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Palace on fire episode 21



πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

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Episode 21.

Writer p.o.v

Adetoun are you going back mobimpe asked. Yes I need to find out who my mother is cause that queen that call herself my mother always makes me sad Adetoun said.

Alright make sure you come back as soon as you find out cause I will Missed you mobimpe said.

Sure the Audition is tommorow I will send you the address make sure you go early Adetoun said and walked out with her bags. My daughter make sure you come back mobimpe mother said. Sure I will.

Ayelagbe town.

Your highness my son Steve came for your daughter our princess hand in marriage one of the chiefs said. Otun did Adetoun know about this the king asked.

No your highness they know each other, they are lovers but Steve what to make it a surprise for her otun said.

Sorry to disappoint you guys my daughter already have a fiance and they will be getting married soon the queen said. Enough ladun who’s the king between you and I the king said.

But she’s my daughter queen ladun said with an eyeroll. But Adetoun is not around now and I can’t give you my blessings without her permission the king said.

Were is father Adetoun asked one of the guards. He is in the throne room he replied. Greetings father Adetoun bow and greet her father. You can rise my princess the king said.

Greetings to you too mother age greet. Didn’t I tell you not to come home without picking the marriage date the queen said.

You can force me to do anything again you’re not even my mother princess Adetoun said and the queen was surprised who told you that she asked but Adetoun ignore her.

Steve Adetoun called running toward him. What are you doing here you didn’t tell me you are coming Adetoun asked.

It a surprise Steve said smiling sheepishly. Since you guys knew each other. This handsome guy is here to ask of your hands in marriage did you agree her father asked. She look at Steve she was surprised.

Are you for real Adetoun asked. Yes Steve said feeling scared of rejection, I agree father Adetoun said and Steve smile. Alright you can go inside and wait for me the king said.


Father who’s my mother Adetoun asked her father. Hmm Adetoun I knew you heard something before you asked me of your mother so there’s no point to lie to you again.

Queen ladun is not your mother. Your mother was my first wife yeah my love I still love her and I regret ever banishing her the king said.

Your mother is a lovely and supportive wife, but she didn’t give birth which makes the villagers to choose second wife for me. Shortly after I get married to the second wife your mother get pregnant and I was very married.

Not till one faithful day the second queen come to call me and the chiefs to come and see an abomination we met your mother and a guard on the same bed and it a taboo in this our town.

So that led to her banishment. If the chiefs aren’t there that day I won’t have disclose it to anyone cause I love and trust your mother the king said.

Oh father I know were mother is Adetoun said. Really you Know were your mother is the king asked. Yes she’s in the next village but she’s married to another man Adetoun said.

Can you please take me to her I need to tell her how sorry the king said. No problem father I will be going back there tomorrow if you can come with me Adetoun said. Sure I will go with you the king said.



I heard you bought a mall for modupe. What’s wrong with you is modupe your mother, what’s your problem with modupe I don’t get you ibironke said Angrily.

Why are you Angry. You asked me to give you the money and I gave you. Huh I am your mother you can do anything for me not that witch ibironke said.

Mother I won’t watch you insult her like that adeyemi said and walked out. Modupe what did you do to my son that makes him love you more than me ibironke asked. Ibironke did you just call me by my name,

when did that nonsense start anyway I don’t have time to shout I didn’t do anything to your son he is also my son queen modupe said. He is not your son but mine go and look for your lost child ibironke said.

You’re reminding God to bring my child back to me queen modupe said and walked into her room.

Mother am ready to go to the girl place are you ready adeyemi asked Queen modupe. Am ready my son you’re the one am waiting for a modupe said.

Adeyemi were are you going to with that witch ibironke asked.

Mother I won’t watch you insult her am are going to were you can’t go with me he said and walked out with queen modupe.

Ibironke your case is getting out of hand why are you not tired of causing trouble in this palace huh the king asked.

My Lord am not causing trouble ibironke said. If you don’t insult the senior queen you will be punishing the innocent maids for no reason all the villagers know you as a bad person you better change your ways the king said.


shouldn’t have talk to your mother like that queen modupe said. Mother you are always on her side Even when she’s insulting you, you have to stand up for yourself don’t let her intimidate you adeyemi said.

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