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Out of the box episode 16

Episode 16

Immediately she saw him walk into the house with a bag, her heart skipped twice.

She remembered the morning quarrel and he had thréátened to deal with her for the insúlt she gave him in the morning.

She was prepared for whatever trøuble he was coming home with.
Cynthia was back earlier and retired to her room but immediately Desmond walked in, she came out to sit in the living room wearing a jean bum short and singlet that exposed her bøobs and búm

Didi went to the kitchen as she await another evening round of fíght.

She was washing the dishes when Desmond stepped into the kitchen.

When Didi saw him, her heart flew into her mouth.
She startled at his sight.

“Leave me alone Desmond, you also called me a lunâtic. Cynthia said I was acting like a cräzy lady with no home training. I was ångry and that’s why I called you a barking mâd døg. We’re even.. or are we not? I don’t want any prøblem, leave me to be in peace..” Didi said in her defense thinking that Desmond has come to fíght her like he promised he will do earlier..”

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“Alright, The documents will be in your office, first thing tomorrow morning. Yes, I understand and will comply with the agreement on ground..”

Didi checked and saw he was on a call with his ear piece.

She waited patiently for him to be through.

“… there’s no prøblem engineer Dan. Yes, I will be there tomorrow.

Didi knows who he was talking with.
Engineer Dan is one of his boss in the office but they’re very close and Desmond has taken her and Jasmin to one of Dan’s birthday party. That’s where she met the man who was very jovia and nice to her.

“…No prøblem. Oh..ok. Yes, they’re fine. I will extend your greetings to them. Okay… goodnight..”

Didi watched as Desmond turned to her.
She charged up and waited for him

“What were you saying while I was on the phone? Desmond asked Didi gently.

” What did you hear me say..? Didi replied rolling her eyes at him.

She returned her attention to the dishes.

She startled as a hand wrapped around her waist.
She was shøcked even further as he softly bíte her ear lope

This was opposite of what she expected.

He kíssed her neck gently before turning her over to face him.

“What are you doing..? Didi asked still confúsed

“What does it look like eeh? He replied kíssing her all over.

Didi didn’t reply. She didn’t want him to stop
She has so much looked forward to this kind of moment.
She wanted to show little aggréssiveness, so that Desmond will know that she was still ångry with him

But she just couldn’t exécuted her plans.
She mélt at his touch and wish to búry herself in his warm body that has his fine cologne.
He kíssed her calmly and she groaned softly

She can’t remember the last time Desmond kíssed her.

“… I miss my wife and wish to devour her tonight..”
He said and kíssed her again
Didi wish he can just stop talking and continue the main romantic task at hand which was very important to her.

“..have you eaten? He asked as he carried her to sit on the kitchen cabinets and continued with the kíss.

“No..yes, yes… don’t worry about food..”
“… don’t stop kíssing me please..”
Didi replied hastily, wishing Desmond will continue instead of talking.

“I bought some food. You don’t have to stress yourself tonight. Let’s go to the room..”

“Okay, just kiss me a little more and we will..”.
They heard Cynthia coming towards the kitchen and loosened up from each other’s arms.

As Cynthia was walking into the kitchen, Desmond walked out.

Didi was not happy that such a rare moment between she and Desmond ended because of Cynthia

“What was you and Desmond doing in here since..?

“We were having a combined fellowship..” Didi sarcastically said as she went back washing the dishes

Cynthia stared at her.

“Desmond has been here for long, you guys were not fighting or arguing like I expected. I didn’t hear any noise at all, just some murmurs. what exactly was he doing..? Cynthia asked again

“I don’t know what’s in the drugs you’ve been taking that makes you think I will actually answer you..”
“…Aren’t you being childish? You’re asking what my husband and I were doing in our kitchen? You obviously needs help because jéaløusy is written all over you and isn’t he supposed to be your brother..?

“Offcourse he is my brother. Anyway, is a waste of time asking a stûpíd psyçhøpaths like you..”

She walked out leaving Didi who didn’t reply her.
Didi hurried up with her dishes and rush to meet Desmond who was in the room waiting for her.

Cynthia who was sitting in the parlour gave her a long loud sigh as she walked past
Didi Checked on her daughter, Jasmin was already asleep in her room which was next to there’s.

Desmond was just coming out of the bathroom when Didi entered.

“,I thought you will follow me immediately so that we can bath together. Is been a while we did that..”

“,I also wanted to, although I had a shower when I returned but I needed to tidied up the kitchen..”

“Come here, he pulled her close…”

“I don’t understand you, what came over you today..” Didi asked as he was trying to undress her

“Shhhh, stop asking questions. Let’s enjoy this moment together..”
“… you obviously miss me and I miss you too. I can clearly see the hunger in your eyes and read your body language. Don’t say another word, let’s have this moment to ourselves..alright..?

Didi nodded as she helped Desmond finish up in taking off her clothes.

“Wait..let me lock the door..” Desmond said and rushed to lock the door..”

While they were having their moments, there was several knock on the door.

“Desmond… Desmond, I know you’re in there. I want you, I want to see you..”

Didi held onto Desmond as they climbed high into the climax of intimacy.

“…Desmond, please answer me. I..I want to show you something in my room. The bulb in my room isn’t coming on. Is dark in there. I’m scared… please open this door..” Cynthia sounded desperate.

They engulfed in their warmth and continued drinking of each other.

“… oh no, Desmond. You can’t do this to me. You can’t choose your wife over me. You can’t ignore my needs because of that harløt of a wife..”

“Who’s she calling a harlot..” Didi said while panting.

“Ignore her. I’m here with you and don’t want anything that will spoil this moment..” Desmond said as he grabbed Didi in her most sensitive part of the body.

Didi began to moan aloud.

“Quiet down, Cynthia can hear you..” Desmond hushed her

“I.. don’t…care..”. Didi replied while trying to catch her breath.

“Desmond, Desmond… what are you doing? Desmond…ooh, Desmond..I need you. My room is dark, I can’t sleep alone in there. Please.. come..” Cynthia cried out as she began to hear Didi’s moaning sound.

Desmond and Didi went under the shower again and had a bath together before retiring to the bed.

Desmond brought out the delicious food he brought back and ate with Didi.

After which they returned back to bed.

Desmond did not leave the room all through,
He remained with Didi

Desmond woke up early in the morning and began getting ready for work.

“Good morning, you’re already dressed. I can quickly fix breakfast for you” Didi said tiredly when she saw Desmond about to leave.

“Good morning to you too darlin. I have a meeting with engineer Dan this morning. I don’t want to be late..”

He went over to the bed and kissed Didi.

“…I had an amazing night. Hope you enjoyed every bit of my special touch..” Desmond said teasing Didi.

She nodded shyly.

“I have really miss you darlin. I just couldn’t get enough. I will be home early, we will continue from where we stopped.. okay..?

Didi smiled with a nod.
She can’t wait

He was about to leave when his phone began to ring

“Eunice? Why is she calling me this early. Hope everything is okay..” Desmond said as she stared at the caller.

Didi’s heart skipped.
Eunice shouldn’t call Desmond

Why is she calling now.
She does not want anything that will spoil such a beautiful moment with Desmond.
She was already looking forward to having him again tonight and wouldn’t want anything to come between that.
Didi silently prayed as Desmond picked the call

“Hello….Eunice…” Desmond began to answer the call
Didi held onto the duvet as she began scanning around for her clothes.

Her heart was racing as she picked up her cloths from different side of the room and wear.

She hopes Eunice wasn’t calling to ask Desmond of what she told her because that will spoil Desmond’s mood.

Desmond turned and looked at Didi.

Didi was shaking inside, she couldn’t tell if it was rage of anger or that of passion that she saw in Desmond’s eyes
His mood changed as he stepped away from her with his office bag without saying a word.

“Have a great day honey, I look forward to tonight..” Didi said to Desmond as he was leaving but he didn’t reply her or turned to look at her as he walked out hurriedly while still on call with Eunice.

Didi hope there won’t be another prøblem that will come between her and Desmond or stopped their reunion night bliss.


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