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Palace on fire episode 11 – 12

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πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 11

Writer p o.v✍️✍️

My prince am sorry adeyemi am talking to you now, oh what’s the problem prince adeyemi asked.

Have I sudden become ugly he asked and adeyemi burst into laughter. No why did you asked adeyemi asked. That girl really disgrace me Kingsley said.

You deserve it why did you ignore the other girl hand. Kingsley let go after them prince adeyemi suddenly said. But why my prince Kingsley asked. I just feel like prince Adeyemi replied.

But my prince is time for your welcome party, so that means we can’t go after them. We will come here tommorow to wait for them prince adeyemi said.

Kingsley don’t you think this place need development prince adeyemi asked. Yes my prince you need to talk to the king so they can develop this place too Kingsley said. No need to tell the king I will do it myself prince adeyemi said.

But my prince you will spend alot of money that’s not necessary I have the money. If I inform father he won’t do it on time, that’s why is good as a leader to behave like citizens sometimes so you can know what the citizens are passing through the prince said.

You are right my prince Kingsley said. What about the thing i asked you to get for me the prince asked. They will deliver it tomorrow my prince he replied.

Back to the palace.

Where’s mother adeyemi asked. Which of your mother my prince the maid asked and adeyemi smile. Queen modupe he said. She’s in her room the maid said alright I will check on her.

Who’s there queen modupe asked. It me mother adeyemi said.

Oh my son you’re back queen modupe said. Adeyemi do I look like a witch queen modupe asked. no mother who say you are a witch adeyemi asked.

No body am just asking queen modupe said. No mother you can’t just asked I know you well, I will find out who said that to you and if I found who said that to you I won’t take it easy with he or she adeyemi said and walk out.

My prince I know who insult the queen the queen Adeola slap earlier said. Really tell me he said. Hmm is the princess she said.

You mean Adeola he asked. Yes my prince. Adeola the prince yelled, what happen brother why are you shouting my name she asked. Why did you insult mother he asked.

Mother I never insult mother she said. What happen queen ibironke asked. Brother said I insult you she said. Why will she insult me ibironke asked

Mother she knew what am talking about is she the only mother we have in this palace adeyemi asked. Oh you mean that woman, she’s your mother not mine Adeola said.

Am going to report you to the king prince adeyemi said and went out. You dare not ibironke said, watch and see mother he said and walked to the king apartment.

How are you my son the king asked adeyemi. Am fine father, see am thinking if I can open big mall for mother prince adeyemi said. Which of the mother the king asked.

Queen modupe he replied. Oh but she has alot of money in her account the king said. You don’t understand father i don’t want her to sit in the house and be thinking he said.

You’re a good man and you will make a good king, she’s your mother you can do anything you want for her the king said.

And father I wants to report Adeola to you she insult mother this morning he said. Which of your mother’s the king asked. Queen modupe. What call the Queen’s and Adeola for me the king said angrily.



give me two reasons you insult modupe this morning the king said. Your highness don’t tell me you call us here because of queen modupe ibironke asked.

Did she report me to you adeola asked. Shut up and answer my question the king yelled.

My king you have to be patience she doesn’t insult me, we are just talking about something, age dare not insult me queen modupe said.

Adeola was surprised did she just lie because of me, she’s a good woman but why did mother want me to hate her she thought. Mother you and I Know she insult you, your good heart make them take you for granted prince adeyemi said.

Adeyemi my son you don’t understand she doesn’t insult me the queen said. Since modupe said you don’t insult her you people should go back to your apartment I want to discuss with adeyemi the king said.


πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘( Her Royal majesty) πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

Don’t copy or repost.

Episode 12

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️

But father why did you allow Adeola go without punishing her adeyemi said. Since modupe said she didn’t insult her let leave it like that. So father you mean am lying prince adeyemi said. Adeyemi I believe πŸ’― Percent, but am watching her closely the king said.

Adeyemi since you’re the crown prince when are you getting married the king said. Adeyemi smile when he remember the maiden he saw at the outcast of the village. Soon dad he said.

But your mother said she already gotten you a wife are you aware of that the king asked. No father, mother hasn’t tell me about it adeyemi said.



but you said queen modupe is wicked, I see her as a nice person. Don’t you see how she defend me Adeola said.

My daughter you don’t understand she’s using that one as cover up. I know her very well you should know I can’t lead you astray ibironke said.

Hm mother I don’t still see her as a bad person Adeola said. She’s doing that so you can like her, so it will be easy for her to kill you ibironke said.

Really Adeola asked. Yes my daughter, okay am at your back since am sure you can’t lead me astray Adeola said.

Omobimpe p.o.v❀️

Mobimpe come and go and fetch water, there’s no water in the house mum shouted alright mum let me go and Carry my pot I said. Here comes the girl that thought she’s more beautiful than anyone else.

I ignore there comments cause this girl’s have always been on my neck and am not in the mood to reply them today. Aren’t you the one we are talking to,

you have finally turn deaf ibidun asked me but I still ignore them. Someone is in a bad mood today they said laughing.

Say anything again and you will lost your voice I said and she keep quiet immediately. I suddenly hear someone shouting for help. Hey fools did you hear that I asked nope we didn’t hear anything they replied.

You personally are really deaf I said and walked towards the direction of the person shouting for help.

She’s drooling I enter inside the river and brought her out she passed out on my hand. Hope I am not in trouble now. She cough out and I breathe out in relief. How are you feeling now I asked her. Am fine were are my guards she asked.

Guards I asked her. Yes she replied and get up.thanks you really safe my life am princess Adetoun from the next village she said and I mouthed an oh.

My princess some men call I think they’re are guards. Were did you guys went to. What if this beautiful lady don’t save me.

Huh we are sorry my princess you’re the one that asked us to give you sometime they said. Alright apology accepted. But what are you doing here Alone and how did you get inside the river I asked. It a long story but I don’t know how I get inside the river she said.


I have your phone number she asked. Number I don’t have a phone I replied her oh alright can you do me a favor wait for me exactly this time tommorow she said. At were this place I will like to be your friend she said and peck me on my cheek. That’s weird.

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️✍️

Mother am thinking if I should open a mall for you prince adeyemi said. What did I need that for, I don’t need it send the money to my account.

I will use the money to enjoy myself no need to work my husband is a king and my son will soon by the king so what should I work for ibironke said. Fine if that’s what you want I will sent it to your account adeyemi said.

Mothers come outside I have a surprise for you adeyemi called the Queen’s my son what’s the surprised all about queen modupe asked. And why did you call her here ibironke asked adeyemi.

Mum don’t start, don’t spoil my mood adeyemi said. I bought you guys a car adeyemi said giving them the car keys.

Ibironke hissed why did you buy a car for her is she your mother ibironke asked and go in with the car key angrily. Thank you my son may God of our land continue to bless you queen modupe pray for adeyemi.

And were is my own the king mother asked. Grandma I bought yours too but I don’t want to disturb you since you are sleeping here’s your car key ma adeyemi said. Mother there’s a bigger surprise for you adeyemi said.

You talking to me modupe asked. Yes mother he replied. Go and meet your mother I don’t want her to get angry at you queen modupe said.

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