One Last Time

One Last Time – Final episode


One Last Time (episode 10)
Last episode!

What’s the essence of life without having someone to share your laughter, pain, joy and sadness with? Even if I lose everything in this life but still have the ones I love beside me, it’s just a matter of time and I’ll bounce back on my feet. Death isn’t when someone closes their eyes forever or when they take their last breath but rather, it’s when a person lives all their lifetime alone without having to experience love for the beautiful thing that it is.

Noble was overwhelmed with joy when Stacy accepted his proposal. Immediately she scre-med, he happily got up from where he knelt and jacked her high up in the air. “Babyyyyy!! I’ll marry you” Stacy scre-med and Noble kept blushing. She stretched out her hand and he put the ring on her finger.

The builders saw what was happening and came to congratulate the latest engaged couple. Everyone clapped for joy as Stacy tightly hugged Noble with no intentions of letting go. It was such a beautiful but yet emotional moment for the two love birds. Noble ordered refreshments for all his workers and a mini engagement party commenced that evening.

It was getting quite late so everyone had to leave for the day. Noble droved Stacy in his car and instructed two of his builders to drive her both cars (old & new) to her house. On their way home, Stacy kept staring at her ring and couldn’t take her eyes off it. Noble smiled whenever he looked towards her direction and caught her staring at the ring. He was so happy that she loved it and happier because she accepted his proposal.

There and then, Stacy called her family members and close friends to break the good news to them. The calls were mostly video calls so Noble was able to talk to her family members as he drove the car.

After over ten phone calls, Stacy finally dropped her phone and turned to stare at her baby as he drove the car looking handsome. “Mine, I love you” she said and Noble smiled, “Is that my new name now?” he asked and she nodded ‘Yes’. Noble stretched one of his hand and held hers, “Are you ready for this next step babe?” he asked, “I have never been more ready for anything in my life” she replied.

They finally arrived at Stacy’s house to meet the builders already there with her cars parked in the compound. Noble settled them and they left before he entered in,side with Stacy.

Immediately they got in,side, Stacy went to the kitchen to prepare something for them to eat, while Noble relaxed in the parlor. In no time, food was ready and they ate happily. After eating, Stacy tidied the place and came back to lie on Noble’s body.

“Where and how do you want your wedding?” he asked, “uhmm, I just want a simple classy wedding with just family, friends and loved ones in attendance” she replied. Noble liked the idea and they spoke about the wedding preparations and how soon they wanted to make it official. Since Noble’s house was still yet to be completed, they had to take things a little bit slow till the house gets ready, as that was their supposed home.

Everything still felt like a dream to Stacy and she prayed for no one to wake her up if it were. They spent some alone time with each other till Noble had to go home. Stacy wanted him to spend the night but Noble felt it wasn’t a wise idea because emotions were on the high that night. “Don’t worry baby, soon you would have me completely all to yourself” he said and she smiled, “I can’t wait to have all of you” she replied.

It was hærd to say ‘Goodbye’ that night but they unfortunately had to part ways. Stacy esc-rted him to his car and they bid goodbye to each other afterwards. When she returned back to her apartment, she danced, jumped and scre-med for joy as she stared at her ring. “Words are not enough to say Thank you, Lord you’re my everything and I’m so blessed to be your child. Thank you lord for such a good man like Noble; he is the best thing after you that has happened to me of late. Thank you for crossing our path!” She said as tears of joy dropped from her eyes.

Sleep was war that that night because Stacy wasn’t ready to take her eyes off her ring. You have no clue what it feels like to know that you will be spending the rest of your life with someone you truly love. That feeling is priceless, you have no idea!

Life went on smoothly and so did their wedding preparations. Noble’s building was almost done, so they knew it was time to make it official. One month after the building was completed, Noble and Stacy officially tied the knot in an expensive, classy but yet simple wedding ceremony.

The reception venue was beautiful and speaks nothing but class. The couples left the ceremony even before it ended because they were tired of dancing and needed to head to their honeymoon’s first location; which was a nice hotel Noble booked for starters.

When they arrived, the room was already decorated with roses and candles. There was a wine bottle at the center of the bed so they popped it and tossed to a lifetime of peace and blissful marriage. They made merry and danced slowly till Stacy had to go take her shower.

“Let me take your gown off my queen” Noble said and Stacy smiled. After taking her gown off, she helped him take his clothes off too and they entered the shower together. Bathing together was a magical moment for these two lovebirds that hadn’t seen each other unclad since they started dating. Stacy’s body was banging hot and same with that of Noble. He didn’t want to touch her yet because he felt the bathroom wouldn’t do justice to what he wanted to do to her.

When they were done bathing, Noble jacked Stacy up and carried her to the bed that was decorated with roses. “It’s tonight babe, tonight I get to have you, I get to feel you and I get to give you a part of me, without feeling guilty because it’s within the confines of marriage. Tonight I would pour everything in me to you, I would connect to you on a deeper level and would take you to the place where it will just be the both of us. I love you Stacy, and tonight I would give you my wh0le being completely” Noble said and drew closer to Stacy and planted a soft k-ss on her l-ips. I guess you all already know what happened next?

Always go for a partner that loves God more than they love you or a partner that respects and answers to authority; that way, you are rest assured that you have found someone that has the right manual on how to love and have found someone who understands value and respect.

We aren’t going to live forever on earth so don’t waste your time with a partner that doesn’t value, respect or love you. It’s better to be alone and available for someone better, than to be in a relationsh¡p that drains you of your peace of mind and happiness.

If you want that dream man or woman, begin to call them forth in prayers and ensure to always speak positively about the kind of partner you want. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel you are too greedy for looking out for the kind of qualities you want your partner to have. Remember, it’s your relationsh¡p and not there’s, so go for what you want unapologetically.

Those already in happy relationsh¡ps, always pray for your partners and speak positively in their lives. Don’t look down on them in search for something better because you might just be making the greatest mistake of your life. So far as they haven’t given you any reason to leave, ride or die with them and help them become who you want them to be.

I’m giving all the single men and women reading this the go-ahead to spam the comment section with the description of the partner you want. Don’t apologize to anyone if your list is long, you have one life to live so write those qualities down unapologetically and watch God grant your request soonest. I love you all, let the writing begin!

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End of story! 😉
Thanks for staying tuned till the end, comment below if you want another story. Love you all😘

Written by Sonia Okehie

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