One Last Time

One Last Time – episode 5

One Last Time (episode 5)

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a man who’s in love with God and isn’t ashamed to flaunt it. You have won yourself a jackpot if you are fortunate enough to find a partner that genuinely loves God more than they love you; with that way, you’re are rest assured not to receive anything far fetched from the kind of love they show their maker. God’s love is agape; it’s pure, genuine, not selfish, not controlling and it’s sacrificial.

Stacy would have never believed that Noble was capable of leading her to Christ there and then in her car. She always saw God to be a strict and inaccessible, never in her life did she think that God was easy to access any day and any time. A new mindset was about to be birthed that day and it was an encounter she would never trade for anything.

“Are you ready?” Noble asked, “Yes I am” Stacy replied sobbing. He reached out for her hands and held it gently, “now repeat after me” he commanded. “Lord Jesus, I welcome you into my life today. I acknowledge all you did for me on the cross and I want you to come into my life. I’m sorry for living on my own terms, I’m sorry for not serving you like I should, I’m sorry for not regarding you and I’m sorry for staying far away from you. Today, I ask you to come into my life and take me as your daughter. I give myself away to you and ask you to use me however you wish. Thank you lord” He said as Stacy repeated same.

After that prayer, Stacy felt completely empty of every burden of guilt she had been carrying for a long time. She felt like a new person and her self esteem recharged and became stronger than it was before she prayed that prayer.

Strangely, Stacy felt strengthen within and didn’t know how to explain the sudden control she now had over her emotions and feelings. It was strange indeed, but definitely a thing of joy.

“How do you feel now?” Noble asked smiling, “I feel different, thank you so much” Stacy replied and hugged him. Noble wasn’t expecting the hug but he was glad to receive it.

They hugged for a while before Stacy let go of his grip. Noble looked into her eyes and could sense that Stacy had gone through alot in protecting her faith and belief. He saw a lady that was struggling to live a holy life hence the guilt she felt earlier.

As those thoughts went on in Nobel’s mind, he knew that it wasn’t safe to leave Stacy all alone to nurture her new salvation, else, she was bound to return to square one. Noble decided to help her grow and also keep a close watch on her to ensure that she doesn’t fall back to where she had been before.

“I want to help you in this your new journey of salvation, I’m not a completely perfect man but I sure know I can be complement your weakness with my strength. I want you to eradicate anything that’s capable of making you backslide. Abstain from anything or anyone that doesn’t impact your life positively. Make sure to pray at least once a day and call me whenever you feel like doing anything bad so I can talk you out of it” Noble said.

For the first time in Stacy’s life, she felt genuinely cared for. All her life, she has been used to men taking things away from her and drawing her farther from God, this was the first time a man was giving something to her and drawing her nearer to God. She thanked Noble for being far too kind and he told her not to mention. They bid each other ‘Goodbye’ and parted ways.

As Stacy drove home that day, she was so happy and filled with joy. She was so jealous of her new found salvation and made up her mind to do everything to protect it. Remember, the heart can be willing but the flesh is weak. It wasn’t going to be easy but she made up her mind to do her best.

While Stacy was rejoicing for her new found life, Randy was home alone missing her. He tried calling her but she wasn’t picking up. Randy needed to see her and we all know why he wanted to see her that much.

As Stacy wasn’t picking up his call, he got dressed and drove down to her house. When Randy arrived, he went straight to her apartment and knocked on the door. Stacy was in the kitchen cooking when he knocked so she went to find out who was knocking.

“Who’s that?” She enquired, “It’s Randy, open the door” he replied. At the mention of Randy’s name, her heart dropped. The man she was running away from was at her door. “Oh, which kind of trouble is this now” she silently said to herself before opening the door.

Immediately the door opened, Randy rushed her and passionately k-ssed her. Stacy was trying to stop him but Randy was a force her power wasn’t strong enough to stop. He k-ssed her passionately for a while and finally stopped. “Don’t do this to me again, what happened to your phone?” He asked, “nothing, I was just busy” she replied.

Randy looked at her and smiled; “I miss you, that’s why I was calling” he said. To be honest, Stacy wasn’t interested and just wanted to warn him never to k-ss her without her consent again but just couldn’t. She felt it would be too much for him to digest.

“I’m cooking, I have to go. Watch a movie or do whatever you like to keep yourself entertained” she said and walked away. Randy could sense that something was up with Stacy, but he couldn’t figure what it was. He sat quietly in her living room and waited for her to finish with what she was going.

After a while, food was served and they both ate quietly. As they ate, Stacy fell into deep thoughts of what to do with Randy. She undeniably still loved him but just couldn’t dispute the fact that Randy wasn’t good for her anymore. While they ate, she sought for a way to communicate her new found salvation to him.

When they finished eating, Stacy decided to strike. “Can we talk?” She asked, “Sure” he replied. She took a deep breath and said; “I can’t do this anymore Randy. Just so you know, I gave my life to Christ today, so I have to make amends with how I live my life. I’m not the Stacy I was yesterday and we can’t make-love anymore like we used to because we aren’t married. I know this is sudden but please bear with me. I love you but can’t keep letting God and myself down”.

When she was done talking, Randy smiled and chucked. He was having a hard time believing all she just said. It was quite funny to him so hence the smiling. “I’m not buying this and can’t sit here and listen to this story. I’m leaving, see you later” he said and left.

Stacy took a deep breath and held her heart because she was expecting a more intense reaction. Randy’s decision wasn’t her burden to bear so she didn’t let it bother her.

Days turned to weeks and life was good. Noble helped Stacy alot by dishing out scriptures and sermon messages for her to feed on. He was grooming her and was happy for every progress along the way.

To be honest, Stacy missed the touch of a man but had learnt to put her emotions under control. She fed herself with more spiritual food than that of the flesh. Life was good and she started glowing due to the peace she now had.

As things seemed rosy on Stacy’s side, it wasn’t the same on Randy’s side. He was struggling due to the new way Stacy was treating their relationship. Just so you know, he cheated on her with other ladies because she wasn’t there to satisfy his emotional needs anymore.

The sad thing was that Randy still missed Stacy and wanted her. She was special and so was her body. They didn’t see more often again because she was trying to avoid stories that touches the heart.

Well, something unfortunate happened one fateful day. Randy called Stacy to inform her that he was sick. She was so worried and scared that she had to head to his house after work.

On her way, she bought fruits for him just so he could eat them incase he didn’t have appetite for food. When she entered his house, she immediately went to his room and saw him lying on the bed. “Baby what’s wrong?” Stacy asked, “I don’t know, maybe I have a cold” he replied.

Stacy sat on his bed and placed her hand on his head to check his temperature. Before she knew it, Randy held her hands and pulled her to the bed. “I thought you were sick, where did you get the strength to carry me the way you just did” she jokingly said, “I miss you baby, your absence is the reason I’m sick” he said and planted a soft k-ss on her lips.

Deep down, Stacy wanted the k-ss too so she didn’t stop him from k-ssing her. They k-ssed passionately for a while till Randy started making advances to take her clothes off. Stacy tried to stop him but he forceful took it off anyways.

Stacy figured it was getting out of hand and tried to break free from his grip but Randy wasn’t himself and was ready to devour her.

“Stop it! Randy No!” She pleaded but he forceful penetrated and had his way. Stacy cried all through the love making and kept begging him to stop but he didn’t want to. “Baby please, let me just feel you a little, I miss you and it’s driving me crazy” Randy said as he thrust in and out of her. Stacy felt abused and violated. So sad!

After they were done making love, Randy realised what he had done and felt bad immediately.

He reached out to touch Stacy whom was crying all through and probably apologise, but she knocked his hands off and bitterly said “I hate you, it’s over!”.

End of episode 5 😉

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