Palace Or Prison

Palace or Prison episode 12 – 14


Palace or Prison

Episode 12🥁
New York
Nara questioned Nora if she recognized her or not
Nora:I don’t know you..who’s this?
Daniel:She’s my girlfriend
Nora:So why should I know your girlfriend?
Nara:Because I Know you sly vixen Daniel pack the car
Nora:What?Bitch I’m hurt right now I need to grt to the hospital
Daniel:Nara what’s going on?
Nara:I said pack the car!🤨
Since Daniel is crazy in love he run at every command of Nara. So he packed the car near a spa. Nara alighted and opened the back seat forcing Nora down.
Nara:Daniel she’s a gold digger..she’s trying to befriend you for your money i know her she’s waitress at a club in Toronto
Daniel: Toronto?when did you go to Toronto?also Addy is not someone like that
Nora with her sprained leg managed to limp close to Nara and she used her bag to slap her face,she fell flat on the floor and the zip of the bag already cut her face.
Nora:The money I have,….you don’t have it bloody money sucker.
Daniel’s mouth was opened astonished,he couldn’t reply Nora nor carry Nara. Nora entered Daniel’s car and drove away to the hospital leaving the owner of the car by the roadside.
Daniel:Um..babe are you.?..
Nara:Don’t even dare to touch me…oh my God I’m show for this week is ruined.

The three men are moving towards Addy and the girl giving them the first feeling of death.
Addison: oooooo…oh😨😞😰 someone help
Girl:sis I’m sorry I got you into this.
Addison:It’s it’s okay..we have to run.
Addy held the girls hand and tried to run but one of the men used a big plank to slap both of them at the same time and they fell. One of the men punched Addy and her nose start bleeding,the young girl was slapped and they slam her head on the wall she fainted immediately
🚹:Seems this one is out..let taste this plum cherry(Addy)
Three of them charged at Addison at once,trying to pin her down and she’s so stubborn so one of the men brought out a know and stabbed her out of anger.
The knife pierced through her stomach and the man removed it she let out a shrill and then she start becoming weak..she keep chanting”Save me” till she lost consciousness but she could see the men approaching her with her blurry vision.

New York
Nora payed the hospital bill with Daniel’s card that she found in the car she went out of the hospital to enter the car when she felt a sharp cut in her stomach she let out a short cry and she placed her hands on her stomach in a twinkle of an eye she felt something like liquid dripping from her dress she checked it and ….. seriously she’s bleeding and there is a mark on her stomach like she was stabbed she fell down and fainted. The nurses that saw her from the reception carried her into the hospital and called the last person on her contact, Troy.


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souls got exchanged again.

Glenn arrived at the hidden place and saw three men trying to tie a lady who’s in pool of blood and a young girl who’s sleeping with her face on the ground.
Glenn was shocked with Addison’s situation. The men faced him ready to take him down as well but he’s got a defense skills he punch the first man that charged at him on the nose and kicked him away ,the second man with a knife tried to cut through his arm but he turn swiftly escaping the cut and he kicked the knife away. He slapped his head on a wall and he picked a wooden plank on the floor he threw it at the third man and he fell down bleeding from the head.


young girl managed to get up and she start crying that Glenn should save her sister.
Glenn carried Addison and rushed to the hospital.

Episode 13🥁
New York
Immediately Troy received the news of Nora fainting at the hospital,he called Mrs Leone and asked to meet up at the hospital.
After few hours that the doctor finished the closing the wound,he came out of the ICU and asked Mrs Leone to follow him to the office
Doctor:The wound is very deep thank God she was brought here on time.have you reported to the police?
Mrs Leone:(crying) Doctor I have no idea how she was stabbed or where she was attacked..i only received a call that she passed out in front of your hospital
Doctor:This is strange we thought she drove herself here…the nurse’s said she was here for treatment and within one minutes she was lying outside in pool of blood.
Mrs Leone:What?’s that possible?
Doctor: Was she not the same girl that tried to commit suicide?.. Addison Leone
Mrs Leone:yes Addison Leone
Doctor:She’s suffering from a dangerous disease….any patient like that tends to have suicidal tendency. Like looking for a way to die, carrying out dangerous acts and thinking death is beautiful..who knows she might even be the one that stabbed herself
Mrs Leone:You’re right doctor ever since the drowning attempt she has changed completely…she’s not like her real self she’s now fierce and rude. Please I want my daughter back how can you save her?
Doctor:We will organize a therapy for her.
Mrs Leone:Which kind of therapy?
Doctor: Physiotherapy..the kind that deals with healing power,using of physical techniques ,ultrasound or heat..if possible we can erase her bad memories as well she may be acting strange because she’s facing something bigger than her
Mrs Leone:But…my daughter is not crazy she’s not facing any cruel thing
Doctor:Don’t get me wrong…it’s not for crazy people. Her case is divergent either she’s facing a cruel reality and to save herself , other reference cases shows that the patient tends to have split personality have you noticed that?
Mrs Leone:Yes yes Daniel once reported some cases to me also this afternoon she did something extraordinary…the sleep over as well in short she’s become fierce and dangerous.
Doctor:It’s not her fault we will help her and I need you to sign an agreement…also you need to be there that day.
Mrs Leone:When is the test?
Doctor:To avoid shock ..we need to wait till she heals up.
Mrs Leone:Okay thank you doctor.


/> Mrs Jack and the Marks family are already at the hospital.
Mrs Jack:How can you be such an animal Glenn?even if you hate her because of her brother’s you need to go harsh on her that much for you to abandon her in a place she doesn’t know! You are not a human being..first you tried to kill her by pushing her into the pool,who knows what else you’ve done to her before this one came out? If her brother hadn’t flee back then do you think I won’t turn him in to be punished for his crime? is still sobbing) now look at my innocent daughter in pain…she was stabbed…have you ever experienced such pain? Nora oh my Nora
Kira:Mom stop crying please sister will be okay
Glenn:I…I’m I’m sorry ma’am..I..
Mrs Jack:I don’t need your apology.
Glenn’s action towards Addy since she has been living in their house start haunting him and he regretted venting out his anger on her,tears trickle down his cheek because the image of Addy in a pool of blood keep flashing through his head. Mrs Mark embrace his son and ask him not to feel guilty that he can make up for his mistakes by being nice to Addy when she wakes up.
The two families are still at the hospital and since their souls got exchanged earlier,Nora is back to Toronto.
She opened her eyes and a big headache hit her,she closed her eyes back and tried lifting her finger to get anyone’s attention that she’s thirsty.
Mrs Jack sitting next to her bed saw this and was happy
Mrs Jack:Nora..?Nora my dear are you okay?do you need something?
Nora whispered a ‘water’ but Mrs Jack didn’t get it so Glenn moved closer and ask them to get her water…when the doctor came in that she can’t have anything for now. He administered the proper treatment on her and went out.
Nora:Mrs Jack??
Mrs Jack:Yes my baby are you okay?
Nora:(she’s talking In a weak silent voice)wha… What happened?..huuu…who stabbed me?
Kira:Some rapists at the market you went to with Glenn
Nora:Rrrrapist?…oh God Addy…she must have been scared..she’s always facing trouble…poor her
Kira:What are you muttering?I can’t hear you
Nora:How did you guys find me?
Kira:Glenn brought you here
Then she tilt her face to Glenn’s side
Nora’s POV
You kill me you save me..what are you up to exactly?what have you done to the poor girl while she was here?just wait till i recover and see how crazily I’ve prepared for you. You might be stronger than me…but a power is not abused.
Glenn:Nora..I’m sorry for all what I’ve done to you.. I’m being sincere right now I’m truly sorry
Nora’s POV
Why is his face so red…he looks so sincere ..did Addy cast a spell on him or what?

Two weeks later
Now Nora is okay and she’s going to be discharged today.
Nora:Mrs Jack get the form ready I’m getting sick of this place
Kira:Nora..but why is it that sometimes you call mother “Mom” and sometimes you call her “Mrs Jack”? Is your brain still paining you from the accident?
Nora:I? I did?🧖👈
Mrs Jack:You even ate Shrimp soup 🥣 throughout the accident period..the food you hate the most
Nora:Whhhaaaat😵😵 what the….Addyyy… Poison
Kira:You didn’t die in fact you requested for two more plates.
Mrs Jack:With the look of things ..I’m beginning to suspect you….hope you’ve not been possessed?
Kira: Mom that’s old fashioned…she has developed split personality… She needs to undergo a therapy then her secrets will be out
Nora:Hey shut up(she yelled at her)
Nora’s POV
Oh no a physiotherapy is the worst idea right now they will think I’m crazy.

…Episode 14🍂
New York 🗽
Addison is lying on a fluffy chair rolled to the back a bit and the doctor’s chair is right in front of her while Mrs Leone sat few steps away.
It’s the day of the Therapy. Wire straps was glued to her head and pulse checker on her wrist.
Doctor: Addison gently close your eyes let your mind be free of all troubles…clear your mind and try to see the emptiness,pay attention to my voice only. You will hear and tell me everything you see.
Are you ready?(he said facing Mrs Leone)
Mrs Leone:Yes(she whispered and hand over a writing in a piece of paper)
Doctor:Addy Uhm do you remember one day in the garden?you were running around the garden in your Mama’s shoe can you tell me more?
Addison:(she smiled and said)uh yes I was 5..I was in Mama’s shoe and playing round the keep telling me to stop but I was obstinate and I fell
Doctor:Don’t feel bad Addy ….let talk about your 6th birthday
Addison:Yes yes the most wonderful day for me I received lots of present and mom bought me new stuffs.
Doctor:That’s nice Addy.(he faced Mrs Leone and mouthed to her”it’s going well ma’am)
Addison tell me about your 10th birthday
Addison:My 10th… birthday.. mom got me a diary saying I’m now a girl that should keep records I was happy..until.until Uncle Rick came with box of chocolates..he..😓😓(she didn’t finish it and she start crying and trying to stand up luckily she was tied down )
Mrs Leone:Doctor can we stop this please?she’s in pain
Doctor:You’re too loud. Any external constraints in the air like multiple voices can ruin her memories.
Mrs Leone:I don’t think she can handle it
Doctor:It’s her past so now or never.

Toronto 🏨
Nora was taken into the therapy room and was tied down as well and with straps running over her body.
Doctor:Owk Nora close your eyes and trace the effect of the drug in your system…(he noticed she’s in a sub conscious state and her eyes are closed)good of you Nora. Welcome to your past. Tell me what you see
Nora:I see a door
Doctor:A door?can you go in and tell me what else is there?
Nora:It’s more like a’s a court the day my brother flee from the house. Mom was holding me tight and I held my sister Kira
Doctor:Really?what’s the judge saying?
Nora:I have to stay in the Marks household for a year…I was sad and mom felt lonely she’s a single mother and I don’t want to be her weakness.
Doctor:Nora can you tell me about your school days?
Nora:It’s a Wednesday morning…I heard a neighbor calling Mom Mrs jack it sounds cool and I adopted it as well.
Doctor:Nora,when is the most happiest day of your life in school? that day I punched the arrogant bitch that sits behind me
Nora:I hate her make up.
Doctor: pardon?😮
Mrs Jack:She’s a lil bit of a rogue sir(she whispered to the doctor)
Doctor:Nora let talk about your experience in Marks’house.
Nora:My first day was good….but later Glenn that boy he drowned me in the swimming pool

New York
40 minutes later
Addison has exposed everything about her bitter life and ..
Addison:I was sad…I felt betrayed Troy and my best friend Cassandra…..they betrayed me.
Doctor:So what happened next?
Addison:I’m on a bridge..I jumped down and drowned myself….I’m suffocating…gradually I died.
Doctor:you didn’t die Addy you survived..tell me about the rest
Addison:I love my new family
Doctor:New family?who are they?
Addison:Kira..Mrs Jack and Nora I love them they’re so nice to me…I love Mrs Jack shrimp soup
Doctor:Who are these people?
Mrs Leone:I don’t know
Doctor:Addy do you remember your date with Daniel?
Addy: Daniel?I never went on a date with him he’s my childhood friend
Doctor:What of the sleep over?
Addy:No sleep over I hate sleep over I hate sleep over.
(She keep screaming and chanting the sleep over, her pulse is falling seems like the last sleepover was bad so the doctor stopped the test and leave her to rest)

Doctor:This is confusing..her case is not split personality like we’ve pictured her memories of the past is disturbing her which made her desire another person’s life. Her memories is not hers. It may be what she has witnessed or when her friends talks about their happy family
Mrs Leone:Is there anyway you can help her?
Doctor:Yes ma’am we have to erase her bad past and give her new life to embrace

Therapy room
The doctor ran the process again
Doctor:Addy that day in the garden tell me about it
Addison:I was in Mama’s shoe I fell and got bruises on my knees
Doctor:Addy ,stop running you didn’t fall you listened to your mother and you stopped running
Addison:yes yes…I stopped…istopped running and mom came to give me a hug before carrying me upstairs.
Doctor:Nice one Addy you’re doing great…now let go to your 10th birthday…you don’t have an uncle nobody came with chocolates.

Doctor:Mrs Jack,if everything she mentioned is not hers then her case is what I feared
Mrs Jack:She has always despise shrimp soup but she loved it after the incident
Doctor:She’s not happy with her life. The best way is for you to give her new life and hope…the shock of loosing her father at such a young age is affecting her mentally.
Mrs Jack:How will I do that?
Doctor: I’ll do that for you now.

New York
The therapy session is over and Addy has forgotten everything she only knows that she’s an obedient daughter that just finished school and awaiting admission. Her mother is very happy. Cassandra tried to approach her again to make up for her mistakes likewise Troy since she doesn’t remember anything anymore.
One day she saw her diary and went through it she was surprised as to who wrote such things,she keep reading and the past came flashing ugly in her head this bad headache fell on her and she screamed as she couldn’t handle all the memories coming all at once.

Nora’s case is the same just that she has changed back to a normal girl,she now calls her mother “mom” and she’s wearing girly clothes and make-up. The Marks family freed her that they forgive her family. Mrs Jack was happy but Glenn has fallen for her already and he’s looking for a way to approach her.

🐬What will be their fate now?
🦀Hope they won’t mix boyfriends here?

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