Pandora episode 25

Episode 23
“Who dares broke the seal!!?” A voice came, I and my friends turned back to see a figure in a majestic horse cart, it’s the king!, He sat down comfortably, he’s said to be old, like in his 70s but he still has his 30s face. He looked at us with anger, his face burning and directly staring at me.
“We don’t know sire!, we were attacked by two beasts!” I answered humbly bowing down a bit.
“You all used magic!, You defied the laws of this land, you’ll be executed for this!” The King said.
“King Moraes Sire, They actually helped us” A knight said as he struggled to get up from the ground.
“How?” King Moraes asked
“Well, they helped us to defeat two beings who broke the seal sire, we should be grateful to them.” The knight answered
“But they defied the laws of Argalon!, they must be punished!!!” King Moraes Said
“Seize them!” He ordered the knights
“Stop!!!” Hercules yelled slowly pulling out his axes
“We came in peace, we’d be happy to leave in peace!” He added
“We saved your kingdom! And you choose to punish us instead?” Roy said, spoke bravely.
“We risked our lives for a kingdom that’s not ours, we deserve better” Lexi added
“You better allow us to leave, your guards can’t take on us!” Pasiphae said
“I came here to warn you in the first place, but I was apprehended by your guards!.” Shyla said
“Do you still wanna punish us?” Lin asked as she raised her sniper up, positioning it on her neck.
“You should reconsider your decision father” A sweet voice came from behind, wearing a little but fitting crown, she’s the Argalon princess and only child of the King.
“Laurel, we’ve been living with this rule for years!!” King Moraes said
“Maybe it’s time for a change!, Not all those that practice magic are evil!” Princess Laurel said.
“Father, I want us to treat them well, at least for saving our people.” Laurel said
“Very well, then. I can’t disobey my princess.”
“You, what’s your name, and where are you from? ” King Moraes asked, pointing at me.
“I’m Pandora sire, From Astoria.” I said and King Moraes’s eyebrows went up
“Astoria, How’s your Edward, Your King?” King Moraes asked.
My head went down and my mood changed immediately
“He’s dead about 2years ago sire, My father is dead!” I said and tears fell of my face
“Your father?!!!” Moraes asked
“I knew I’ve seen you somewhere before!!! What are you doing here then?” He asked
“It’s a long story your majesty” I said
“Guards! esc-rt them to the palace!” King Moraes ordered and he went back to the Castle
Byron dressed in his finest armor, swords and different weapons stacked all over, he seems ready for war and his face isn’t smiling either.
“I invoke on you, human or not, spirit or wizard! You who killed my wife and unborn child! With the Power of Krohn in me, I invoke on you. If you are not a coward! Come!!!” Byron said, thunder clapping heavily as he spoke
The cloud darkened, lightening followed the thunder, it looked like there was going to be a storm.
Durham appeared
“Your grieve, you yelling, you invoking me is making me angry!!!” Durham said
“You killed my wife!! You killed my child, I’ll kill you” Byron said and Durham busted in laugher
“Human! You can’t kill me, No one can, Not even with the Dagger of Life!” Durham said and paused, sent a chilling message down Byron’s spine
“I’m Durham, a forgotten ancient god, I do only what’s right to balance life. I did only what’s right in your case! I don’t care if I hurt you or your wife in the course! People know me to be an imaginary god, but I’m muc more than that, Only I, Zeus cannot defeat where as I can defeat him, I know the secrets of the universe, I know the weakness of each and every god.” Durham said
“I’m done talking with you” Byron said and started using his powers, he made all the weapons on him float in mid air, he then targeted them at Durham and he sent them. The weapon stopped right in front on Durham and they fell down.
Durham gro-ned, and just that sent Byron flying, clashing against a shelf. Byron stood up.
“Wh…. Why did you did it?” Byron asked, after feeling the power Durham has.
“Your son is going to be a great threat to the world, he’d be born with powers greater than him. He’d turn evil and kill you!, he’d destroy the spirit of waal, he’d kill the beholder, he’d kill everyone you know, he’d rule all the kingdoms, become the greatest tyrant. Do you want that to become of your own blood? ” Durham asked
” How will I know if you’re telling the truth? ” Byron asked
*When Byron Was With Durham*
“But an old man told me my son is meant for great things, he
told me he’d help pandora with her battle!” Byron lamented
“It’s all lies!, He wanted that child to be born so he could
train him, morph him into what he want and make him evil!”
Durham replied
“Durham never lies! If you need me, say my name!” Durham said and vanished.
Royce is seen walking with a staff, he walked around a cemetery and stopped at a particular grave. He pointed the staff at the grave and an hand dug out from the ground, then the wh0le body came out.
” Go!!! And Die no more” Royce said after fortifying him.
The King is truly a nice person, we dined in his court, he set up a great feast for us, we ate what we’ve not ate for a while.
“So tell me everything that happened” King Moraes said
I sighed and poured out my mind, summarized the ordeals that we went through to him.
“But how do you know my father?” I asked
“We were great friends, until we fought” King Moraes said
“Why?” I asked
“We just had a misunderstanding! Don’t worry,  you’re safe here, I’ll treat you all like my sons and daughters!” Moraes said
T. B. C.
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