Palace Or Prison

Palace or prison episode 2


Palace or prison

🌹Episode 02🌹
Kira’s class
Kora:Kira Kira your sister is in trouble
Kira:This is the 500th time you will repeat that dialogue for the past 5 years
Kora:but they’re gonna arrest your sister
Kira:She goes to prison every Christmas so you’re not used to her craziness
Kora:what?(panting really hard)
The security men arrived at the scene but Nora got away meanwhile someone reported her to her mother already about what happened in school.
Mrs Jack:Nora?
Nora:yeees?(stretching the yes)
Mrs Jack:Nora baby?what happened in school today?(holding the rolling pin firmly)
Nora:Mrs Jack,nothing really happened today just studying as usual
Kira:Nora that’s a lie
Nora:Mrs Jack your daughter is too rude can’t she call me Sister?
Kira: I’ll call you sister the day you start calling Mother “Mom”
Nora: I’m going out I have to meet Mason
Kira:really?(getting excited)can I come along?
Nora:Sure,he invited me for dinner after school so seduce him as much as you want
Kira:what?I don’t like him(blushing)
Nora:look at her going red.
Nora went inside and changed to another dress she went over to Kira’s room to call her but saw a princess instead
Nora:who’s visiting a prince?
Kira:Are we not going to Mason’s house?
Nora:no no definitely not like can you follow me looking like a duck 🦆?look at the colour of that lip Gross it’s too deep you look like a witch
Kira:what do you know about lip Gross?Can’t you wear a normal dress for a day?
Nora:so this is not normal
Kira:I pray you meet some one that will change your destiny
Nora:Stop cursing me and let go.
They went to Mason’s house and he opened up but was disappointed
Mason:you brought your sister along?
Nora: Yes actually
Everywhere is dark except the candle light he set across the hallway the perfect setting to propose.He took them to the dinning and served the food and wine he had prepared by the chef
Nora:why is it so hot in here?is your girlfriend coming?turn on the A.C please
Mason:Won’t the candles be out?
Nora:I don’t know rich people with your problems
Mason:Kira what’s up are you enjoying your meal?
Kira:yes thanks
Nora received a call and she pack her things that she need to leave
Mason: Finish your food at least ..are you leaving me alone here?
Nora:Kira is here take her home after dinner please see you later
She pick a carrot from the plate and went out
New York
Cassandra inform Troy about the drug Addy do take and they plan to investigate more.
Addison got home late and she went straight to her room,she changed to her nighties and her uncle came in as usual.
Someone rang the gate bell and Mrs Leone opened up for them, it’s Cassandra and Troy
Mrs Leone: I’m sorry guys but Addy is sleeping already
Cassandra:But the light in her room is still on also we plan on going out tonight
Mrs Leone:She might have forgotten bout it
Troy:Cassy forget it let go home
Cassandra:you can go home,Mrs Leone mind if I get a cup of hot coffee?
Mrs Leone:Sure but in my own private chamber
Troy: goodnight Cassy
How stupid of Mrs Leone to let Cassandra into the house.Mrs Leone invited her to the private chamber and she left for the kichen to get her a cup of coffee but Cassandra is so sly and she sneak to Addy’s room she bring out her phone and peep through the door that was not closed…she couldn’t believe her eyes she was shocked but managed to record everything going on in that pinky room with dirty atmosphere so she recorded everything and quickly returned back to the private chamber.Mrs Leone served her the cup of coffee she sip it excitedly and left the house.The following day at school she showed the video to Troy
Cassandra:so do you now see what a girlfriend you have?a pornstar
Troy:this is not possible
Cassandra:with that video you’re still confused?
Troy:you’re such a bad friend Cassy,don’t you feel bad for her being pressurized like that?instead of doing everything to help her to be happy….why are you doing this?
Cassandra:look at her face!does she look forced?don’t you understand why I hate her?I was the one that saw you that day but because she was too forward to wear my clothes that night..I would have been your girl instead of her


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morning in Toronto
It’s the day of their final exam to graduate high school.Nora wrote something meaningful despite her stubbornness and she passed . Everyone was amazed at this evil like spirit girl performance but tomorrow is Thursday and they will be having Mathematics but she stayed at home.
Mrs Jack:Nora are you not taking math?Kira is gone already
Nora:Mrs Jack..did you passed math when you were in school
Mrs Jack:You know I’m not good at math
Nora:it will be against our family tradition if I pass mathematics
Mrs Jack: I’m sure there was some mixed up at the hospital where I gave birth to you
Nora: have you informed Kira we are going to the Marks’ house after graduation
Mrs Jack:you mean you’re going before you gain admission into the college because Kira will be in your class after this exam
Nora:I can’t go to that household think they will treat me well with the fact that my brother killed their eldest daughter
Mrs Jack:it’s not my decision to make NORA it’s the court judgement to stay in that house for a year
Nora:what if they kill me too?
Mrs Jack:that’s why I want you to be nice to them and win their heart
Mrs Jack:are you scared? I’m getting excited it’s fun to see you scared
One week later,it’s their graduation day, finally Nora is leaving high school and her mother is helping her to pack her belongings
New York 🗽
The graduation ceremony is over and at night,Addy went to their classroom to check it for the last time before leaving high school but unfortunately she met Troy and Cassandra making out on the table kissing
Addy:Troy?!…Cassy..what’s going on here?
Troy:You’re disturbing us here..get out of here bloody whore
Cassandra:yes young prostitute,are you not going to meet your uncle tonight?
This rang a bell in her ears and she ran out of the class in shame with tears in her eyes.She got home and went to her room without saying anything to her mother.but after two days and Mrs Leone noticed her mood she went to her
Addy:Troy broke up with me
Mrs Leone:what!?…oh my baby don’t be sad okay? I’ll introduce you to PRIDE company family his son arrived from the states recently
Addy dropped her food and went to bed crying.Mrs Leone called the PRIDE company that she want his son Daniel to meet Addison for a blind date.Mr Miles the owner of PRIDE company agreed to this but not Daniel
Daniel:Father you know I have someone I like too
Mr Miles:I know but I can’t turn Mrs Leone down, we’ve been partners for years now and I’m very close to her late husband.. they’ve always look up to us also Addison is a very pretty and obedient girl
Daniel:I don’t like dumb and gentle girls
Mr Miles:the bad girl you like didn’t return your love anyway she chose her club life over you it’s a stupid crush
Daniel:no dad it’s an innocent crush for good four years.I want a girl that doesn’t care about wealth and status.
Mr Miles: I’m sure you’re gonna change your mind once you meet her


and Kira arrived at Mark’s household and Kira went back after dropping her luggages.The Mark’s family welcomed her but Glenn’s thirst for revenge awakened.
It’s been two weeks and Nora has been trying her best to avoid Glenn in the house until one day that the whole family went to the market so she got dressed to hang out with her friends when she came across Glenn in along the swimming pool
Glenn:Where are you going?
Nora:uhm to hang out with my friends
Glenn:if you’re here like a prisoner behave like one okay?get back inside now
Nora:(she smirk at him)seems you’re on drugs
Glenn:I don’t repeat myself
Glenn kicked Nora and she fell into the swimming pool.She’s a great swimmer but before she could stand up Glenn jumped in and pinned her down into the water she tried flipping him over but it was no use she felt her brain getting consumed and her throat getting hot,she’s suffocating she was really scared at the moment and wished Glenn could hear her plea.but it was fultile

Addison was sleeping in her room when something woke her up and bad thoughts ran through her mind she took her diary and wrote it down.She left the house for a walk and saw Cassandra
Addy:so you’re even ignoring me now
Cassy:I have no business with you
Addy:I can’t believe this. .how much I put my trust in you you’re my best friend and you betrayed me.
Cassy:best friends don’t hide secret but you did

Addy:even if I had told you what can you possibly do about it?
Cassandra:then I could have done something at least
Addy:that’s not an excuse for betraying me and snatching my boyfriend
Cassandra:He was never yours to begin with now get out of my sight
Addy:please I’m sorry Cassy I’m lonely
Cassy:(she jerk her hands from her dress)do you know your problem?you’re too dumb,stupid and nice that’s why I hate you I can’t believe you still want to get back with me how pathetic of you.
Cassandra left her on the scene and she went to Troy’s house but Troy said the worst to her and ask her to go and die.She went to a bridge and she fell off.She drowned herself but keep saying in her mind
Addy:God please forgive me for taking the gift of life you gave to me… I wish to die right now so I can be free from that cruel palace I’m living in,free from Uncle Rick,free from Troy,free from Cassandra and from my careless mother..i…I.wish to disappear.(she thought faintly and she stopped breathing
Destiny played a huge game and Addy’s soul left her to enter Nora’s soul in Toronto while Nora’s soul went to Addison’s body in New York.
Their souls got exchanged.


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