Palace Or Prison

Palace or Prison episode 15 – 17


Palace or Prison

Episode 15🍂
Addison was rushed to the hospital after the memory flash and the doctor suggest the diary should be taken away from her.
Addison:Mom..what’s happening to me?that’s my diary isn’t it?why can’t I remember anything?
Mrs Leone:You’re right my dear…you had an accident recently and you e lost your memory please don’t cry anymore you will regain your memory
Addison:I don’t want to be in this surrounding…mom can I travel out of this country I need to cool my brain
Mrs Leone:but who will accompany you?I can’t leave the family business for a vacation okay?you can go to yoga class and all but not traveling okay?
Addy:Mooom I’m not okay and you don’t care?
Mrs Leone:Where is that diary?
Addy:I forgot it at the hospital
Mrs Leone:okay so rest and think of which class you wanna go at least before your exam into college.
Addy: Okay (she said sadly)
Mrs Leone exit her room locking the door from outside
Addy:Now you’re locking me in.
Addy brought out the diary from her wardrobe and she continue reading even up to Nora’s writing.
Addy:So this is what mom is hiding from me..I even tried to kill myself😢 …(she sniff in and wipe her tears)I need to meet up with Nora but how??
Then Troy’s incoming call display on her phone📲
Troy:Uhm..hi Addy good afternoon
Addy:Yeah hi
Troy:How is your day going?
Addy:Not good please I need your help
Troy:my help? anything please I’m willing to help
Addy:I want to run away from home
Troy:What?Addy that’s too much first you jumped off the bridge now you want to run away …Addy but why?
Addy:Will you help me or not if you don’t help me I’ll look for another means i only asked you so you can reflect on your mistake of betraying me
Troy:How how did you..?
Addy:All of you including my own mother you can’t fool me okay?
Troy: I’ll be there in 10 minutes
Addy:ok.(she hung up)
Addy flung her wardrobe open and start packing few clothes and her two credit cards she didn’t want to pack much so her mother won’t suspect. She used scissors to cut her bedspread and she tied it together to make a long rope. She tied one end to the pole in her bathroom and make sure she lock the door from behind.

Nora and her sister Kira we’re going to the market to get groceries when Glenn packed beside them and offer them a ride.Nora refused st first but Kira opened the back door and settled herself in Ike she’s the boss,Nora have no choice than to enter as well.
Nora:Kira how can you forgive easily?you’re nice to the guy that almost killed your sister
Kira:But he later saved you from the rapist right?
(Nora’s memory was wiped off but Addison’s memories stayed and she thought she was the one living those lives)
Nora:Hmm very heroic I guess
Glenn:Nora I’m sorry I’ve apologized times without number.
Kira:Let me tell you one secret Nora
Kira:He’s the one that drops Flower for you every morning
Nora:that doesn’t change anything… we’re here Kira let go
Nora alighted from the cwr and Kira also.


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Troy arrived at Addy’s house and he called her,Addy checked from her window and saw Troy.
She threw her bag for Troy to catch,Troy drop it in the car and the next thing he will see is Addison sliding down with a rope like an assassin.
Troy:What?😮😮🤐 How long has she been planning this?
Addy land on her two feet to avoid spraining her ankle
Addy:Don’t be surprised let go
They both entered the car and drove away from the Leone’s house.
Troy:So where are we going now?
Addy:We?(she scoff)…thanks for the help drop me off at the airport please
Troy:What? airport?where are you going?
Addy:You don’t need to know that
Troy:I thought you only want to stay out for few days or week I never knew it will be this much
Addison:Now you know
Troy:Then I’m sorry I informed your mother already in case I won’t be able to handle the situation
Addy:What?how can you be so fvcking stupid?
Then Three cars packed beside them.


Three cars packed beside Troy’s car and from each car are well developed body guards with killer muscle.
Addison is not strong like Nora but I guess Nora’s trait is still left in her body. She back her bag and slip the credit cards into her back pocket then she alight from the car.
Addison: Sirs i can see that my mom sent you to get me but please for the last time can I speak to my boyfriend
👤:alright Miss
Addy moved over to Troy who is now standing resting his back on the car.
Addy:You’re doing this fir my sake i appreciate it but I promise to get back to you…


pretend to be removing her bag and she intentionally flung it into the water
Addy:What the…my bag🙆 my credit cards and jewelries are all there…what are you staring at?get me the bag else I’ll tell on you to mom
The 5 bodyguards dive into the water to get her bag
Addy:Now that’s what I’m talking about…beauty with brain is the thing but despite your muscles being the beauty,you gat no brain.

Addy pushed Troy away from the car and she entered putting auto lock on all entrance,she start the car and drove off with great speed.
2 minutes later,the body guards came out dripping with water and Addison’s bag but could not see her nor the car
👤:where is Miss?
Troy:Your stupidity rescued her…she escaped you fools.
👤:Oh no madam will fire us.
They entered the car and start tracing Addison to the airport like Troy told them.

In a matter of seconds they found Troy’s car with Addison driving recklessly..Addy saw the cars still chasing her from the side mirror,she step on the accelerator and keep driving at high speed. Then suddenly she couldn’t find the cars anymore she was surprised and she slow down only to see them trying to corner her at the next street. Addy veered off the car thereby making a circular motion on the road and she went on the other road that a notice for repair was put at the entrance.
She saw workers working but the speed is too much so she passed the sideways where stop notice was put🚏 but she kicked the curbs away with the car and she fell off the road landing in the river.
She can’t swim but she managed to open the car before it sank to the bottom,she opened the door and jumped on the canoe left on the river.
The bodyguards arrived there and saw only the car drowning,they all jumped in to save their dying miss who have escaped already.

Addison is now very tired and exhausted she has never tried anything that risky in her life before,she was walking around the street when she saw Daniel’s car. Daniel quickly stopped and help her in
Addy:No…no matter what don’t call Mom please
Daniel:Where are you going?what happened to you?
Addison:I ran away from home I need to get to Toronto
Daniel: Actually I’m on my way to the airport I’m going to Toronto as well
Addy:What?you ran away from home as well?
Daniel:Not every runaways go to Toronto okay?….anyway I’m sorry for not believing you that day
Addy:Which day?about what?
Daniel:Nara is a stripper I never believed you when you warned me about her being a gold digger. I heard she is performing live tonight so I want to catch her red handed
Addy:That day at the club she nearly killed me
Daniel:Since when did you start traveling alone?
Addy:Do you believe in soul switching?
Daniel:What’s that?
Addy:What about having a doppelganger?
Daniel:That’s trash how can that shit exist!
Addy:When you don’t know it then don’t laugh at me okay?
Addison explained everything to Daniel and even showed him the diary but as expected he start this crazy laugh
Addy:I knew it…this is no joke Daniel…if not for that Troy that snitched on me telling Mom about my plan….I wouldn’t be telling you this
Daniel:No no Addy just that you’re very funny lately… So you’re saying the date and the sleepover you weren’t the one with me but Nora.whos Nora that’s just your imagination Addy I don’t think we can travel together
Addy:Daniel please I’m begging you…just help me to Toronto and I’ll prove it to you and if I couldn’t then you can take me back home
Daniel:Wait are you looking for a free ride?
Addy:Nooo(she brought out her credit cards) I still have money.

Glenn called Nora that they need to talk and if she can make it to the club tonight
Nora:Yes okay.

Since the car is beside the bridge,

Episode 17🍂
Airport 🛫
Daniel and Addy arrived at the airport and he advised her to stay in the car while he confirm their flight.
Daniel went to a building just beside the main entrance to arrange for Addison’s visa though he paid a lot for it.

Addison rest her back on the seat and she set the mirror to herself to make her hair into two plaits like a small girl when she saw 5 cars driving towards the packing lot…she recognized the car Immediately that her mother have sent more of the bodyguards. She scattered her hair to cover her face and she put on Daniel’s cap then she bow her head like she’s looking for something.

From each car are 4 men each except the big white van that consist of 6 men
🚹:She must be somewhere around here find her. Check the next flight schedule abd everything
🚹🚹:yes boss.
They came closer to the packing lot and start checking all the cars

Addy’s POV
Oh no..I pray these big heads won’t find me.i fooled them once but twice won’t be guaranteed..
Three men are coming already,I can hear a loud desperate knock on the windshield but I pretended to be asleep but these people are so stubborn like they know I’m the one and I don’t want to create attention for more of them to notice me so I scattered my hair very well and I yawned like I just woke up I made an ugly face that shows they’re disturbing my sleep. The two men apologized and went away…phew😩 at least I escaped this.
I can see Daniel coming from the building,he tried opening the door but I’ve locked it already and he had this expression on his face like “Who owns the car?” I quickly opened it and removed his cap
Daniel:What’s wrong?
Addy:They are here… mom’s adamant bodyguards.
Daniel:Now you’re turning me into a fugitive as well
Addy:What to do now?they are looking at everyone even the covered Muslim wives.
Daniel:Hmmm what can we do?okay an idea.but we need to get to the shopping mall over there
Addy: for what?
Daniel:Let go
Daniel hold her very tight and ran to the shopping mall,he picked few men’s clothes and order her to try them on
Addy:What?I should wear this?
Daniel:Do you have any other idea?
Addy:Nooo but
Daniel:Just go in we have 40 minutes left
Addy went in with the clothes and she came out looking completely different. She rolled her hair into doughnut and she wore a cap , putting on a black trouser and a blue shirt with red tie.she look like those male idols that some girls are catching glimpse of her and blushing already
Daniel:🤣🤣 people believe what they see I guess…let go we’re good to go
Addy:Am I that weird?
Daniel:No you look handsome…oh sorry you’re fine anyway.
They entered the airport and went on a queue to have their papers checked.
Finally it’s their turn and now the bodyguards can be seen watching from afar but they couldn’t recognize her. Daniel held her hand and they went into the next room to get to the plane.🛫
👩‍💼:5 minutes left to take off..all passengers should use their belt
Will all passengers please switch off their phone.

The plane took off and the body guards returned back home telling Mrs Leone that Addison wasn’t at the airport.



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