Palingenesis – Episode 5



Palingenesis – Episode 5

By Akpede Isaac Olutosin

*Present day***
You know what they say about holidays being the sweetest part of school, well this was not the case with the 4 lovebirds, they kept praying for the holidays to be over in no time. Just as if God answered their prayers specially, the 2 weeks holiday ended just like magic, a week into resumption, everybody resumed school in grand style, some people who had cars before came with new ones, some that didn’t own a car last semester brought theirs.
Everybody came with a killer swag; Isaac was the first to resume school among the four, and then Clarieta, Ben and Ejiro respectively. Now it’s 2 weeks after resumption date and lecture is about to
Commence. The four of them both agreed to meet up at the school gate as usual so they could walk
into the class together with their special type of swags. It actually worked though because the
Class rep who was addressing the class when they walked in actually paused till they got settled in their seats, all eyes were on them until the class rep cleared his throat and continued.
“As I was saying, the lecturer that is supposed to take us Statistics in Economics had an accident
and will be unavailable for now, so for now we will have to receive lectures from a 400l
Economics student, she is quite good in statistics and the school authority will like us to accord to
her the respect we give to other senior lecturers” said the class rep. “And speaking of lectures, we
are having her class right now so I will beg us all to behave and respect her very well” he concluded
and went to his seat.
Everyone was now murmuring about the new development.
“Haaa no be that small girl wey dey form over sabi for 400l dem dey talk?”
“Na she oo, that girl is way younger than me fah, how do they expect me to respect someone that I am older than.” a guy said with his strong illorin accent.
Everybody kept dropping their opinions, some even said she wasn’t even up to 25 years old. All
what they think and say doesn’t matter, as long she has been appointed by the school authority and moreover that girl is more brilliant than 10 lecturers put together, she is one of, if not the most brilliant statistics student in the wh0le of the federation. She has won countless awards for the school and even individual awards, she is truly of the task given to her.
Everyone in the class were still murmuring but suddenly everybody kept mute. I am sure most of them didn’t keep mute because of the lecturer respect they have for her but were mute because of the heavenly figure in front of them, this girl is a combination of Beyonce, Aishwarya, Ximena duque and the most beautiful girl you have seen in one body.
Her beauty is beyond what I can describe! Have you ever seen a perfect structure before? Her body
structure is flawless, her beauty is out of this world, her height is excellent, her eyeballs are
breathtaking, I could write an epistle about how beautiful she is but I don’t have the liberty to do
“Good morning class, my name is Anne Daniels but y’all can call me Miss Anne, I will be taking you
Statistics until your lecturer is fully fit to return to work. I would love to know all of your names
right now but hey how many names can I keep in this little head of mine, with time I will get to
know you all very well and I hope we all work together as one big happy family. We are all Great
Nigerian students you know. Great Nigerian students” she shouted with her tiny angelic voice
that could raise a dead man.
“Greeeeaaaaat!” the wh0le class chorused and all smiled.
“Now that’s more like it, let’s all ease up please, we are all working together to achieve a common
goal. Speaking of working together, the following people with these matric numbers should please
come to the front here.” she wrote the matric numbers on the board.
The class-rep stood up and walked to the front , one other girl in the class followed suit and then Clarieta which now makes them 3 people in front of the class and the lecturer wrote 4 matric numbers.
All these while Ben was so stunned by the Lecturer’s beauty he had begun to fantasize both of them in a yacht playing love, taking her home to meet his parents, he was so lost in the imagination that he didn’t even know what was going on in the class.
“Ben is that not your matric number. ” said Ejiro who was seating beside him. Ben didn’t hear her speak because he was still lost in his fantasy island. “Ben is that not your matric number !” she shouted this time so loud that the lecturer heard her.
Ben regained consciousness and saw his matric number on the board.
“Wetin I do?” he asked no one in particular because it was more like a reflex action or else he
wouldn’t have spoken pidgin in the class so loudly knowing fully well that a lecturer was in
class .
“Wetin you do be say you dey keep the wh0le class waiting, when you are done please come forward.” Anne replied in her funny pidgin English mixed with Queen’s English.
The wh0le class laughed at her pidgin English, just like everybody in the school, they were beginning to
love their new lecturer, she seem to be very nice, humble, and funny. Join those attributes to an epitome of beauty and who wouldn’t love anyone that is blessed with all of that.
“When I was told I will be lecturing you guys, I requested for your scripts, it was marked already and most of y’all did really well but only these 4 four here performed excellently well and that is why they
will be the 4 that will be working together with me for the betterment of this class. That will be
all for today, lecture starts tomorrow. The 4 of you must be in my office an hour before lecture
time tomorrow. Thank you guys. Good day to y’all.” She walked out of the class majestically
and minutes after she had left, the wh0le class still remained mute, guessed her swag and class
walked magic on them, She is really a special lecturer after all…..
She got into the little office the school provided her which was close to the economics block and buried
herself on the couch.
“It was easier than I thought, it seems those students are gonna cooperative, I am glad I don’t have to shout to get anything done. The class seems to be filled with people with matured minds and they really know what they are here to do.”
flashes of the events that just happened were running through her mind, she was really scared that they wouldn’t even pay attention to her because some of them are older than her while the majority are age mate and then suddenly she remembered the dude that was lost in thought, he is so handsome and from what the scripts said, he must be very brilliant.
“That’s just my spec.” she said to herself ……
The following day came just like a whirl wind, maybe because all the boys in the class were
looking forward to Miss Anne’s class. Miss Anne just got into her office not quite long, the office is
really small but she is just a student lecturer so she should not have expected something bigger.
She was busy preparing the lesson of the day, she sure wouldn’t want to mess up on her first
lecture, she is aware of the effects her magic had on the students yesterday and now she has to up
her game and keep up with the tempo.
A knock on the door distracted her a little but she still continued with her studying . “Come in” said
Anne, and just as if the four of them had planned to walk in according to their height. The other girl
that came outside with them yesterday was the first to enter and she also happened to be the
shortest among them, followed by the class-rep and then Clarieta, the lecturer still focused on her
study book until she felt the presence of a guys who has been able to do what no man in her life
has done, he makes her melt in,side.
Ben came in and sat on the couch with the other girl because the two chairs in front of the table were occupied by the class-rep and Clarieta.
Anne closed her study books trying to avoid the others noticing how she felt when Ben entered.
“Good morning guys, your names please. “
“I am Olutosin Adegoroye.” said the class-rep.
“I am Clarieta Ozabereme”
“ I am Zainab Lawal’ the other girl said.
“My name is Benedict Osevwe but call me Ben for short.”
“Okay nice to meet you guys, once again my name is Anne Daniels. I appointed you guys for the following, you guys will be responsible for the success or the failure of the class, in the sense it is your responsibility to let me know if anyone is lacking behind in class and you should also be able to tutor some of your classmates during free time. That will be all for now, I hope we will make a great team.” She concluded and stood up to shake them.
The class-rep first, Clarieta, Zainab but when she was about to shake Ben, something happened.
***Unknown time****
Many people were gathered at the village square, they were all summoned by Ajadi, they had to honour his call even after they have all decided to stay away from him and his lover but there is no way they will write the history of the village without mentioning Ajadi’s name.
What he did for them in the war can never be overemphasised and that is why they are here to honour him, the wh0le council of elders were there, men, women and children were all there. Ajadi was loved by all untill the issues with Omolabake started.
“As you all know, I am Ajadi omo Balogun” he started.
“You all are aware of the sacrifices I have made for this village, you all know the outrageous things I have done just to keep this village safe. I have fought so many battles, I sustained many injuries to my flesh and many injuries to my heart. I have lost many of my friends, friends who I personally convinced to follow me to war. I did all these things because of my love for this village and my love for the generations yet unborn. Right now I have made a choice, a choice which most of you have rejected me for, I know not the reasons why you all reject me for my decision” he paused and walked closer to the audience.
“When I made the decision to die at war for this village, nobody rejected me for it. When I went into reckless battles for this village, nobody rejected me for it but now that I have decided to marry the one my heart chose for me, you all rejected me.
I am not here to sympathise for you people to accept me and my chosen bride but I am only here to beg you for one reason” he continued
“On the next full moon I want to marry my chosen bride Omolabake right here at the market square and I want the blessing of the elders. As soon as we are done with the blessing, I will leave this village with my wife never to return again, can you do this for a soldier who would have laid down his life for all of you without a second thought” he asked
Everybody kept mute, they were all ashamed of their actions, ashamed for abandoning one of their finest soldier. One of the elders stood up to speak after they have all deliberated for a while.
“Ajadi igo we will stand by you on this, it’s your decision to make and you have made it already. Even if you want to keep on living in the kingdom, it is alright by us” A man who appeared to be the head of the elder’s coucil said.
“Thank you very much elders, thank you very much everyone for sparing me your time and thank you for your cooperation. I will always remember  all of you wherever my destiny takes me ” Ajadi said and walked away.

To be continued

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