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Palace on fire episode 24 – 25

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πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 24

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️✍️

Mobimpe sat with the other ladies that came for the Audition. You’re very beautiful, it’s the skin for me. another lady said.

Am sure you are from a very rich family another asked. Am not from a rich family mobimpe replied feeling uncomfortable.

Then you boyfriend must be very rich they said. You guys should just keep quiet for once Hun mobimpe said.

What’s your problem a low life like you, you are not even happy they are admiring your beauty the one that as not say a thing since they came said. I should be happy you guys are disturbing me, I don’t like noise but am sorry if I insult you guys she said.

We are not angry with you they said, but the other one keep quiet. I think I know you adeola asked mobimpe.

Nope I haven’t seen you before mobimpe said. Oh now I get you are the low life going after my brother she said mockingly, but what are you doing here cause am sure you can’t afford to pay for the audition she said.

Are you done, I Know i can’t afford to pay for the audition but am here with you, you get any problem with that she asked. Am sure you won’t be picked cause they can’t pick a low life with me.

And this low life here will soon be your brother wife when you get home send my regards to my love tell him I missed him alot mobimpe said. Are you mobimpe the director asked you to see him someone said.

Alright mobimpe said and went inside with her. What nonsense how can they call her before me Adeola said to herself.


Ayelagbe town.

Ladun the king called angrily, your highness what’s the problem ladun asked you are the problem cause your secret is out. How dare you set my wife up the king said and hold her by her neck.

I can’t breathe she said struggling from his grip. Just die cause you have ruined me the king said angrily. My king you have to leave her we can’t sort this problem with this your action the chiefs said.

My queen why did you do that the chiefs asked ladun. Do what I didn’t do anything ladun said. Why did you set up your senior queen they asked.

Who told you I set her up I never do that she said. Then whose voice is this the king said playing the voicemail to her.

Oh ibironke have killed me she shouted. She hasn’t killed you cause I will be the one to kill you if you don’t tell me why you do it the king said.

My king you caused it you divert all your attention to the senior queen forgotten. Also your wife am a human I have feelings too she said.

That’s very good, don’t you Know I have a wife before you agree to marry me did the villagers force you the king asked. Am sorry my friend advise me to do it she said sobbing.

You’re banished from the kingdom and I don’t want to see you in the nearest kingdom what am I even saying. The guards will excort you to the forest cause that’s where you belong the king said.

You make sure you guys take her to the forest she must’nt go with anything in this palace the king passed his order and left the throne room angrily.


Guards Please I want to branch the next village I need to see someone ladun said. But my queen the king order us to take you to the forest not the next village the guards said.

Please remember the times have did good to you, just do this for me ladun said. Fine we won’t stay long the guards said.

Ladun what are you doing here and why are you putting on rag ibironke asked her friend.

I came here to tell you thank you, it’s not over ibironke mark my words my coming back for you I will expose you as you expose the ladun said. What are you talking about ibironke asked, you sold me out ladun said crying.

Then it dawned on Ibironke what she’s talking about, am very sorry my friend I don’t know Ayo will used it against you am sorry ibironke said. Sorry can’t change anything am coming for you ladun said.

You coming for me, you and I knew am way smarter than you ibironke said. My queen your time is up the guard said.

Ibironke dressed up the next morning ready to go to her herbalist place. Mother where are you going to without the guards adeyemi asked.

Adeyemi what’s your problem let mother be Adeola said. We shall see adeyemi said and went inside.

What’s happening here were is baba ibironke asked her herbalist son, aunty you have not heard, heard what ibironke asked. That baba give up the ghost immediately you left here yesterday. No way this can’t happen ibironke shout.

It seems ibironke is going down gradually. How’s the Ramadan going lovelies 😍


πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost.

Episode 25

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️

Oh no am doomed ibironke shouted, what happen to him how doesn’t happen. I thought someone like baba will know when he wants to die ibironke Said.

There’s no one wiser than God, and there’s no human powerful than death. Baba dead when he was trying to perform some ritual yesterday.

I pray God forgives him cause baba as done many bad thing the baba son said.

Baba can never die like that he is a powerful man is there no way to wake him up ibironke Asked. There’s no way the people said. Oh no ibironke said crying,

woman what’s your own now don’t cry here baba is an old man so we expect is death anytime baba other son said.

May she’s one of baba customers am very sure it evil work baba do for her too another said.

Just get out of here, how will you guys chance me out did you Know who I am ibironke asked still crying. Woman we don’t want to know who you’re just get out.

Okay my brother just calm down did baba don’t teach you work ibironke asked. Even though baba teach me I can never used it for bad thing so get out.


Congratulations mobimpe you’re choosing, you will be the lead role in a movie Eyes of blood written by Aishat kemisola. One of the director said. Oh thank you sir mobimpe said.

We didn’t pick you because of Adetoun but you are very intelligent we need people like you in the industry the director said.

And someone one want to talk with you is waiting for you down stairs the director said, his name his Mr Williams the director said. Thank you sir mobimpe said happily.

And you adeola am sorry you’re not pick that’s because you’re doing more than your self you are too proud to the extent you brought it to the show, so we are sorry to tell you we don’t need someone like you here the director said.


Are you Mr Williams mobimpe asked. Yes my darling have been waiting for you. I have an offer for you and I will be happy if you accept the offer Mr Williams said.

I wants you to model my product for me the man said. Which product is that sir mobimpe asked. Skin care cream the man said,

I will pay you the sum of 10 million naira if you agree the man said. What 10 million just to model for your product mobimpe asked.

Yes my darling or is the money small, okay I will make it 15 million Mr Williams said.


I didn’t say is small am in sir mobimpe said. This is my card give me a call when you are ready the man said.


Mother father, sister I have finally make it mobimpe shout happily. What’s it my darling her mother asked.

Talk about it darling Ayo said. They picked me in the audition and they have also gave me a role mobimpe said.

Wow congratulations my daughter her mother hug her happily. Congratulations my jewel Ayo said. High five Adetoun said.

That’s not only someone offered me 15 million to model is product ibironke said. That’s lovely my dear congratulations to you her mother said.

We are relocating immediately I collect the money mobimpe said. Worry less sister that’s what we are talking about we are relocating next week.

The first queen offer us house in the town. I wanted to buy a house we can move in before the queen beat me to that, Adetoun said.

And the most shocking things is they want to give father the title of balogun in the palace and Adeyemi open a mall for mother Adetoun said. So things are happening in my back. Yeah we didn’t tell you cause we don’t want to distract you.

Adeyemi didn’t know about the house and the title they gave your father her mother said.

And were did you put your phone adeyemi came and he called you countless times without reply Adetoun said. My phone is inside I didn’t take it with me mobimpe said.

Adeyemi said you should come to the palace the king and queen wants to see you Adetoun said. Will adeyemi mother be there mobimpe because asked. Yeah but you aren’t going for her Adetoun said.


Ayelagbe town.

My king how will we get our queen back the chiefs asked the king. She’s married to another man the king said sadly.

We are sorry you’re also at fault my king, if you tell us you wants to investigate the case then we won’t have force you your highness one of the chiefs said.

Enough I have accepted my fate. We will have to go and asked for her forgiveness Even though she won’t marry me again I will like to ask for her forgiveness the king said.

Alright my king when are we going the chiefs asked. Tommorow the king replied and went into is room.

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