Palace Or Prison

Palace or Prison episode 5 – 6


Palace or Prison

Episode 05🌹
New York 🗽 city
Leones Mansion
Troy went upstairs to meet Nora.He knock on the door and..
Nora:You can come in
Troy came in and met Nora in a short evening dress never told me you’re dressing
Nora:what’s there to hide?we came to this world [email protected] and so we shall return
Troy:not that I’m not okay with it but…ever since we’ve been dating you never showed me your body like this
Nora: Really?oh uh you’ve missed a lot then thanks for telling me
Troy:so are you okay now?
Nora:Yes..thanks a lot for caring so much as an ex boyfriend.
Troy:I just hope we could be friends again
Nora: cool..of course I’m okay with it
Troy:(he gave her a hug)thanks for being alive Addy else I would have been miserable by now
Nora’s POV
Just watch how I will make you miserable for life.
Nora:uhm you should get going now..see you tomorrow (she disengage from the hug)

🌻🌅🌅🎢 Toronto
The next morning,Addy woke up and tidied up everywhere in the house just that she doesn’t know how to cook.Mrs Jack was surprised once again
Addy:Mom..don’t be shocked by my behavior from now on I will be a good daughter to you
Kira:Sis…are you dying soon?
Addy:Silly cat(she went over to flick her forehead) I’m not dying. You’re so cute so I can’t leave you behind..also Mom I looked through my wardrobe and couldn’t find a single clothes where are my clothes?
Mrs Jack: It’s in the Marks house
Addy:oh…that house I will have to go cuz of my brother’s case
Kira:Sister just hang on for a year it’s a matter of a year
Mrs Jack:hurry go and take your bath you can wear one of Kira’s dress we’re going to the market for your clothes
Addy:It’s a matter of two weeks here,I will just do off with Kira’s Clothes
Mrs Jack:No no baby do you know how long I’ve wanted to buy clothes for you?
Addy:ok then I will join you in 10 minutes.
She went to the bathroom
Kira:Mom..Nora never take 10 minutes..she uses up to 25 minutes as if taking a royal bath
Also she has never said sweet things to me before.
Mrs Jack:People change and things change.

New York
Nora took a bubble bath with Wine at the side of the bath tub 🛁🍷
Nora’s POV
Hmmm I can’t believe I can change this much a bubble bath I’ve always crave for..
(She wrapped a short towel and went to the wardrobe)
Oh no this temptation again this is a huge test for me oh Lord…how will I look like in these clothes.
She keep trying all the dresses on but couldn’t find a proper one to put on when Mrs Leone came in
Mrs Leone: Having trouble with anything dear?
Nora:yes a huge one..I can’t find any dress to wear
Mrs Leone glanced through the whole dresses on the floor
Mrs Leone:you’re nervous because of a date
Mrs Leone:You’re going on a date with Daniel’ve forgotten so soon?
Nora:I’ve forgotten totally
Mrs Leone:Here wear this
She chose a short wavy gown for her and a platform which makes her look like Cinderella.She make her hair into curl and put on a two step earrings.
Mrs Leone:oh my God you look Divine
Nora: 💰 Being rich is something.
Daniel arrived at the Leones Mansion and offer his greetings to Mrs Leone also he brought some gifts for her.He kissed Nora’s hand and opened the door for her.They drove off to a restaurant.
Daniel: Pardon me Addison but I’ve ordered the dish already
Nora:Sure no problem since I won’t pay for it
Daniel:you’re funny Addy
The waitress came with two trays of Steak🍽🥩 also a sea food 🥐🍤by the side with red 🍷 wine.
Nora noticed the sea food and she covered her nose ..She hate Sea food not that she’s allergic to it but she just despise the taste or even seeing it
Daniel:Your mom told me how much you love sea food
Nora:Uh?which mom of mine?🤨😐 I hate Sea food.
Daniel:Sorry I guess I misheard then.
Then Cassandra and Troy could be seen walking into the restaurant hand in hand.Nora sight them and holla to them.


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🐬 Episode 06🐬
Nora:over here please
Troy:oh..uhm hi Addy
Cassandra:Hi Addy..hi Daniel you’re here for your date wow I hope it click
Daniel:it’s up to her
Nora:It depends on your gentleman attitude
Daniel:Why don’t we eat together?
Troy:no we’re here for Normal brunch not really important so you both should enjoy your date.
They left them alone
Then Daniel received a call it’s from his Crush asking to meet up
Daniel:I’m sorry Addy but can we fix this date to tomorrow?an urgent issue came up now
Nora:oh ok then
They entered the shopping mall and chose lots of clothes for her and things she might need
On her way home ,Mrs Jack said she forgot something and went for it. Then a strange woman approached her she looks more like a witch
Old woman:Hmmm karma karma never say Help I repeat never shout for help
Then armed robbers attacked the area and took her as hostage.she start crying for help ignoring the warning and their souls switched back .she went to her body in New York and Nora returned.

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😎Palace or Prison🎸
🎼 Episode 07🎼
Armed robbers attacked the area and took her as hostage then their souls switched back. Mrs Jack was scared and confused the police arrived at the scene and he raised a knife at Nora’s neck so as to escape
Nora’s POV
What the…holy Mary how did I come back here?that’s Mrs Jack wait what is this cold thing on my neck.(she touched the thing and it turns out to be a 🔪 knife) oh my.. Mrs Jack how did this happened what is going on here?
Thief:I’m taking you along with me. My gang have left me here I need to escape
Police:Drop that knife and release the gurl.i repeat release the girl
Thief:Another step.and I’ll kill her
Police: Surrender now or…
Before the police could finish his warning,Nora already kicked the thief on the jaw with her elbow.He tried to cut Nora’s arm but she kicked him in the ground(😬)and the knife fell off his hands then she flip him over making him to crash on the ground.
Nora was dusting off her hand but to her surprise everyone was already clapping for her. The police man compliment her bravery and they took the thief away.
Nora:Mrs Jack what are we doing here?
Mrs Jack:We came to get you clothes before the whole thing.
Nora:Anyway let go home it will be dark soon.

New York 🗽
Addison found herself back in her body, she feel like dying again and didn’t know how to go back. Mrs Leone opened the door and came in. The very presence of her mother scares her
Mrs Leone:Hi was the date?
Addison:(her start beating fast) ddd date?
Mrs Leone:Yes your date with Daniel
Addy:Uhm it was good
Mrs Leone:Come downstairs for dinner okay?
Mrs Leone returned downstairs,and Addy cuddled up in a corner she hug her knees and slide down on the wall she start crying silently.
A call came in on the landline in her room and she wipe her tears and picked the door.
Addison:Yes? Addison here(in a distant sobbing voice)
Daniel:Oh hi… Addy I’m sorry about today something came up.. I will pick you up tomorrow.

Then a girl start talking underneath
🙎:Baby come here I’m on
Daniel:Shhhh I’m making a call here
Addison:if you’re busy you can call me tomorrow.
Daniel:Oh ok.
Addison went downstairs to eat.

Kiss club
Daniel is seen with a lady in a VIP room romancing together.
That’s the girl he have a crush on but not knowing she’s after his money
Nara: Daniel I also love you but I didn’t know how to express myself
Daniel:I’m so happy today Nara
Nara:Come here
Nara pull him close with his collar and she removed his jacket.Daniel fling open Nara’s shirt and removed her shirt now she’s in her red bra and panties. Daniel’s long lost dream came flashing to his mind that if he ever got a chance with Nara what he’s going to do. Daniel removed his belt and another call came in.
Daniel:uhhhhhhh why? Hello Dad
Mr Miles:Your mother is back from oversea go and pick her at the airport
Mr Miles :yes now (he disconnect the call)
Daniel:Sorry Nara I gotta go I’ll come here tomorrow. You’re still here right?
Nara:Yes I’m a waitress here.
Daniel left the club and Nara went deeper into the VIP section.she opened another door which leads to a room. She got there and people start looking at her lustfully she undressed herself and went up the stage. Nara is the best stripper in Kiss Club.

Nora:Mrs Jack what’s up for dinner?
Kira came in with bowl of shrimp 🍤 soup again
Nora:You’re kidding me right?

New York
Addison finished eating and decided to shower she opened the shower control and rub her body weakly. After freshing up she brought out her diary to write but met another person’s writing she read it and was happy the girl in her home is very friendly. She write a message in case she came by again she closed her diary and hear approaching footsteps. The man opened the door and it turns out to be Uncle Rick
Uncle Rick:Hi Addy?😊
Addy:(oh no who will help me now)
The word HELP that she mentioned sent a shock through her body. Her soul transfered back to Toronto and Nora came around.

😁It seems uncle Rick will get a good beating today.

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