One Last Time

One Last Time – episode 2

One Last Time (episode 2)

Have you ever just looked at someone and could suddenly tell that they are special and different from every other person you have met in the past? Such feelings can’t be faked or forced because they are usually genuine. No matter how messed up a person’s mind and judgments are, they would always be able to discern someone that’s the real deal.

Stacy didn’t need a seer to tell her that Noble was an angel in human form. His voice alone spoke high volume of how calm and peaceful he was within. There was just something special about his eyes and the way he smiled; it had the power to calm every storm of sadness, pain and restlessness in a person’s life.

The mysteries that engulfed Noble was hærd for Stacy to digest or figure out, so she subjected to acting cool and collected. “Are you comfortable or is the air condition too high?” Noble asked when he noticed she was acting a bit strange. “I’m absolutely fine, it’s just that I’m thinking of how mad my friend would be when I finally arrive at the venue of her fashion show” she lied.

Noble was quite interested to know more about the show she was heading to. “Which show is that? Is it the Nakor Show happening at Pearls Hotel?” He curiously enquired and Stacy was shocked that he got the exact location and show right. “Yes it is! My friend is actually one of the designers showcasing their collections. How do you know about the show, are you heading towards there? “Stacy enquired, “No I’m not, but I should have been there because my friend is the coordinator and he invited me earlier” He confessed.

The conversation they were having gave Stacy great joy, that she didn’t want it to end. “If he invited you, then why aren’t you coming?” she asked, “I’m quite busy today with other important stuff as well, so that’s why I can’t make it” Noble explained. There was silence for a while before Stacy broke it, “Every moment spent with the people we love and care about is priceless and I believe that’s all that would matter someday. If your friend is coordinating a big fashion show as this, he would definitely appreciate your presence even if you stayed for just one minute before leaving. Being there for the people we love gives the best satisfaction that money could never buy” She said.

For a moment, Noble was lost in the depths of wisdom that proceeded out of Stacy’s mouth. He was surprised deep down in his heart because no woman has ever touched him with words like that before. Noble was blown away!

“Thank you Stacy, that was a great talk you just had with me, I appreciate” he said, “Thank you too for listening, I also appreciate” she responded and they both chuckled. In no time, they arrived at the venue. Stacy was about to say her last ‘Thank you” when she noticed him opening the door to get down from the car too. She alighted and looked confusingly into Noble’s eyes, “Are you coming?” she asked and he nodded ‘Yes”.

Stacy was so happy to know that her little chit chat with Noble actually made an impact and gave him a change of heart. For the first time in her life, she felt useful in something asides her constant trips to cloud 9. They happily walked in,side the venue before parting ways to look for their friends.

“I’ll be leaving anytime from now and might not be able to see you when I’m ready to leave. Give me your number so I can connect you to my mechanic in-order for your car to get fixed sooner and not sleep on the high way tonight” he said. Stacy gladly gave him her number and thanked him once again for been far too kind. They parted afterwards and didn’t see each other again.

Just as Noble had promised, he called his mechanic and informed him of Stacy’s situation. He gave the mechanic her number and told him to communicate with her so they could meet up where the car was parked.

As the fashion show was coming to an end, Stacy received a call from an unknown number and it turned out to be the mechanic. They spoke for a while and scheduled to meet immediately at where the car broke down. Stacy bid ‘goodbye’ to her friend and rushed down to meet up with the mechanic.

In no time, they arrived at where the car was parked and the repair began. In less that 30 minutes, the car was fixed and ready to hit the road again. Stacy was so happy and quickly brought out her purse as she enquired how much the bill was. “No ma’am, Oga say make I no collect you money, e say him go pay” the mechanic said.

That little revelation by the mechanic almost brought tears to Stacy’s eyes because no man has ever done such a thing for her before. She suddenly became emotional and thanked the mechanic for coming in such a short notice. After everything, she entered into her car and drove off.

On her way home, Stacy just couldn’t stop thinking of Noble and all the different way he made her feel in just one day of their meeting. As she wallowed in thoughts, one thing was clear and it was the fact that Noble was different from all the men she had ever been with. Every thought of Noble brought smiles to her face and she wished those happy feelings lasted forever.

Just as Stacy was lost in thoughts, she was brought back to reality when Randy called her phone. One look at her screen and her heart jumped due to anxiety. I wonder why a man she was in a relationsh¡p with gives her so much anxiety and panic attacks with just a phone call. That’s not how love is supposed to feel at all.

Maybe she felt that way because she knew what always happened whenever Randy called. His phone calls were usually a sin trap and it’s sad that she always fell for it. Randy was her bad habit, her addiction, her pleasure urge antidote and the master of her body.

Randy called for about two times before Stacy finally picked up. “Hi Hun” she greeted, “How are you, babe?” he asked, “I’m fine” Stacy replied. After exchanging greetings, Randy continued “where are you?” he asked, “I’m driving from the fashion show I told you about” she replied. Randy paused for a while and said, “I miss you and want you baby, please can you spend the night? Remember today’s Friday so no work tomorrow”.

His words were like medicine to Stacy. There and then, she started craving for his touch but tried to fight those desires with every strength in her. “Baby you’re not saying anything, are you coming over?” Randy asked again after he figured she was mute. Due to her inability to withstand Randy’s advances, she gave in. “Yes I’m coming, hope there’s food because I’m starving?” she enquired and Randy assured her that all was taken care of.

They said their ‘goodbyes’ and ended the call. Stacy diverted from her house destination and headed towards Randy’s house. In on time, she arrived and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. After bathing, food was served by Randy and they ate together like one happy couple.

Stacy’s heart wasn’t there at all but was rather with Noble. “Oh shoot, I didn’t get his number from the mechanic!” she suddenly realized and it burned her within. All Stacy could do was keep her fingers crossed and hope that he eventually calls her, since he got her own number.

After eating, they retired to bed but we all know there was no way Randy was going to let her sleep in peace, not when he was dying to devour her. As they made love that night, Stacy’s mind wasn’t there at all and her guilt doubled 10 times than before. She felt bad because she knew she was committing a sin and felt more bad knowing that there was something out there more deserving for her; something as peaceful and beautiful like how Noble made her feel in just a day of their meeting.

After they were done, Stacy sat up to think while Randy was already far gone asleep. She walked to the window, looked outside and sobbed bitterly. There’s no word suitable enough to describe how Stacy was feeling at that moment. After sobbing quietly for a while, she walked back to the bed and joined Randy to sleep.

The next day was a Saturday so she decided to just spend the weekend at Randy house. Randy woke up quite early and went for his usual Saturday jogging. Before Stacy was up, he had already left the house.

She laid on the bed thinking about her life when her attention was suddenly drawn to a sound beneath her pillow. She raised the pillow up and found Randy’s second phone there. The phone was always locked but luckily, Stacy already knew his password because she had caught him punching it in before.

As the phone kept beeping, she lifted it and unlocked the phone. Deep down in her heart, she had no intentions of reading through Randy’s messages so she went through his photo gallery and almost dropped dead due to what her eyes saw.

Lo & Behold, there were nude photos of over five different ladies!

End of episode 2

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