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Our new maid episode 33 – end



( I saw her first)💕

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 33 semi final

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Authoress p.o.v

“Can someone please explain what’s going on to Me cause am lost” Mrs Thompson said.

“I knew it I knew this witch I called a sister is up to something” prissy said smiling.

“Mum dad I will explain everything to you” olive said.

“Mrs Logan you remember the day you took me to the hospital Nathan is. you went back home because you forget something in the house.

I went to the doctor office to ask about Nathan health.

overheard this fool telling the doctor which is my uncle to kill Nathan this evil guy even have the mind to threaten my uncle” olive said pointing to Wyatt.

“That’s a big fat lie olive” Wyatt said. “You still have the mouth to talk” olive said and slap him angrily.

“olive is not lieing I also heard it” Mr Logan said.

“you don’t need to bother yourself sir I will explain everything and i have all the evidence with me.

I decided to go to Nathan house to find out how Nathan have accident cause my instinct told me there’s more to the accident.

I asked Charles for Nathan home address and he sent me the address I went there and told the security man Mr Logan asked me to bring something from Nathan room I went in and searched everywhere but I didn’t see anything.

I went outside to see if I can get any evidence. then I saw an hidden camera in Nathan compound.

I removed the card and saw how you tame Nathan car Tyre I was angry and went back to the hospital.

I told my uncle which is the doctor to fake Nathan death till he recover fully.

and I also informed Mr Logan about this but I didn’t tell Mrs Logan because I don’t trust her, so that’s how I planned everything with Mr Logan” olive said.

“olive you are too secretive” Mrs Thompson said.

“yeah I knew mum” olive said. “officers over to you arrest this criminal” olive said.

“you can’t do that to me” Wyatt said. “what are you guys Waiting for? did you guys want me to do your work for you” olive said.

” if I am going down I am not going down alone I will kill Nathan” Wyatt said and grab Nathan cloth.

Nathan pushed him and he fall on his butt and olive bounce on him the cops want to interference but Mr Thompson stop them.

“no leave them let olive teach him some lessons. olive hit his face with her hand and blood gushed out and stain olive gown.

“that’s enough olive” Mrs Thompson said and stop her. “no mum it’s not enough let me deal with this numbskull” olive said.

“you guys should do something before olive kill this guy” Mrs Thompson yelled to the police.

“let her kill him she will go away with it” Mrs Logan replied.

“Nathan slam his lips on her to distract olive and olive stand up from Wyatt. and the cops take him away.

“that’s enough my darling thanks for fighting for me” Nathan said.

“you’re welcome” olive said and smile at him. “olive should we go on with marriage” Mr Logan said.

“sure olive replied and the priest join them together.

“you’re lovely Mrs Logan don’t forget that” Nathan said.

“yeah thanks Mr Logan” olive replied with a smile. “congratulations my darling” Mr Thompson said and hug olive.

“you have finally taken my princess away from me, anyway I still have one here” Mr Thompson said.

“dad I will soon leave also cause I can’t wait to get married to my prince charming” prissy said.

“let me cry” Mr Thompson said cleaning his imaginary tears. “nice to meet you sir” Nathan said and shake with Mr Thompson.

“I think i like you already” Mr Thompson said.

“thanks sir” Nathan replied with a smile. “what are you thanking me for?” Mr Thompson asked.

“for liking me and for giving me this beautiful daughter of yours to marry” Nathan replied.

“congratulations my witch you finally get married with blood wedding gown” prissy said.

“your face is cool so there’s no need to warn you” Mr Thompson said.

“Dad you don’t need to warn him he can’t try nonsense with me cause he loves me alot” olive said.

“how did you know Nathan asked with a smirk.

“you’re busy shouting my name even when you’re on a sick bed” olive said and Nathan smile shyly.

“hi everyone attention please” Tyler said. “what wrong with this one” olive asked.

“huhu” Tyler Clean his throat. “I want to use this opportunity to proposed to the love of my life the woman of my dream” Tyler said moving closer to prissy.

“prissy will you please do me a favor of being the mother of my kids” Tyler asked going down on one knees ” yes I will marry you” prissy replied happily and Tyler slip the ring in her middle finger.

“thank you for accepting my ring” Tyler said with a big smile.

“how dare you stole my sportlight today is mine not yours you’re a thief olive said smiling.

“you don’t have to be angry my love i also came with my engagement ring. hope it’s not bad to proposed to you after our marriage.

it not bad” Nathan said going on one knees and a popular musician in America came in with his bands.

“oh my God I can’t believe this my husband is so romantic” olive said happily. “I will congratulate you even though you don’t congratulate Me” prissy said and hug her.



( I saw her first)💕

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Final episode

Authoress p.o.v

“Oh my God I can’t believe this my husband is so romantic” olive said happily.

“I will congratulate me” prissy said and hug her. Aww this is so romantic how I wish I did this to my wife, don’t worry my love we will renew our marriage network” Mr Thompson said. The musician set to work and olive and Nathan dance happily.

Rated 🔞🔞

At night

“I can’t believe that I finally got married to the person that loved me after passing through alot in the hands of man” olive said to herself still on her wedding gown. Nathan who was coming out from the bathroom heard her.

“that’s because you deserve to be happy you always makes everyone happy and you also need to be happy” Nathan said.

“do you want to spoil me why don’t you wear your shirt Olive said and cover her face with her hand.

“why do I need to put on a shirt when am with my wife” Nathan said and moved closer to her.

but Olive still cover her face blushing hard. Nathan removed her hands and peck her.

“you can look at me we are married Nathan said romantically.

“am blushing right now I never knew you are these romantic” olive said.

“you make me one babe” Nathan said and carry her. “drop me you pervert” Olive and giggle.

“am not going to drop you am taking you to the bathroom to bath you myself ” Nathan said.

“what do you what to see my, oh no!!!” olive shouted. “if I don’t see it then who else will” Nathan said and took her to the bathroom.

“why do you want to bath me and precise am not bathing” olive said.

“you must bath cause I can’t let you sleep with a stained cloth and you know I need to see all you have been hiding from me” Nathan said. “really?” olive replied. “yeah I want our first night to be pure and romantic” Nathan said.

“but” olive said. “No more word from you” Nathan interrupt her.

“are you trying to say am a talkative?” Olive asked with a pout.

“maybe I have another way to answer the question you just asked” Nathan said with a smirk and kiss her.


makes her rest on his chest and zip off her wedding gown.

“you can’t escape this wife” Nathan said and carry her into the bathing tub. “wow I never knew your hand is this soft” olive said.

“that’s because my lady is fragile and I need to handle her with care.

some minute later.

Nathan carry her out of the bathroom. he placed her on the bed and went to the wardrobe to bring a nightware for her.

Olive hugged him from behind. “I love you” olive said. “I love you too” Nathan said and turn around gently holding her.

“and I promised I will always stand by you no matter what” Nathan said.

“am sorry for what I made you pasd through. am really” olive said but Nathan didn’t allow her finished her words.

he kissed her on her forehead he move his lips gradually to her neck and lick it.

he moved back to her mouth and her kiss passionately.

olive m0an to his mouth. they kiss for some minute.

Nathan took her to the bed olive fold her legs around his torso.

he gently place her hand on the bed and Continue kissing her. he placed one of his hand on her br**st.

olive felt like she was in heaven with the pleasure she was deriving from what Nathan is doing to her.

he caress her abdomen and gradually insert a finger into her V – area. and he started fingering her he replaced his finger with his tongue.

“ouch” olive m0an out. “I want to cvm” Nathan slam her ass hard and she m0an out. “don’t cvm I am not done with you” Nathan said and olive nod her head.

“are you ready for this?” Nathan asked. pointing at his d*Ck.

“yeah make me yours forever” olive said and Nathan insert his d*ck into her hole.

“Ah olive m0an out. Nathan f*ck her for like 40 minute.

“I want to c*m” olive shouted. “c*m with me baby” Nathan said and they both cvm together.

“that’s something you’re so sweet” Nathan said. “yeah you’re not bad either” olive replied and slept off.

Two days later.

Nathan phone rang and he went to pick the call. “who’s that?” olive asked.

“mum” Nathan replied and pick the call. “Hello mum” Nathan said.

“how are you my son and how’s my wife” Mrs Logan asked.

“we are fine mum” Nathan replied. “hope I am not disturbing anything?” Mrs Logan asked.

“no mum” Nathan replied. “I want to inform you that I and your father is going to the station to check on Wyatt” Mrs Logan said.

“Alright mum I and my wife will meet you there” Nathan replied. “alright my dear my regards to olive” Mrs Logan said and end the call.

At the police custody

“Wyatt how are you” Nathan asked. “Am not fine” Wyatt replied with tears on his eyes. “Nathan am very sorry for what I did to you, I never knew it was wrong. I was only blinded by greed I hope you forgive Me” Wyatt said. “I have forgiven you afterall you’re my only brother” Nathan replied. “Dad am sorry for disappointing you” Wyatt said. “you didn’t disappoint me you disappointed yourself” Mr Logan replied. “I am sorry olive i hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me” Wyatt said. “I have forgiven you” olive replied. “i will be right back” Nathan said. “where are you going to” olive asked. “I want to meet the officer in charge of his case” Nathan said. “to do what?” olive asked again. “to bail him he’s sorry” Nathan said. “how sure are you let him spent two months here” olive said. “two months is too much” Nathan replied. “common Nathan you don’t have to pity me I deserve it” Wyatt said. “yes olive is right” Wyatt deserve it” Mr and Mrs Logan said.

Two months later

Olive, Nathan and Mr and Mrs Logan. went to bail Wyatt from the station .

Wyatt hug his brother happily. “am very happy to see you again” Wyatt said.

“same here Nathan replied. “dad hope you have brought the ticket?” Wyatt asked.

“yes” Mr Logan replied firmly. “Wyatt are you sure you wanna leave?” Nathan asked.

“yes just to Clear my head I want to go far away from here” Wyatt said. “Alright I will miss you” Nathan said.

Wyatt travel out of the country. prissy and Tyler get married a month after olive wedding. Charles and Kate relationship is going well. and they live happily ever after.

Tell me your saddest and happiest scene in the story.

Thanks to my lovely readers that always stand by me no matter what. To the new readers. Hope you won’t run away after this story. Stay tune for the next story.

I love y’all. Please guys likes and comments.

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