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Palace on fire episode 13 – 14



πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 13

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️

Mother did I offend you, don’t you like the car why did you walk out of that place adeyemi asked ibironke.

Adeyemi why will you by the same car for the both of us. Have you forgotten am your mother I gave birth to you but she didn’t. Mother she’s still my mother,

it doesn’t matter if she gave birth to me or not. She makes me who I am today with her advice.

Adeyemi said. So you mean I don’t I gave you wrong advise I never said that. Brother why did you always have issue with mother Because of that witch Adeola said.

Repeat what you just said and I will surprise you adeyemi said. You can’t do anything for her ibironke said. And you think I can’t repeat what I said.

That woman is nothing but a witch don’t you see how she cause problem with you and mother since we came back, Adeola said. Don’t you dare say that again adeyemi said and slap Adeola.

What did you just slap her ibironke said. Am out of here adeyemi said. Adeyemi come back here ibironke said. And adeyemi turn back.

Mother if you want peace to rain in this house teach your daughter some manners adeyemi said. Sit down I want to discuss something with you ibironke said. Am listening adeyemi said still standing.

Adeyemi don’t get me angry you can’t be standing when am talking to you ibironke said. Fine adeyemi mutter and sit next to her.

You know you’re the crown prince so you need to get married ibironke said. Don’t worry mother am working towards that adeyemi said.

No I have gotten a wife for you it’s the next kingdom princess she’s a very good girl ibironke said.

Mother you can’t choose a wife for me he said but they choose me for your father ibironke said. Mum I have someone in mind adeyemi said.

I have send proposal to the kingdom the princess suppose to be here ibironke said. Suit yourself I want to sleep adeyemi said.

You can sleep here ibironke replied him, no mother you can sleep with Adeola, you always sleep with me when you come visiting then so am leaving goodnight adeyemi said and peck ibironke cheek.

The next day.

Adebimpe p o.v

Awww bimpe see your king tosin said. Oh this drunkard again. See who we have here my princess make me your queen he said Ajayi am not in the mood just let me go this morning I pledge.

Fine you win but you must make me your king he said and walked away. Me and tosin burst into laughter that guy is really a fool.

Oh see that beautiful lady over there, I think she’s a princess is like she’s waiting for someone tosin said. oh i forgot to gist, am the one she’s waiting for.

My princess I greet oh my friend she said and engulfed me into a tight hug tosin watch in awe, have been waiting for you she said am sorry for keeping you waiting, my house is far from the river she said. No problem.

I bought you a phone so we can be communicating with it she said. My princess thank you I said. Aww this phone is the latest phone tosin said.

Really I love you I said and she smile am glad you like it she said. So you promised to tell me what brought you to our village yesterday I asked.


the thing is my mother false me to marry someone I know nothing about I don’t even love him she said, that’s bad I said. She false me to come and visit him in this village.

So I decide to come to the local part of the community she said. But who’s the person I asked. Mom said he’s the crown prince of this kingdom she said.

Oh but why don’t you want to marry him tosin asked. Because I have someone am in love with she said. Why don’t you tell your mother about it, she doesn’t want to listen to me. But my princess you need to go, is not good to disrespect your mother, you might like h when you see him I said.


Have succeed in letting the princess go to the palace me and tosin is still here working on my new phone. You’re now a big girl she said.

Omobimpe see those guys from yesterday tosin said. What are they doing here now they shouldn’t come and spoil my mood today I said. They are coming to us tosin said smiling.

You haven’t learnt your lessons I said and scoff it wasn’t my fault they are just too handsome she said.


πŸ‘‘ Her ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 14

Adeyemi p o.v😍

I left mother room and went into queen modupe room. Adeyemi what are you doing here by this time hope no problem she asked as soon as she see me. No problem mum I want to sleep with you it has been long I done that I said. Oh hope your mother is okay with it she asked. She’s perfectly okay with it I replied, and have you talked to your mother about what happen earlier she asked. Yes mother I have talked to her and we are fine now I said. That’s nice cause I won’t like it if you disobey your mother because of me, because mothers are our mirror we need to handle them with care she said. Alright mother, you need to sleep it late I said and cover her with the duvet. She’s so sweet, am sad she’s not my mother. I wonder who took my sister away from her, the person will be in trouble the day I found him or her cause I won’t take it slightly with the person. I wonder what she does to the person.

Writer p o.v✍️✍️

It wasn’t my fault they’re so cute tosin said. Look they are coming towards here she said. Hi ladies Kingsley said. Hi ladies mobimpe mimick and him tosin laugh. What’s funny he asked.

What’s funny bimpe mimick again. fvck he said what’s fvck mobimpe asked tosin.

Is alright my brother wants to talk to you Kingsley said pointing to adeyemi that’s on call.

And that your brother don’t have legs or mouth to come here mobimpe said. Ah mobimpe that’s not nice, he is an handsome guy you shouldn’t insult him like that tosin said laughing.

My prince does ladies are insane they are busy making jest of me Kingsley said. It alright it my fault I shouldn’t have asked you to go and call her,

I will go there myself adeyemi said. But my prince those ladies are insane they will insult you Kingsley said.

Don’t worry prince adeyemi said. Good afternoon ladies adeyemi greet. Is this one forming for us or what type of voice is that, are you sure you understand Yoruba like this bimpe said.
Bimpe don’t let us insult this handsome guy tosin said laughing.

Good afternoon tosin replied him, what do you want from us mobimpe asked cause it seems you guys are stalking us mobimpe said.

Am Adeyemi, Adeyemi said stretching fort his hand for an handshake. Am tosin, tosin said and shake adeyemi.


don’t shake man am bimpe how can we help you, cause we are doing something before you came mobimpe said I will like to be your friend he said.

Who me or tosin she asked, both of you he replied. I don’t need a male friend common just an harmless friendship he said.

But brother were are you from cause your accent is something it difficult for me to understand mobimpe said.

Forget about my accent will you guys be my friend he asked. No problem but you will need to collect form before you join us mobimpe said. Ha mobimpe you won’t kill me tosin said laughing and mobimpe eye her.

Yeah you will have to get form before you join us tosin said still laughing.

Alright how much for the form adeyemi asked enjoying the show they’re performing.

The Money is much oh will you be able to pay it mobimpe said. Name your price adeyemi said. 5000 she replied. Oh 5,000 adeyemi said.

You mean is too big am sure you won’t be able to afford it, since am a nice person I will reduce it to 4000 mobimpe said.

Alright I will pay you 5000 adeyemi said. I told you handsome guys like him are always rich tosin said.

It a lie am sure that 5,000 will be his 2month salary anyway am not that wicked to collect all your salary you can give me 4,000 mobimpe said. So if I give you 4,000 you will be my friend adeyemi asked.

Fast fast without delay mobimpe replied. Fine did you have naira with you adeyemi asked Kingsley.

Yeah I still have some cash he said. Give it to them adeyemi said. But it about 50,000 Kingsley said. Give them all he said.

What why did you borrow this big Money from your friend omobimpe asked. Just take it adeyemi said. Nope I won’t take all I only asked of 4,000 mobimpe said rejecting the money.

Hmmm just bring it tosin said and adeyemi give the money to her. So can I have your number adeyemi asked.

As you can see someone just gave me this phone so there’s no sim card inside maybe you should come back tommorow mobimpe said.

Who gave you the phone is it a she or he adeyemi asked. And how’s it your business she replied.

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