November 29, 2021

Palace on fire episode 1 – 2



πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ ( her Royal majesty) πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

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Episode 1


Writer POV

Your highness the chiefs are in the throne waiting for you femi king Adewale trusted guard said. Alright femi go and Tell the queen to meet me in the throne room the king Said. Femi bow his head and left.

Queen modupe is in her room gisting and laughing with her hand maids. You mean the guy later asked her out one of the maid Toyin asked. Yeah tell me I wanna Know the queen said smiling.

My queen femi said and bow. Femi how are you hope you are okay the queen asked.

Am fine my queen. The king asked you to meet him in the throne room femi said and leave. He is always serious Sade said and they all laugh.

Girls I will be right back let me quickly join them in the throne room she said. My queen should we go with you, they asked.

Oh you guys should just stay and enjoy I will be right back the queen said and walked out.

The queen is a good woman but I really pity her Sade Said.

Yeah I really pray the gods of our land give her, her own child cause she treated everyone equally they said. Let go back to our gist before the queen comes back.

The throne room.

Kabiesi may you life long my king they bow. You may rise. Why did are you people here cause am sure you won’t be here without reason the king said.


king we are here for a reason one of the chiefs said. It has been 10 years you got married to the queen without a heir.

If we wants to follow the traditional we will have advise you to get married to another woman since 5years ago.

But we really love the queen that’s why we gave her the grace of another 5 years.

We can’t wait again so you need to get married to another woman before the end of this month they said.

And who are you people to talk to me like that the king Said. Your highness Please calm down the queen said. Don’t tell me to calm down.

Your highness we have the right to choose another wife for you cause we’re the voice of the people balogun said.


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guys should leave i will get back to you the king said. And they all bow and Leave.

My king you need to listen to the elders the queen said. Modupe how did you expect me to get married to another woman the king asked.

My Lord you need to for the sake of the people. Remember is there right, queen modupe said crying.

Later in the night.

The king mother walked into the king chamber and met him deep him thought. Your highness why are you deep in thought did you want to kill yourself if you are like this what did you want moyemi to do the king mother said.

Mum you don’t understand I really love moyemi and I don’t think I can get married to another woman.

You have to dewale for the sake of the people. The king mother said. You are not the only one that love moyemi I really love her like a daughter but there’s nothing we can do. Adeyemi you need to understand the culture the king mother said.

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The queen have been moody since the chiefs left what happen to her Sade asked. Does idiot asked the king to get married to another woman Toyin said.

This is bad but remember it our tradition here so they have no choice I really pity the queen I pray the queen get married to a good woman like our queen Sade Said.


ON FIRE πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

Episode 2

Writer POV ✍️✍️

The next day

My king you have to marry another woman the queen said. My queen am sure you don’t understand. I totally understand.

You don’t want to marry because of me right? If you want me to be happy you have to do this. You have to get married to second wife. Dewale please do this for me the queen beg on her knees.

Fine but I don’t know any woman I can marry the king said. That’s small thing, remembered one of the chief balogun mention his daughter.

That girl is a very good girl in this community I will be happy if you get marry to her the queen said. Suit yourself the king said and went into his room.

Femi call all the chiefs and tell them I want to see them right away the king said. As your lordship pleases femi said and bow his head.

The king chamber

Your highness you call for us the chiefs asked. Yeah I called you because of the wife stuff. Have think about it and decide to go for balogun daughter the king said.

My king you have choose the right choice balogun said happily. The marriage will take place in 3days time the king said and went into his room.

Femi get the horse ready am going for horse racing the king said. Okay my king.

Sade prepare the items introduction items we are going to the king wife to be house the queen said.

But your highness why did you force the king to take the second wife Sade asked.

Hmm Sade you don’t understand anything. This is tradition and the king most surely marry the second wife queen modupe said.

Balogun resident ( one of the chief)

Ronke I have good news for you balogun said. What’s the good news all about father ronke asked. The queen will soon be here.

But for what father, ronke asked for your hand in marriage balogun replied. But dad I have a fiance ronke said.

Don’t you wants to be the queen. The king will take care of you more than your so called fiance balogun said. What about, her father cut her off.

Don’t even go there ronke, you are a woman and you know what to do balogun said and went in.

Father is forcing me to get married to the king but come to think of it is for my own benefit ronke said smiling to herself.

3days later.

My king what are you doing in my room remember you just get married you should be in the small queen room queen modupe said. But how did you expect me to Leave you and go to that woman room the king said.

My love ibironke is not just any woman but your wife. Queen modupe said and pushed the king gentle out of her room.

Meanwhile ibironke is in her room pacing to and fro.

Where’s the king he should be in my room not that old woman room. Is very important we have sΒ£x today if not my secret will be expose ibironke said. The door to her room open and age breath out in relief.

My king you are welcome she said happily. Ibironke I came here because modupe want me to so I need some rest the king said.


my king you can’t just sleep like that this is our marriage night Ibironke said. And so the king asked.

You have to perform your duty your highness. But is not compulsory if we do it today the king said. Your highness it compulsory ibironke said removing the king cloth.

The next day

Ayomi what are you doing here ibironke asked. So is true hmm just tell me the rumor is not true ayo asked ibironke is that why you come here ibironke asked feeling guilty. Why did you do it he asked.

My father force me to. But ibironke you promised me you will never leave me alone said. Am sorry ayomi you Know I can’t disobey my father because of you ibironke said.

Just shut up your father forced you and you agree ayo said. Please keep your voice down ibironke said. Ibironke what’s happening here the senior queen asked.

Oh my queen he is a friend he is about going ibironke said and go inside with the queen. She signal ayo to leave.

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