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Palace on fire episode 22 – 23

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πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty )πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Episode 22.

Writer p o.v✍️✍️

Your highness this thing you’re doing is bad. Did you think I can pushed Adetoun inside fire, Adetoun must marry the next kingdom prince. I know what’s good for her she said.

Enough woman you can’t choose for her. If she’s truly your daughter, you won’t force her to do what she doesn’t want the king said.

Oh is now that you knew am not her mother. It a Shame that her mother disgrace you before she left,

since her mother can’t come back to this village and am sure she can never meet her mother she’s still my daughter queen ladun said.

Woman don’t get me angry I knew you are the one that set her up cause she’s too soft am just looking for a solid evidence to show the people so they can know you’re the bad person here the king said and sent her out. Adetoun you can’t disgrace me what did you expect me to tell me friend queen ladun said to herself.


Mother this is where we usually meet but am not sure she will pick my call if I called her adeyemi said. Try her number queen modupe said. Madam she’s not picking up adeyemi said. Ok mother let me call Adetoun adeyemi said.

Hello Adetoun where are you adeyemi asked. Why are you asking Adetoun asked, I have called mobimpe number countless times but she’s u picking and I don’t know her place adeyemi said.

Don’t worry wait for me am almost there am coming with my father, your father the king but why adeyemi asked. You will know why when I get there she said.

Why did you bring him here mobimpe asked. Because he came with the queen she said. Greetings your highness ibironke greet .

How are you my daughter queen modupe replied oh she’s not bitchy like the other queen mobimpe said. Adetoun were is your mother the king asked,

she’s inside let me call her for you mobimpe said getting up, I will be right back your highness mobimpe said to queen modupe.

Greetings your highness mobimpe mother greet the king you may rise he replied. Why are you here my king she asked. I came to ask for your forgiveness he replied.

Forgiveness that’s medicine after headache my king mobimpe mother said. Am really sorry aswear I knew you are innocent then,

but there’s nothing I can do because that’s our tradition the king said. We really need you back in the village and I will stop at nothing to find who set you up the king said.

You and I knew who sent me up it your wife aderoju mobimpe mother said. Buy w€t can’t accuse her without concrete evidence the king said.

And I will help you out Ayo said. How mobimpe mother asked. Adetoun told me ibironke is her mother friend right.

Am going to use ibironke you knew she still loves me don’t worry we will get the truth in 3 days time Ayo said. What are you up to mobimpe mother asked.

Don’t worry my darling wife I will do anything for you just to clear you from the mess Ayo said.

Back to the queen, mobimpe and adeyemi.

The queen suddenly felt like to hold, hug carry omobimpe like a baby what’s wrong with me queen modupe Asked herself.

Mother you guys are just staring at each other you have not even help me to talk to her adeyemi said.

Am sorry my son am just Carried away with her beauty, she’s too beautiful queen modupe said.

My daughter am here to tell you about my son, hmm what’s your name queen modupe Asked. Am mobimpe, mobimpe replied.

My son really loves you, he is a good boy and he is going to take good care of you. Forget about her mother,

actually she’s a very good and friendly person maybe she’s not in a good mood the day she came here. We are solidly behind you I just want you to accept him, and if you do that I will be very happy,

cause if adeyemi is Happy I will also be happy the queen said. Mobimpe felt like listening to the queen, she has the urge to makes her happy by all cost. Anything for you my queen she said.

So you have agree adeyemi asked happily. U never say that mobimpe said with an eyeroll.

But you just said you will do anything that will makes me happy now the queen said. Yes mother I mean it am just playing with him she said.

That’s nice you’re now my wife to be the palace is open for you anytime. I wants to be on my way the queen said smiling. Alright my queen she said. No mother queen modupe correct her.

Okay mother she said and queen modupe smile. Come and give me a hug queen modupe said and engulfed her into a hug.

She suddenly felt at peace, hmm mother I can’t breathe she said mobimpe said and queen modupe quickly release her.

I will see you later queen modupe said and give her some cash. No thanks mother she said.

Are you rejecting your mother inlaw to be gift queen modupe Asked. No mother she replied. So you will have to collect it if you wants to make me happy the queen said.

Adeyemi move closer to mobimpe, what are you trying to do your mother is waiting for you mobimpe said.

Relax I just need a hug adeyemi said. Hug go and hug transformer mobimpe said.


will report you to mother that you said you won’t marry me again she said. Mo adeyemi said and mobimpe quickly hug him just shut up she said.


No ibironke shouted from her sleep, she was sweating and breathing heavily, no it can’t happen she said and get up immmediately.


πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost.

Episode 23.

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️

She worn her shoes and get out of the room. Mother were are you going to adeyemi asked his mother. I will be right back she replied.

My queen you can go alone one of her guards said. Who are you to tell me I can’t go alone, get out of the road for me ibironke said. Hey were is my car key she asked.

But my queen it not safe for you to go out without guards her guard insist. Is not safe for your parents, just give me the car key I don’t have your strength she said.


Somewhere in the village.

Baba I have a very bad dream ibironke tell her herbalist. Relax my daughter what’s the dream all about the herbalist asked her. I saw my father in my dream he said he’s coming back for me ibironke said.

That’s a small thing let me Consult the Oracle the baba said. After checking somethings in his plate.

My daughter this is serious than I thought the herbalist said. What’s it baba ibironke asked.

Your father is alive and he is coming for you the herbalist said. But how come I killed him myself and I make sure he’s dead before I left there she said. Do something baba u must not be expose Ibironke said.

We need to act fast. You will have to come back tommorow I will give you the list of the things you will bring when you are coming tomorrow the herbalist said. Thank you baba I will get going before they start looking back me in the palace she said and get up.


Adetoun, Ayo called. Yes father she replied. Did you have queen ibironke number he asked. Yes I have hope no problem she asked.

No problem I need to discuss something with her he said. Were is mobimpe her father asked, she went for audition. Audition Ayo asked. Oh we have forgotten to inform you. Alright when she comes back tell her to see me Ayo said.



that your girlfriend, is her parents her true parents queen modupe Asked. Yes mother they’re her parents adeyemi replied.

Mother why are you asking, I just felt at ease and peaceful when I was with her yesterday queen modupe said. But you always feel at ease with me adeyemi said, yes but not as I felt yesterday queen modupe said.

That’s because mobimpe is a good girl am glad you like her and am sure father will also like her adeyemi said.


Hello who am I speaking with ibironke asked. Oh it me ayo, Ayo said. Ha Ayo how did you get my number and why are you calling me ibironke asked happily.

You Know we need to talk am sorry how I react to you the other day you came to my house, that’s because my wife is around.

Is alright I can’t get angry with you, you Know that ibironke said. How can we meet Ayo asked.

Am less busy let me sent you the address of where you will meet me ibironke said. Alright Ayo said.


So why did you wanna see me ibironke asked Ayo. Are you not happy to see me Ayo replied. Says who am very happy to see you am just surprised you called me ibironke said.

I want us to go back to how we use to be before Ayo said, really ibironke asked. Yes but you have to do me a favor first Ayo said.

Anything that will make you to be mine again she said. I heard the queen of the other village is your friend Ayo asked. Yes ladun is my best friend from childhood.

Yeah I heard she set her senior wife up Ayo asked. How did you know who told you she asked, let leave that to another day Ayo said, all I need from you is for you to call her and bring the issue up again I wants to hear it from her cause I don’t believe she did it Ayo said.

But why did you want to hear it from her mouth what’s your business with her ibironke asked. If you can’t help me I will leave Ayo said.

Is not up to that I will call her ibironke said and dial her number. She picked the call hello my friend ladun said. They talk about so many things before ibironke move to the main reason she called.

She think she’s wise I set her up and also kill the guards Because I knew he will expose me one day ladun said. I trust you my friend Ibironke said and cut the call. Ibironke didn’t know Ayo have record everything they talk about.

He record it and sent it to Adetoun father. So are you happy now ibironke asked Ayo. Yes I am I need to start going Ayo said. Why so fast I think we should get a room in this hotel ibironke said, we will do that some other time I need to start going there’s something important I want to go and attend to Ayo said and get up.

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