Pandora episode 29

Royce arrived at Astoria dressed in one of his finest attire, though he stays at Rivendell most times, but there’s no place like home. He loves being at Astoria.
Guards welcomed him and esc-rted him to the King’s court. Seems he called for a meeting. In the King’s Court are Rivendell and Astoria’s finest knights.
Royce is a smart ass, he already knew Veta had failed, he knew Pandora might be attacking any time soon.
“I’ve called you all here for a reason” Royce said and paused, took some sip of his red juice.
“I can feel a war approaching, I need Astoria to be strengthened. I’m sure you all know Pandora…..” Royce said, they all nodded their heads.
“Good, she might want to rebel against me, she’s planning to take over. I want Astoria’s border to be full of our finest knights. Any sight of Pandora, I must be informed. Okay?….. Meanwhile, prepare for war!” Royce said and stood up, went straight to his chamber.
“My mistress to come, have you figured out a way to impress me yet?” Lucifer asked cunningly.
“I’m meditating, I need silence!” I said, sitting down, crossing my legs and closed my eyes. I’m trying to become one with the spirit of Waal, I need it more than ever now.
“You seek me queen” The Spirit spoke, I opened my eyes and saw myself in another place entirely, it’s a garden full of beautiful flowers and a stream, slowly flowing. I saw the spirit standing in front of me, I was surprised, did I just escape?.
“You’re still in Lucifer’s abode queen.” The spirit said and paused
“How do I get out of here please help me” I said
“Only you can help yourself queen, your power is wide, you’re yet to know.” The Spirit Said
“Look in,side the stream, is there anything you might want to retrieve there?” It added, i raised my eyebrows in surprise, I moved closer to the stream, dip my hands in,side. I closed my eyes deeply and felt my environment, I removed my hand and there was!!, the Ring of Zein back on my finger.
“Thanks for this, but hint me, how can I escape” I asked
“I leave that to you queen, figure it out!” The spirit said and disappeared.
I opened back my eyes, saw Lucifer staring straight at me.
“You’re powerful, become my mistress, let’s rule the world together” Lucifer said, trying to convince me.
“You know what Luci……? I actually thought I liked you, but I just found out it was all lies, you’re trying to manipulate me, You asked me to impress you, I’ll do so!” I lambasted him and it felt so good. He was also shocked by my bravery.
I closed my eyes once again, my mind was traveling super fast, my mind divided into 7, I was trying to channel Byron, Xena, Hercules, Lin, Shyla, Pasiphae and Roy’s mind. My divided minds were running so fast until one falls, that’s the one for Xena. I wondered what could be wrong. I was able to get in their heads.
“Guys! You’re all hearing me, I know, you don’t need to know how!” I spoke…..
**”Pandora, where are you? Talk to me please” Byron asked**
“I’m in Lucifer’s hands, he’s got me caged, you need to save me!” I said
**”How do we kill Lucifer himself?” Pasiphae asked**
**”We can’t kill Lucifer but we can defeat him by stopping him” Hercules said**
**”I think I can handle this” Byron said and called Durham out. Durham heeded his call and he appeared dramatically like he used to. He transported them all to Lucifer’s abode. And they appeared before Lucifer and I**
“Guys!!!” I said excitedly
“Oh Oh, Pandora, you really impressed me!, I may be Lucifer but I fulfill promises.” Lucifer said and smiled, then he opened the cage and I got out. I was confused, will he just release me, just like that?
“Byron!” Lucifer said and walked up to Byron.
“Just so you know, I’m that old man!” He said and laughed evilly.
Byron was filled with rage, he started emitting white light, he’s using Krohn’s power, he invoked on a Derek to attack Lucifer, but Durham stopped the Derek and sent it back.
“Why did you do that!” Byron asked
“Things happened most times the way you don’t want. No matter how much power you have, you can’t kill Lucifer, he is nature and he’ll continue to be!” Durham said and transported them all back to Argalon.
“I’m done with the world for now, Pandora, the rest is your work!” Durham said and disappeared.
“Uhm Byron, what happened back there, why you so mad at Lucifer, and where’s Xena, I feel like something’s wrong” I said
“Durham killed Xena and my unborn baby, it was for the best though….I’ll explain to you later” Byron said
I felt for Byron, I felt sad that Xena had to die….
I looked at Lin, having lost her she must be so broken.
“You have to leave Lin! I can’t put your life in danger!”
Lin nodded, that was her brother’s last wish, she felt she had to honor it.
She took out the Inter portal transporter and activated it
“Bye guys, will see you again” Lin said with teary eyes and jumped in.
T. B. C.

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