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One And Only Kiss – Episode 8


One And Only Kiss – Episode 8

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues

Theme: Detain Mary

Mary and her friends walked towards the front gate

Lydia knocked on the gate and a man peeped

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The man opened the minor gate and saw three girls standing in front of the gate

“How may I help you young ladies?” The man asked

“Well, we are Bella’s friend, we came to pay her a visit” Lydia said

“Oh!” The man said and opened the gate wide opened for them, they stepped inside the house

“You ladies are gorgeous,” the man said

“Thanks” they said in unison and stared around the house

“She has just returned from school an hour ago, why don’t you follow her home together?” The man asked

“Erm…” Mary who is so poor in lying was searching in her head for what to say

“We had some assignments that we had to do at school” Lydia said and the man nodded

The three girls walked towards the house

“Mary, what do we do now?” Kitty asked

“Just watch,” Mary said and knocked gently

Bella who had squatted over Owen to kiss him jerked up at the sound of the knock on the door

Owen was fast asleep

“Dad, who could that be?” Bella asked

Lennox stood up without answering and went to the door, he opened the door and saw Mary, Kitty and Lydia

“How may I help you?’ Lennox asked

“We are Bella’s friend” Mary said and Lennox opened the door widely for them to enter.

Bella who paused on what she was about to do still squatted on Owen’s body

Bella stood up abruptly and Mary quickly went to where Owen lay.

“What did you want to do with him?” Mary asked

“Erm…” Bella try to speak but she couldn’t. She kept looking at her father

“Well, as you can see , he followed Bella here and he fell asleep” Lennox said and Unknown grunted from the corner of the room he sat

“Please don’t hurt him,” Mary pleaded

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“Do we look like murderers?” Lennox asked

Mary and her friends helped Owen up, they carried him with all their strength outside

“Dad, are we gonna let them go like that?” Bella asked

Lennox sighed and looked at Unknown

Unknown bowed his head and Lennox sighed again heavily

“Dad, do something, this is a great chance, you can do it father , get Owen back here forcefully and let me kiss him” Bella said

Lennox stood up without saying anything and went to his room

Mary and her friends walked through the gate ignoring the gate keeper who was surprised seeing them carrying their mate who was sleeping out

Mary and her friends helped Owen inside the car and drove home.


Early in the morning at school, Mary stepped down from her car and slung her bag pack on her shoulder, she checked her wrist watch, It was five minutes to 8:0 clock am

She couldn’t go to the class to drop her bag in her locker, she went straight to the school assembly hall

Every student goes to the school assembly hall every morning from 8:0clock am to 8:40am

Mary saw many students forming lines already , she walked towards the line of students who were in her class, she sighted Kitty and lydia who were already lined up , she walked towards them and greeted them smuggling her way between them

“You are a little late today” Kitty said

“Yeah, Owen spoilt my mood” Mary said

“How! what happened after you helped him home yesterday?”

“I left him inside the car to call his mum so she can help me together in helping Owen to his room” Mary said and paused

“We are listening” kitty said

” Before his mum and I could come, he has opened his eye

He spoke in sign language asking how he got here, his mother who didn’t know much about what had just happened spoke to him to enter the house first before we start entering his questions, he obliged and walked inside, his mum asked me what happened in his presence and I explained everything, his mum thanked me and hugged me for saving him” Mary said and paused

“How then did you lost your mood?” Lydia asked

Owen didn’t believe me, he said I didn’t want him to speak, he asked why I’m stalking him, he told me in sign language me to stop stalking him and focus on my life” Mary said

“Oh my!” Kitty exclaimed

“Owen said that after what you did for him yesterday?” Lydia asked

Mary nodded

The assembly order of programme commenced till it get to the point where the principal of the school will give his speech

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen” The principal greeted

“Good morning sir” every student echoed

“Welcome, I would not waste much of your time today, I have few announcement to pass and I would like you all to pay rapt attention” the principal said and every student focused their attention on the principal

“Firstly, I was informed that some students went a student house to spy on her, I would like those spying students to come out and explain how they got the girl’s house address in the first place” The principal said and every student laughed and murmured

“Spying student…. Jobless student … Some people don’t even focus on their life… People really have problems …. Can’t wait to see the pigs that call themselves spy,” the students kept murmuring and saying different words

“Seven Mary and her friends, kitty and Lydia, could you please come out and explain what you went to do in Lennox Bella’s place yesterday ” The principal requested

Mary’s heartbeat increased as she heard her name being called all of a sudden by the principal, she looked at her friends and her friends who were very scared looked at themselves like someone is about to pass a death sentence on them

“What do we do?” Lydia said with a shaky voice

“I don’t know, I’m confused ” Mary said

The student kept twisting their heads anticipating to see which class those students are, many of them are waiting to see the spies

“I’m waiting” The principal said

Mary and her friend stepped out of the assembly of students and marched towards the podium where the principal stood.

The student laughed with contempt on seeing them

“Let’s be quiet please , let’s hear our spies out? ” the principal said with contempt

“Tell us why you went to Lennox Bella’s place yesterday?” The man asked

“Actually, nothing really” Mary said sluggishly

“You will be panelized for going to another students house without informing her, how did you get her house address in the first place? ” the principal asked

“Erm… we searched through the school’s blog” Mary said

“Oh! Why?” The principal asked

“Nothing” she replied

“Alright” The principal said and ordered the three of them to be detained as punishment

Mary, Kitty and Lydia were taken by Mr. Thomas to the detention room

Mr. Thomas was the teacher that delayed Mary and her friends when they planned on going to Bella’s house

Mr. Thomas is working for Lennox and unknown, he also has a spy who is a student, It is that spy that monitors everything being said by Mary and her friends

Lennox called Thomas after Mary had left with Owen to tell him that Mary finally came to help Owen and he didn’t want to do anything negative as at that time , Lennox reasoned that behaving like a good man before Mary is best for him.

Lennox reasoned that he needs Mary to trust him, If Mary can trust him, if he tells Mary that she is not the right lady, she will believe without thinking twice

Mr. Thomas who was angry at Mary and her friends for going to Bella’s house even after he had delayed them went to the principal and twisted the actions of Mary and her friends going to Bella’s house to help Owen

Mr Thomas told the principal instead that they went to Bella’s house to spy on her

That was why the principal decided to scold them publicly on the school assembly

Thomas was happy that Mary and her friends were called and disgraced publicly in the assembly hall

He is happier that he is the one in charge of detaining them



Owen and Bella were sitting beside each other in the class

Owen was confused, he didn’t know who to believe, he reasoned that it is either Bella is the right lady or Mary is the right lady

He prayed to Zeus to help him know who the right lady is

The first period teacher came and taught.

it was time for recess

Recess is a short break, a time to relax the brain and prepare it for the next lecture

“Owen” Bella called as she turned her head to him

Owen looked at her

“Are you alright?” Bella asked

Owen nodded

“Can we stroll out?” Bella asked

Owen shook his head

“Why? Did Mary told you lies yesterday ?” Bella asked

“What do you mean?” Owen asked in sign language

Mary came when I was about to kiss you and she stopped me, she didn’t want me to kiss you

“If you kiss me and I can’t speak, what should I do?” Owen asked in sign language

“Don’t worry about that, you will speak” Bella said and smiled

“If I kiss you and I can’t speak, that means I will be dumb for the rest of my life , If that happens, then it means you deceive me, I will also take something from you that you will never be able to get again till you leave this earth” Owen said frankly in sign language

Fear engulfed Bella’s heart, her heart skipped and she remained mute

Owen kept staring at her

“Kiss me now” Owen said in sign language

“Kiss” Bella said

“Yeah” Owen said in sign language and grabbed Bella’s head

Bella disengaged immediately, She was scared of what Owen said, she is scared of what Owen will do if she kissed him and he did not speak

“Why did you disengage?” Owen asked in sign language

Bella shook his head and faced front, fear could be easily seen in her face

“Then you are not sure if you are the right lady or not” Owen nodded and smirked

He turned his head away from Bella and kept smiling mischievously

“She does not seem to be right lady, could it be Mary then? If it is not Mary, then who? Owen thought

The next lecture commenced and Owen paid rapt attention. The bell for long break rang and Owen walked out of the class ignoring Bella

He walked to Mary’s class, Mary and her friends had being discharged from the detention room , they were now sitting in the class trying to recover from the shame they were put through in the morning, they hoped that the school academic activities will end and they would go home to relax

Mary, Kitty and Lydia bowed their head on their locker, they were not sleeping but they were sad, they have never imagined themselves being disgraced like that

” Mary” Someone called

“Jude again” Mary thought and refused to raise her head up

“Mary” the voice called softly again

Mary twisted her body slightly

“Hey you, what are you doing in our class, what do you want with Mary” Jude said from his sit as he walked towards Owen who was standing in the front of the locker of Mary and her friends

Mary heard Jude’s voice and raised her head up, she was surprised to see Owen, her mouth was partly opened

Owen ignored Jude and faced Mary

“Mary, if you believe you are the right lady that will kiss me and make me speak, follow me to one of the relaxing rooms and kiss me , but If I did not speak, I will hurt you” Owen said in sign language

Kitty and Lydia who did not understand sign language gazed at Owen in surprise as he kept using his hand to communicate

Jude stood still with a dropped mouth watching Owen speaking in sign language

Mary’s heart skipped , she became sacred, her body became wary

She remained mute even though her mouth was partly opened

Mary muttered little courage and stood up, she signalled for Owen to follow her to the relaxing room upstairs

She moved and Owen followed

“where are you following her to” Jude shouted, talking to Owen

Owen ignored and continued walking behind Mary

Jude jugged towards Mary and Owen

“Jude” kitty called

Jude Paused and looked back

“What? ” Jude said

“Nothing,but please respect yourself” Kitty said

“What the heck! That dumb boy hates Mary , he treats Mary with contempt and now he thinks he can tell her to just follow him anywhere” Jude said.

“Jude, come, I have something to show you” Lydia called

Jude went to Lydia hurriedly with his schoolbag always slung across his shoulder

Lydia signaled to Kitty

Kitty understood what Lydia meant and pulled Jude’s bag off his shoulder

She successfully pulled it from Jude’s shoulder before he can even fight for it

Kitty took some steps backward and laughed , Jude went closer to her to collect her bag, Kitty quickly threw it to Lydia

Lydia grabbed it and laughed , Jude left kitty and jugged to collect his bag from Lydia, Lydia threw it before he could get to him

“Please give me my back” Jude pleaded after he had being tossed to and fro by Lydia and Kitty

Promise us you would not search for Mary and Owen” Lydia said

Jude panted heavily and pressed his palm on his knees as he bent

He was tired

Lydia threw his bag at him and he caught it

He pulled his tongue out at them and pressed his eyes wide

“I’m gonna search for where Owen followed Mary to” he said and ran out before Lydia and Kitty could move closer to him



“Just the two of us are here now, kiss me and let me speak” Owen said

He stood opposite Mary , their bodies were standing so close to each other

“I believe you will speak, I’m sure I’m the right lady” Mary said and moved her lips closer to Owen’s lip

To be continued

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