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One And Only Kiss – Episode 9


One And Only Kiss – Episode 9

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues


Theme: I can speak

“Did you also notice some strange sounds” Owen asked in sign language

Mary nodded her head and stared around

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“It seems someone is watching us” Mary said

Owen nodded

“What do we do now?” Mary asked Owen

“We need to figure out with the person is” Owen said in sign language

“How?” Mary asked

“I’m gonna pretend as if I’m dying, then u call for help, wherever the person is, he or she will show up” Owen said in sign language

“I get” Mary whispered

Owen pretended like someone loosing consciousness, all of a sudden, a guy came towards Owen and Mary

He was wearing the same uniform as Mary and Owen which implies that he is a student , his bag pack was slung across his shoulder

“What’s happening here” he said as he moved closer to Owen who was falling gently to the floor

He wrapped his right hand quickly around Owen and helped him up, Owen maintained a closed eye and lightened his body, he made his body flexible so that the guy would not suspect

“call the ambulance quick” He said as he looked at Mary who was dumbfounded and surprised wondering who the guy is

“No, he will be fine” Mary said and held Owen at his left hand, she helped Owen to stand upright .

Owen coughed all of a sudden and the guy sense that he’s now conscious

Owen opened his eye and robbed his face

“Ask him why he is spying on us” Owen said in sign language facing the guy

He thought that there is no way the guy can understand sign language

“I understand what you just described, I also understand sign language, my grandfather taught us because he is a dumb too” the guy said and took some steps backward and smiled

“What’s funny? Why are you spying on us” Mary asked

“I ain’t spying on you , my name is Charlie, I checked Owen up in his class, I wanted to invite him to our club, but I was told that he isn’t in the class and since there is a rumour in the air that some fishy things is between Owen and Mary, I went to your class and saw that u were not in class, I asked your friends Kitty and Lydia where u went and they said they do not know, more so, I asked If Owen came to their class, they said yes. I knew at once that the two of you went somewhere together, I then decide to make a rough search for where you guys are , that was when I met Jude stretching his neck with a gloomy face , I asked what was wrong and he said he is searching for where Owen took you to, I smiled and since that was what I was also looking for , I joined him in the search, he suggested that we come to the relaxing rooms, we came here together and we stood by the glasses at the window peeping to see what you guys are doing” Charles said

“You mean you came here with Jude” Mary asked while Owen stood watching , he was astonished

Charlie nodded

“Where is he?” Mary asked

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“He ran downstairs immediately he heard you scream for help” Charlie said

“Why would he run” Mary asked

“He said he doesn’t want you to know that he’s here” Charlie said

“Then why are you telling me?” Mary asked

“I’m honest, I don’t lie” Charlie said

“What is the club all about” Owen said in sign language

“It’s a basket ball game club” Charlie said

“I ain’t interested” Owen said

“It’s a special invitation, it’s an honour, just be a part of us, u have the right to participate in anything we do in the club or refuse to participate, It’s your choice” Charlie said

“So , it’s more of an honour than the usual invitation” Owen said in sign language

“Yeah, you are gonna be a special member” Charlie said

“I get, I’m in” Owen said in sign language smiling

“Mary, are you gonna join too?” Charlie asked

“Am I gonna be a special member too?” Mary asked

Charlie smiled

“Not as if we are looking for members, we just need well respected students in our club, I mean the smartest student” Charlie said and smiled

“So I’m not smart” Mary said

“I didn’t say that” Charlie said raising his two hands in the air like someone surrendering but he was rather mocking Mary

Mary grunted and twisted her body, she moved closer to Owen

Owen looked at her wondering why she moved closer to him

“Shall we?” She asked Owen

“Do what?” Owen asked in sign language

“Kiss” marry muttered in her heart but she couldn’t say it out

Owen moved away from her

“Owen, we having a meeting after gym hour” Charlie said

“3:0clock pm right?” Owen asked in sign langaufe

“Yeah” Charlie replied

Owen walked away to his class

Charlie took some steps forward but she turned back when Mary called her

“Yes!” Charlie replied to Mary’s call

“I will like to join the club too” Mary said

“No qualms, come to the meeting, but you ain’t gonna be a special member” Charlie said

“I know” Mary replied softly

Charlie walked away and left Mary at the entrance of the relaxing room

Charlie walked to Owen’s class

Just when Owen was about to sit, he saw Charlie

He was astonished

He sat down and watched Charlie as he walked towards him

“Hi” Charlie said to Bella who was sitting beside Owen

“Hi” Bella replied

“Wanna have some talk with you” Charlie said

“Alright” Bella retorted humbly

“Can we talk outside, It’s a little confidential” Charlie said

“It’s alright” Bella said and stood up

Bella followed Charlie as he stood and Walked out of the class

“Hi Bella” Charlie greeted again

“Hi” Bella retorted

“I’m Charlie”

“I’m Bella”

“Yeah, I know, I just called you your name, we actually decided in our club to speak to the most brilliant student in school, we want then to join the club”



“What’s the club all about?”

“It’s a basketball club”

“I love it, i like to play basketball” Bella replied

“Is that a yes” Charlie asked

“Not really, I do not have much time, I’m a busy type” Bella replied

“You are gonna be a special member, you can choose to either participate or not”

“You mean I can choose not to come to meeting or go to the basketball court if I do not feel like ”


“I like that, yes, I’m in” Bella said

“Thanks” Charlie said

“You welcome”

“We are having a meeting by 3:0 clock pm today, I would like you to come”

“I don’t think so” Bella said

“It’s alright, that means only Owen will come”

“You mean Owen is coming?” Bella asked

“Yeah, why asking?” Jude asked

“Nothing” she replied

“You know what” Mary asked

“What” Jude asked

“I’m gonna try to come” Bella said

“Oh really” Jude asked

“Yeah” she replied

“Alright” Jude said

“Can I leave now?” Bella asked

“Erm… Actually, I don’t know how you will feel If i say this, but you are beautiful” Charlie said

“Oh really”



“Erm… Well, as a basket ball leader, I think you should have my number”

“Your number”


“What for”

“You might need my help”

“What sort of help” Bella asked

“Erm…” Charlie try to say

“You know what?” Bella said


“i will rather give you my number, you can give me a call when you have an important information to pass” Bella said

“Oh really”

“You seemed so enthusiastic, Is giving u my number a big deal?” Bella asked

“Oh, not at all”


Bella called her mobile number for Charlie, he wrote it down , thanked her and left



3:0 clock pm

All members of the basketball were present, Owen and Bella were present, they were sitting side by side , Mary sat amidst the ordinary basketball members

“Today is a bit special, I thought getting Owen and Bella here will be a great task, but they simply made it easy for me, they accepted my offer without giving me any stress” Jude said while sitting as he stared around the members sitting

“Apart from Owen and Bella who joined us today as special members, we also have Mary here with us , he is just joining today, can we welcome her” Charlie said and everybody cheered Mary

Mary waved her right hand in the air , she said Hi” and bowed her head slightly as she smiled

“Yes!” Someone exclaimed from the entrance

“Mary! Aw” He said as he moves closer to where Mary sat

“Who brought you here, you are fragile and beautiful, I do not want any hard work for you , tell me the person that brought you here and I will deal with the person” he said

“Jude” Mary uttered

“Yes dear, I watched you enter this pace after the gym, I firstly thought that you wanted to greet someone here so I waited outside for you, when I realized that someone might be delaying you , I had to peep, only for me to discover that you are sitting and listening to what this boy is saying” Jude said pointing to Charlie

“Jude!” Mary called

Mary was embarrassed and wish that Jude will leave

“Mary, I think you should go out with your boyfriend” Bella said and smirked

“What the heck! He is not my boyfriend” Mary said defensively

Owen smiled

She saw Owen smiling and folded her arms, she shook her body like a kid as she maintained her stare on Owen

“Can you stop looking at Owen and focus on your boyfriend, please excuse us, you are disturbing us” Bella said and smirked

She has always being finding a way to torture Mary emotionally, she got a perfect one here

“Shut your mouth big eyed” Jude said abusively to Bella

True enough, Bella’s eye was a bit pressed out but she’s beautiful

Lennox eye also was a bit pressed out also, it’s like a genetically reproduced trait in Bella’s family

Bella felt bad and closed her little big eyeball, tears formed in her eyes but she fought it hard from rolling down her face

Bella bowed her head, her heart were tickling in pain like a saw was literally piercing it

“Jude, I think you need to leave?” Charlie said while others watched

“I guess you brought Mary here with your seductive voice, Mary isn’t staying here ” Jude said confidently

Mary bowed her head slightly in frustration, she wished that Kitty and Lydia are present, they would had helped her deal with Jude

“Mary , do not mind them, let’s go, there is nothing in basketball, there are better game club that fits you that you can join not basketball club

Mary sighed

She looked up and saw Owen’s hand around Bella’s neck

” what!” She shouted suddenly

Bella who had being bowing her head in pain but enjoying Owen’s arm around her neck raised her head to see why Mary yelled

Mary walked abruptly towards Owen, she imagined herself removing Owen’s hand from Bella but she reasoned that everyone will know that she has feelings for Owen, other students will start spreading the rumour all around

Mary stood before Owen and Bella, she closed her eyes tightly

She knew she must not act irrationally, she opened her eye and walked back to her sit sadly

Everyone stared at her wandering why she behaved that way

“Mary, what’s wrong?” Jude asked

“Jude, please leave, I joined the club willingly” Mary said sullenly

“Why would you” Jude said painfully, he squeezed his face hard and stared up

“I will leave, but I will wait for you outside even if the meeting takes an hundred year” Jude said and walked out

Charlie sighed

“Can we continue the meeting?” Charlie asked the members

They nodded



Mary walked inside Owen’s house sluggishly, she was pained that Owen and Bella went home together, she wondered why Owen would come to her to kiss him and yet suddenly started showing some sort of feelings to Bella

“Maybe Bella used voodoo on him because I do not trust that girl, she is a black witch” she thought

“Dad! ” Mary yelled happily when she saw her dad inside Owen’s living room

She ran towards her dad and hugged him

Her Dad hugged her gently and smiled

“Dad, you look more cute” Mary said looking at her dad from head to toe

“Thanks my daughter” Seven said

Owen’s parent sat and smiled and watched Mary and her dad greeted each other happily

“Mary, we should start going home” Seven said

“Dad, today?” Mary asked

Seven nodded and smiled

Mary’s squeezed her face and suddenly her gaze met at Owen who was stepping downstairs from his room to the sitting room

“Mum, dad, I can speak, please let…”

To be continued

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