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Palace on fire episode 26 – 27

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πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty) πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Episode 26.

Writer p o.v✍️✍️

Your majesty what are you doing here with the chiefs mobimpe mother asked the king of ayelagbe town. We are here to ask of your forgiveness he said.

I have already forgiven you since you guys have found out the truth, it just sad know one believe I am innocent then,

you people banished me without my 3 months baby. What if my child don’t survive without me or what if something happens to me when you all banished me then she asked.

We are very sorry that’s why we are here, don’t think about the past again.

You are here to make it up to you asked of anything and I shall Grant it the chiefs said.

Am sure you all know I can’t come back to that Village again cause I am married to another man she said.

We know we wants to make it up to you asked of anything they chiefs said again.

Fine since you wants me to ask of anything I want, the you know I didn’t give birth to a male child and am sure the king didn’t have another child apart from Adetoun she said.

Yes they replied. I want Adetoun husband to become the next king after her father she said.

the chiefs does some thinking with the king. Fine if that’s what you want so be it they said.


Ayo family were reload to there new house they are very happy. Finally we are leaving the village mobimpe said.

I can’t wait to gist tosin when she comes back she said and Adetoun smile.

Eeh sister when are you bringing your husband to be to show mother Adetoun asked. Very soon Steve is very busy Adetoun said.

Steve is that not oyinbo name did you want to get married to an oyinbo man mobimpe asked. No he’s a Yoruba man oh that’s nice I can’t wait to see him mobimpe said.

Let do fast so you can go and see your in-laws to be Adetoun said smiling. In-law to be mobimpe asked.

Yes now or you don’t have intention of marrying adeyemi Adetoun asked.

I never say that am just nervous mobimpe said. Don’t be nervous the king is a very good man you will love him Adetoun said. Okay sister I wish so mobimpe said.


No ibironke shouted from her sleep again. Hmm mother what happen why did you scream like that Adeola asked her mother.

There’s nothing major daughter when did you come back. And how far about the place you went to yesterday ibironke asked.

Mother can you believe that dirty girl brother is dating insult me Yesterday and the worst thing is they choose her over me Adeola said. So you mean Adeyemi is still dating that girl.

Did adeyemi wants to kill me before my time, adeyemi and that girl can’t work I pray he hasn’t commit an abomination ibironke said.

Abomination mother I agree you don’t like her I even hate her more for taking my place.

But why did you say you hope they haven’t committed an abomination Adeola asked. Did I say that loud ibironke asked. Yes mother what is the problem nothing.

You know the girl is a poor girl it will be an abomination if the crown prince get married to a poor maiden ibironke said.

Oh now I understand I heard from brother that she’s coming to the palace today the queen and father invite her over Adeola said. No way she must not come here ibironke said.


Who are you looking for miss one of the guards asked mobimpe. Am here to see the prince she said.

You’re mobimpe the prince fiance the guard asked. Yes am mobimpe she replied. Am sorry for questioning you my princess am just doing my job this way the guards said.


welcome my darling queen modupe greet ibironke happily. Thank you mother, and thanks for the things you did for my family and I mobimpe said.

It nothing my daughter am just trying to behave like a good mother inlaw she said. Were is the king and adeyemi mobimpe asked.

Don’t tell me you are missing your husband already. He will be here soon he went out with the king queen modupe said.

And what are you doing here, didn’t I warn you not to see you with my son again ibironke question her angrily.

Good evening my queen, but am not here for you, and I can’t stay away from your son if he didn’t stay away from me mobimpe said.

Modupe can you see your visitor is talking to me anyhow ibironke said.

Ibironke you’re very rude you saw me here before you started questioning her and you even call me by my name. I have heard enough of you so get out of my room right this moment queen modupe said.

You’re chasing me out of your room right it’s not over ibironke said and you,

you will do what I will do to you she said facing mobimpe. You can’t do me anything mobimpe said. Am sorry my daughter don’t mind her queen modupe said.

Welcome your highness queen modupe greet the king while adeyemi went to hug mobimpe happily thanks for coming he said. You are welcome mobimpe said.

They disengage from the hug and mobimpe one to greet the king that have been staring at her since, your highness am greeting you mobimpe said.

Didn’t he like me did I do something wrong mobimpe asked herself. That scar in your arm how long have it been there the king finally asked.


ON FIRE πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ ( Her Royal majesty)πŸ’„πŸ’„

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria setting πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)

Don’t copy or repost.

Episode 27.

Writer p.o.v✍️✍️

That scar on your arm how long has it been there the king asked. Scar mobimpe asked. Yeah the scar or your arm or you don’t know there’s a scar there the king asked still starring at her.

But your highness why are you asking are such question you’re making her feel uncomfortable queen modupe Asked.

Modupe I Know what am doing modupe the king said. Hmm my parents told me is there since I was born mobimpe said. And who are you parents the king asked.

My king her father is the new balogun you we wants to do is coronation tommorow, mobimpe said. Go and tell your parents I wants to see them in the palace right this moment the king said.

Wait you can’t go alone 2 of my guards will go with you the king said. Am sorry if I scared you I have something to discuss with them the king said.

Mobimpe was speechless, my king why did you wants to see her parents queen modupe Asked. My queen I don’t want to bring your hope high just wait till they come the king said.


My darling why are you home early and why’s your face like this mobimpe mother asked her. Father did you Know the king before, and you guys met before I met adeyemi she asked.

No my daughter this scar on my arm how did it get there she asked. But I told you it has been there since you are born why this question her father asked. Father, mother the king wants to see you mobimpe said.

Why did he wants to see us her mother asked. I don’t know when you get to the palace you will know cause he didn’t tell me anything he just asked me to come with you guys mobimpe said. Can I come along Adetoun asked. Sure you can come the guards are waiting for us in the car mobimpe said.


Greetings your highness mobimpe father Ayo greet the king. You may rise hope you are not Angry I sent for you the king asked.


I am not, I just want to know how this scar get to her arm. Cause I personally give my lost daughter this love Mark the day they gave birth to her the king said. Hmm Ayo breathe in, I guess she’s your daughter Ayo said.

Father what did you mean you aren’t my parents have been with you all my life how will you tell me you’re not my parents mobimpe asked. Calm down my daughter Ayo said, father don’t tell me to calm down.

Queen modupe that has been watching also asked her to calm down and she calm down instantly. Continue the king order.


Ayo and his wife was coming back from the farm few days after there marriage. My husband is that not the cry of a baby Ayo wife asked him. Yes is the cry of a baby but am sure the mother will be there let go Ayo said.

No we can’t just go like that I don’t think the mother is there she said. After so much persuasion Ayo decide to check it out.

Aww she’s beautiful his wife said, this is not the time to admire a baby let search for her parents Ayo said.

Ayo make some sounds but he didn’t see anyone, they decided to go and show the king of the village the child. Greetings Your highness they both greet, you may rise I heard you wants to see me why did you want to see me the king asked. Your highness we found this child on our way to the farm,

oh who can drop a child as beautiful as this in the farm the king asked. Since you guys are newly marriage couple I permit you guys to keep the child till we found her parents the king said.

10 years later, they didn’t see her parents and decide to go and tell the king they wants to relocating to Ayo village and the king permit them to go with her. She’s now your child the king told them.

End of flashback.

That’s it my king, oh my daughter queen modupe said crying. This can’t be happening Adeyemi said, so am in love with my sister adeyemi said.

We are not sure till you run a DNA test on her the king said. So what the village drunkard said is true mobimpe said.


My princess the village drunkard said. Adio why did you like calling me your princess mobimpe asked. Because you’re one the life you’re living is not yours and another people are taking your place.

You will be our future queen cause your husband shall be the king he said.

It seems you’re not serious. How’s that possible my father is not a king he is not even from a royal family mobimpe asked. Go and asked your father who your true parents are the drunkard said.

Mobimpe don’t mind him, we all know he’s a drunkard Tosin said. But I will still Asked my parents mobimpe said. End of flashback.

Father but I asked you and you said I shouldn’t listen to adio again mobimpe asked crying.

Am sorry my daughter I don’t want you to feel bad that’s why I don’t tell you Ayo said moving closer to her.

Don’t near me mobimpe said and ran out. Where’s she going to I can’t lose her again queen modupe said crying.

Mother sit down I will go after her adeyemi said and run after her. Meanwhile ibironke was listening to there conversation,

so she’s not died ibironke said pacing to and fro. Mother did you Know that poor girl is my sister Adeola said.

Hmm if only she knows ibironke said shaking her head. Adeola I wants to be alone she said. Why did you want to be alone is it because of that Adeola asked.

Just get out ibironke shouted. Adeola was surprised her mother shout on her she have never shouted on her before.

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