth dropped open

Lydia signaled with her fingers for her to come quickly

Mary quickly left Jude and ran towards to meet her friend

“What?” she asked, shaking all over her body

“Owen, It’s Owen” Lydia said

“What is wrong with him?” Mary asked , her legs were already shaking, her mind was praying in an instant that nothing will happen to Owen

Jude followed Mary behind , Jude told Bigger and Thomas who were following him everywhere to leave to their class while he go and help Mary

Lydia swallowed hard and coughed

“Kitty, what’s wrong?” Mary asked

“Kiss” Kitty replied shaking

“What, kiss, kiss, what?” Mary said confusingly

“Follow me”Lydia said and they all followed lydia

Lydia peeped through the third room, brought her head back to her friends who were beside the third rest room wondering what was happening

” Mary, there is a girl with Owen, and their faces are not far from each other, I do not know if they are kissing or not ” Lydia said and rested on the wall hoping that Owen had not kissed that girl

“Kiss, Owen must not try that” Mary said and pulled Lydia away from where she stood, she replaced her and peeped through the rest room

She watched them very well and she saw Owen hesitating to kiss the girl but the girl seems to be urging him and forcing him

Mary understood that Owen must not just kiss any lady, her father had told her about Owen’s deliverance , that Owen can only speak of he meets the right lady. Nobody knows the right lady, only Zeus can reveal who the right lady is” She remembered what her father said

She wanted to help Owen but she was confused

The new girl grabbed Owen’s face and moved his lip closer and closer , just a moment for her lips to touch Owen’s lips

Mary shouted

“Stop” Mary said and barged into the rest room

Owen looked up. Owen who was struggling from the greatest shock of his life , he knows that if he kiss the lady and the lady happens not to be the right lady , he will never be able to speak again fot the rest of his life

The girl who was not expecting anyone to come in suddenly stood up abruptly and he let the cheek of Owen loose

Her heart beat as she saw Mary entered

“Who are you and why would you barge in like that?” The new girl asked

Mary shook in fear at her confident voice. Mary did not know why she came in abruptly , after all, she is not in any relationship with Owen, what right did she has to tell the new girl to stop the kiss with Owen

“I’m sorry” Mary muttered

Jude was peeping at what was happening from outside the rest room

He has vowed in his heart that if the girl or Owen himself tries to bully Mary, he will have no choice but to come in and defend Mary

Owen sat still and his mouth was wide opened

“Well, I see you are the lady staying in his house , so? Can’t he be free again, you are not his girlfriend, so why stalking him around” The girl said looked at Owen who was sitting quietly

Owen wanted to speak to Mary but he can’t, he did not know that Mary has learnt some basics of sign language

He searched with his eye for a book and pen to communicate with Mary but he didn’t find any

“Owen , don’t mind this girl, she is an enemy” The new girl said

“An enemy” Owen said in sign language

The new girl nodded

“I’m not an enemy” Mary said in sign language so Owen can know that she also understands a little of sign language

Owen was stunned when she saw Mary spoke in sign language

He raised his brow and smiled at Mary

The new girl wondered why Owen is smiling at Mary instead of him to be angry at Mary

Mary blushed at the smile of Owen

The girl stood and was confused

“She is the enemy” Mary said again in sign language

Owen smiled the more, he was smiling because he likes how smart Mary was in learning sign language in a single night. Sign language should take six months at least in knowing the basics

He was happy that Mary can speak in sign language but sad that she came in abruptly when he was about to receive the kiss that he thought would make him speak

“Mary, why would you come in unannounced?” Owen asked in sign language

His smiling face has changed to a serious one

Mary noticed that the blushing melt away from her

“I think you should not have your first kiss with this girl” Mary replied

“Why? Have you being watching us?” Owen asked

“No, Just that I know that you will speak if you have your first kiss with the right lady” Mary said

“Do you know the right lady?” Owen asked in sign language

“No please” Mary replied

“The girl standing here told me the prophecy without anyone telling her and she told me that she is the right lady” Owen said in sign language

“I do not think so” Mary said

“And are you the right lady?” Owen asked in sign language

Mary stared at Owen with a sorry face , she couldn’t reply the question

“Owen, you know what, this girl is truly an enemy, she did not want you to speak, she is also jealous because it seems she is having a crush on you” The new girl said and looked at Owen

Owen sighed heavily and glanced at the two ladies one at a time

“Well, watch and see how I will kiss Owen in your presence and watch him speak, then we shall see who the enemy is” The new girl said

“No! You can’t kiss her , please don’t” Mary said and took a step closer to the lady

“Do not allow me to molest you, I will not like to lay my hands on you, so, If you really like yourself , please go out or at least stay far away from us and watch us kiss” The new girl said and sat back to her sit opposite Owen

She held Owen by his cheek and Owen who was confused hesitated but the girl encouraged her

“Trust me Owen , do this, I really want you to speak, you will not regret, trust me” The new girl said and drew Owen’s mouth closer to his

“Is this a porn house ?” Jude said as he walked in

Jude did not know anything about Owen receiving first kiss from the right lady, he stepped in because he reasoned that Mary was not happy because they were about to kiss, he does not want Mary to be sad for any reason

The new girl had joy leaping in her heart when she realized that she had defeated Mary , she smiled the more when she held Owen’s cheek, her belly stormed with happiness as she drew Owen’s mouth closer to hers but sadness arose from the deepest part of her heart when she was just about to kiss Owen when a voice suddenly sounded from behind

She wanted to forcefully kiss Owen but Owen disengaged from her immediately he heard the voice of someone from the entrance

The girl turned her head and saw Jude coming

“Who the hell is this guy?” The new girl thought as she saw Jude entered

Jude coughed faintly and stood beside Mary

“I can see you want to kiss Owen, are you a porn star? Why must you kiss him, I have being liking Mary for a long time now and I had never even thought of kiss, don’t you know that Mary can not stand you kissing Owen” Jude said and frowned

The new girl who was frustrated stood up, anger arose in her

“It is you who is bold enough to come and stop what I wanted to do” She thought

Her anger kept boiling and she moved towards Jude closely

“Did you want to enter me, huh? Enter me, enter me” Jude said and pushed his chest out to the new girl who was standing very close to her

The new girl started casting spells inaudibly as she stood very closely to Jude

Jude noticed her mouth was moving and he smirked

“What the hell is she saying” Jude giggled and turned to Mary

Mary was also trying to decipher why the new girl moved very closely to Jude and was uttering some inaudible words

The new girl’s hand shook all of a sudden and she touched Jude on his chest, Jude fell down suddenly

Owen arched his brow and stood up

“What is this?” Owen said fretfully in sign language to the lady whose eyes is now red

She stretched her shaking hand towards Owen’s chest, Mary saw that what happened to Jude might happen to Owen, she stood in defense of Owen and the new girl’s shaky hand touched Mary’s chest instead

To be continued

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