Palace Or Prison

Palace or Prison episode 10 – 11


Palace or Prison

Episode 10📕
Addison get that she’s in deep trouble she said sorry crying loudly and very scared she tried to clean Nara’s dress with her handkerchief but the clothes she’s putting on is too short to even wipe something off.
Nara:How dare you bitch😠😡 you’ve stained my dress.
Addison being very scared keep apologizing when Nara signalled to few men three of his security guards I guess. They look huge and scary they surround Addy and Addy look so small in the middle
🤠:What can we do for you Nara?
Nara: Strip her [email protected] she’s doing the show tonight instead of me
Addy:No no please no

Glenn’s POV
Why is she so scared? The Nora I know is not this soft and weak… The accident did a lot to her..she… Why do I even care?.. I’ll just let them teach her a lesson…but why do I feel pity for her?
No no way… It’s because she’s my slave and only I have the right to torture her.

The first man laid his giant palm on Addy and she fell
Glenn:Get your filthy hands off her now…when I say now as in right now
Jay:No no Glenn don’t mess with them that stripper is famous and her bouncers looks scary
Glenn:It’s not about size.
Nara:Hmmm seems like we’ve got a hero for the stripper to be. Who is she? Your sister?, Girlfriend?..yeah your s£x toy. She’s got great body after all but she can’t do it like I’ll give it to you.
Glenn: I’ve always loved coming to club and watching dirty stuffs but seeing you today makes me sick. Get lost
Nara:Tuna.. get those idiots.
One of the bouncers charged at Glenn to punch him but Glenn hold his ✊ fist twisting it really hard ,he let out a cry and Glenn turned back flipping him over he crashed on the table and all the bottles fell on his head. The remaining two bouncers charged at once and Glenn’s friends decided to help they pick bottles and break it, they put a lighter at the fire sensitive security on the wall people started screaming and running to escape thinking there’s a fire out break. During the rush up Glenn escaped with Addy. They got to the parking lot and he quickly push Addy inside and he entered as well driving away from the Club.

New York
The truth and dare game is over and the time is 2:15 in the morning. They group themselves and chose a class to spend the night in. The girls chose the staffroom and packed everything to a corner they arranged the room and let the curtains down they tied net all over and a big flat bed with one spreadsheet. They got changed into their pyjamas.
Chloe:Now the sleepover has started.. pyjamas party is the best.
They played a romantic song and asked silly girly questions. Nora got fed up of their childish royal behavior and went out if the class. Then her phone dings it’s a message
💙 TROY 💙
💬 Meet me in the P.E room now I’ll be waiting.
Nora went to the P. E room and met Troy standing near the locker.
Nora:Hi what’s up
Troy:Thanks for coming
Nora:Yeah cool so what’s it?
Troy:I want you back
Nora:So straight forward aren’t you?.. anyway it’s good but you know I came with my boyfriend
Troy:He was chosen for you dont like him do you?
Nora:what if I do?
Troy scoff at her reply and hand over his phone to her.
Troy:What that!
Nora was terrified at the content,she never thought that Addison could be this careless. She was recorded with her Uncle.
Troy:If you agree to be mine, I will delete it right now and also the copy I have at home
Nora:(She’s still trembling not knowing what to say) bb but.. Troy please don’t do this
Troy:You left me with no choice I’m giving you a day to think about it.
He left the P.E room. Nora fell on the floor still thinking of the video. When Daniel came in
Daniel: You guys don’t need to meet secretly I know you still love him
Nora:No it’s (in a weak tone)
Daniel:You don’t need to explain anything Addy. We both know our parents arranged our relationship we don’t have a thing for each other.. I also have someone I love and I’m dating
Daniel:I just decided to tell you because I don’t want to be the bad guy when you find out.
Nora:Oh God..
Daniel stood up and went back to the boys class when the prime minister’s spoilt son that harrased Addy last year came in. He’s Peter.
Peter:. Sweet Addy you’re waiting for me already?(he slammed the door behind them)
Nora: Whosoever you are I’m tired and confused right now.. come back later if you’re looking for trouble
Peter:I learnt you almost drowned yourself..has it affected you so bad? You’re not scared to come to the second sleepover after what I did to you last time
Nora:Ohhh so you’re the one I’ve been searching for you for long.
Nora put herself together and went forward to Peter looking directly into his eyes. Then without notice Nora kicked him in the groin he shouted horribly holding his so called general it pained like hell. Nora punch him so hard on the face , she continued until blood start coming out. She vented all her anger on him. She disfigured his face and left him to reflect on his mistake.

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Episode 11💫
Nora returned back to the girls feeling confused and sad.
The next morning,they all start packing their stuffs and Daniel helped Nora with her bag. Troy gave Nora an eye that all that lovey dovey is not allowed. She quickly collect her bag from Daniel and she entered the car.

It’s 4:00am
Glenn arrived home with Addy and Addy refused to get out the car. She has been crying since they left the club. She cried to the extent that she passed out. Glenn opened the door for her to come out but she nearly fell down instead if not for Glenn. She fell on his hands and he carried her inside. Mrs Mark saw him bringing Addy inside also in a bridal style she was confused and she went to the sitting room.
Mrs Mark:What’s wrong? What happened to her…don’t tell me you beat her again?
Glenn:No mom.. I don’t know why she fainted. Something happened at the club we went to and she fainted due to shock
Mrs Mark:Glenn you need to stop all these hatred you have for her. She’s just recovering from last incident her brother committed the crime not her … I even want to drop the charges against them but all for your father to be happy I asked the court to make her live here
Glenn:Mom I will never forget what they did to my sister. She’s only pretending.
Glenn walk out of his mother’s sight and Mrs Mark prepared a cold water and a towel to help bring Addison’s fever down to normal.
She watched over her till morning. Glenn was going to get a water from the fridge when he saw his mother sleeping beside Addison and with water and towel
Glenn:Why did you have to be kind to her.

New York 🗽
Daniel dropped Nora off at her house and she went in without saying g goodbye . She went to her room straight to think about the mess on ground when Mrs Leone came in
Mrs Leone:Hi baby morning.. how was the sleepover?
Nora:It was filled as well
Mrs Leone:What will you eat first before breakfast
Nora:Mrs Leone we need to talk
Mrs Leone:Talk?..
Nora:yes.. being a mother is not about housing a child, deciding for her and feeding her you’re a careless mother .. why couldn’t you protect Addy from being abused by uncle Rick?
Mrs Leone:That’s not for you to know
Nora:What the…. What nonsense can’t I Know? You ruined her life.
Mrs Leone:What do you mean I ruined her life?
Nora:Get out of my room
Mrs Leone: what has come over you?
Nora:Also I ended my relationship with Daniel he also has a lover.

Mrs Leone exit her room out of anger
Mrs Leone’s POV
What has came over Addy ever since the suicide accident?she has changed completely..she has never look up at my face and talk .hmm I need to call my doctor.

Nora slept off and woke up at 1:00pm actually Troy’s call woke him up asking her to come over to his house.
Nora’s POV
Whatever the rusk might be I must protect Addy.

She took her bath and went to Troy’s house.

Troy’s mansion.
Nora press the doorbell and the electrical gate opened up by itself
“He’s damn rich after all” she muttered to herself. She proceeded and Troy opened the door for her.
Troy:Hi(he said smiling)
Troy:Come in
Troy led her to his room
Nora:why must we talk here?
Troy:I want to delete that video I’m feeling guilty already
Nora:Thanks a lot where is it?
Troy:Don’t you have anything to say to me?
Troy:Don’t you feel sorry for me?you’re having s£x with your uncle while dating me also you’ve never allowed me to touch you is that not bad enough?
Nora:(She dropped her bag angrily) when you found out what I was going through why didn’t you save me…or try to take me away? I’m the victim here not you. You know my family chose everything for me even up to the underwears I put on I have no say in a family of my own…the best thing you can do is to date my best friend instead? Go to hell
Troy:….ok I’m sorry you’re right I was wrong now I’ve admit to my mistake I want you back
Nora:I loved you…but not anymore
Troy:Don’t force me to upload the video
Nora:What do you want? s£x? Come on come and do whatever you want with my body that’s what all of you want from the innocent girl anyway.( She removed her top)
Troy:Don’t think I’ll feel sorry for your drama… Yes I want s£x I want my hands on every part of your body ,to gst under your skirt and have my best moment with you
Nora:So now you want to negotiate
Troy:Here is the video
Nora: And the copy?
Troy:I’ve deleted it yesterday
Nora:I don’t believe you
Troy:I promise come on…I want to feel you inside me show me what you’ve got
Troy rushed over to lock the door,he turn over but was welcomed with a punch from Nora. Nora punched him hard on his face and Troy being a man,he hold Nora’s fist and slapped her making her to fall on the bed
Troy:I see you want us to end this the hard way uh?
Nora rolled to the side of the bed getting the phone and she carried her bag
Troy chuckled crazily
Troy:Do you think you can get through me?
Nora: no just watch.
Nora carried a little stool beside the bed and slam it on the window pane, it went breaking down and Nora jumped off the window. She land on her leg and she sprained her ankle, the dogs started barking at her,she managed to limp and escape from the house. She called a taxi but no one is ready to carry her. Then Daniel saw her limping on one leg and in pain. He stopped the car and helped her in.
Nara:Daniel who is she?why did you have to help another while I’m in the car?
Daniel:she’s Addison a family friend
Nara look at her very well and recognized her
Nara:What…that waitress?

Addison woke up and saw Mrs Mark beside her,she was happy at least someone cares for her here. She rose up from the couch and wake Mrs Mark
Mrs Mark:My dear are you okay?…your fever let me check
(She place her palm on her forehead)
Addy:Yes ma’am I’m okay now
Glenn:Come out now we’re going to the market
Mrs Mark: Glenn she just woke up you can get the groceries later
Glenn:Now or never
Addy:It’s okay ma’am I’m okay.
Addy didn’t even change her dress and she followed Glenn to the market.

Glenn was picking out a beef from the container when Addy interrupt him
Addy:No not that…that beef lose taste easily. Pick the one with red dots they’re the fresh ones
Glenn:(though he was angry at her but since she’s a lady she knows best) give us this(he said to the seller)
Seller:You’re really lucky young man you got a very good wife who knows how to cook.
( By now he still seeing men staring at Addison and smiling as if to ask her out if she’s single)
Addy:Uhmmm no.y..
Glenn:Thanks. Let’s go wife
Addy was dumbfounded, she couldn’t close her mouth.
Addy:Why did you do that?
Glenn:some irresponsible married men are lusting after you already
Addy:Yes so why do you care bout that?
Glenn:my slave is not allowed to be appreciated. Why did you even follow me in these dress?
Addison:You didn’t allow me to change I’ve not even taken my bath.
Seems like they’re talking very close and free now.
Glenn:Wait…are you at ease?why are you being informal with me?
Addison:I’m sorry.
Glenn left her on the scene, Addy was about to follow after him when she saw a girl being dragged away.
She tried to call Glenn but he’s out if sight.
“Though I’m not brave like Nora I can’t be selfish not to help…be strong Addy”
Addy went after them and she found herself in a place rounded by containers.
There are three men trying to rape a young girl of 16 years old. She then shouted that Police police.
The three men ran away Immediately and she went to the girl helping her up
Addy:are you okay?where is your house?
Girl:Thanks a lot sis.
Then the three men came back. Addy and the girl froze with fear and know they are in serious trouble.

Glenn noticed Addison is not talking again,he look back to check on her but couldn’t find her. He start looking for her and asking around when the beef seller told him she saw her taking a left earlier.


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