One Last Time

One Last Time – episode 7

One Last Time (episode 7)

How sweet and beautiful life can be when you finally find someone that complements every bit of you. A person whose strength complements your weakness and your weakness complements their strength. It’s unhealthy for a relationsh¡p to comprise of two weak people, as it’s more advisable for one of them to be strong at least; so as to pull the weak one up when they fall.

Noble was the perfect fit for a pleasure freak like ‘Stacy’. To a large extent, he had self control and was more disciplined in committing to good moral values, than she was.

Even though Noble had no idea about Stacy’s past immoral lifestyle, he still figured she had a long way to go in her new found salvation. He saw her flaws clearly and didn’t need a seer to tell him she had been far lost in the world before finding salvation.

In all this, Noble cared less about her past lifestyle and never bothered bringing it up as a topic for discussion because he knew that whatever Stacy did before she met him was non of his business. The present was all he seemed to be interested about and not her past. What a man!

On hearing Noble whisper those words, Stacy almost had a heart attack afterwards. Never in a thousand years would she had believed that a near-perfect man like Noble would find her attractive not to talk of professing his love for her. That was a lot for Stacy to wrap her head around.

“What did you just say?” She shockingly asked and Noble smiled. The sermon was still ongoing, so he didn’t want to talk further. As Stacy sat there looking confused, Noble kept stealing glances at her and smiled every now and then. Deep down in Noble’s heart, he was a bit scared of what the outcome of his confession would be. He tried to act cool so Stacy wouldn’t have the slightest clue that he was nervous.

The seminar finally came to an end and they set off to leave. As they stood in line with the crowd to get to the exit door, Noble stretched his hand and held Stacy’s hand. Immediately he touched her, Stacy’s heart raced to the extent that she started struggling with her breath.

When she turned behind and locked eyes with that of Noble’s, she became shy and turned forward almost immediately. Stacy was really shy and kept praying silently for the queue to move faster so they could exit the building.

Noble figured she was shy so he held her even tighter. “Leave me alone joor!” Stacy said blushing, “I want you to be safe, so it’s best you stay closer to me” he replied with a warm smile on his face.

At that moment, Stacy felt protected, needed, loved and genuinely cared for. Everything still felt unreal to her because no man has ever treated her that way before. “God please what’s going on? I’m panicking” Stacy said within, as they almost got to the exit door.

They were finally outside the seminar building and headed straight to the car; they came with Noble’s car because he was the one that picked her up for the seminar. When they got seated in the car, Stacy tried her possible best to avoid eyes contact with Noble. He figured she was nervous so he broke the awkward silence between them.

“Can we talk?” Noble asked, “Yes sure!” Stacy replied with sweat on her palms. He looked into her eyes and smiled; “Did you hear what I said back there?” he asked, “Not really, wish you could say it again” she replied looking into his eyes, “I love you Stacy, and would love to have you in my life” Noble said.

Those words were like honey to Stacy’s soul. Never in her life had she ever felt the way those words from Noble made her feel. When you hear ‘I love you’ from someone you are truly attracted to, the feeling you get afterwards is magical and can never be fully explained with words.

Stacy was dumbfounded even though she had over a thousand words in her heart to say to Noble at that moment. She looked into his eyes and didn’t even know when tears dropped from her eyes. “Why are you crying? Did I do anything wrong?” Noble confusingly asked, “No you didn’t do anything wrong, It’s just that you might not like what you’ll see as time goes on if you get into a relationsh¡p with me. I’m not really who you think I am, I have so many flaws and don’t think a man as disciplined as you are would find my flaws attractive. Noble I’m so flattered that you want me in your life, but I just don’t want you to feel deceived if I eventually turn out to be another thing than you bargained for. I honestly love you too and would rather be with no other man but you. That I am a better person today is all because of the sacrifice and efforts you have invested into making me one. It’s not like I don’t want to be with you too, but I’m just scared” she said.

When Stacy was done talking, Noble shook his head, looked into her eyes and said; “Do you think I don’t already know about your flaws? How bad can they be that you feel I would hold them against you, when I’m not even perfect. My love for you goes beyond what the eyes can see; it’s not about anything you feel you can offer or not offer, but rather about how imperfectly amazing you are. Everything that happened in our past lives isn’t worth stopping our present for being the best it can. I love you for real and have chosen you and no one else”.

Oh My! There was love in air. After all Noble said, Stacy had no reason again to give to him as to why they couldn’t work. She looked in his eyes and started blushing while Noble reached out to hold her hand, “I love you so much too” Stacy said as she blushed.

There and then, they talked about the issue of intimacy and decided that they were going to abstain till they got married. Noble told her to always communicate everything she felt to him and never hold back her feeling no matter how unholy her thoughts were. “Always let me know whenever you want me, and don’t just cuddle up your pillow to replace me just because we are in a godly relationsh¡p. We can’t deny each other a certain level of intimacy but all we just have to do is set our boundaries and limits” he said.

Stacy was blown at Noble’s level of maturity. Deep down in her heart, she jumped for joy for finally having a man that had her at heart. She was impressed with all he said and they made their commitments to one another.

Life was great afterwards and their relationsh¡p waxed stronger than they ever imagined it would. They were so in love with each other and drew closer to God than they ever did before. Noble was Stacy’s sweet dreams and she was his sunshine. He gave her peace that superseded all understanding while she gave him unconditional love in return. Life was good indeed, but the unexpected happened!

It turns out that Randy figured that Stacy had moved on with someone else. He was devastated and raged because he couldn’t picture another man eating from a plate he wasn’t done eating from. On several occasions, he had seen them together at Stacy’s favorite hang outs. Randy was pained and wounded due to the fact that Stacy left him, so he was about to strike unexpectedly.

The worst happened one evening when Stacy was watching a movie and surfing the web. There came a message on her WhatsApp from an unknown number so she clicked on it to read.

Immediately Stacy opened the message, she scre-med and almost collapsed due to what she saw. Lo and Behold, it was photos of herself sleeping completely unclad.

Shocked and scared, she scrolled down to read the write-up which said; “Do you remember this day?”.

End of episode 7 😉

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