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Perfect hearts episode 10


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Jeremy’s head tilt to her face and he saw a little swell on her cheek, it looked bigger than her normal cheek size and he noticed a small side of the swell was red.
Rebecca’s expression vanished as soon as it appeared.
“Tch!” She scoffed at him before brushing past him as she walked away.
She climbed the stairs, heading to the restroom, she locked herself in as soon as she entered and stared at the mirror hung on the wall, she carefully examined her cheek, the makeup had washed off as she could see a side of the bare wound. She brought out a handkerchief from her pocket and carefully wiped the rest of the makeup off, wincing intervally in pain. The wound became fully visible, even more visible that it originally was and the wound bump seemed to be getting worse.
Was it the makeup? She thought, checking it out properly. It wasn’t her first time applying makeup to conceal an injury on her face, so it couldn’t be it. Becca thought further, a frown on her face.
*…if you’re mean to good people, you get wrinkles and turn to an ugly-looking grandma overnight!*
His words subconsciously rang into her head and the frown deepened on her face as she pondered on it..
Could he be saying the…
She shook her head instantly at the thought, as if shaking the rest of it off.
That has to be impossible!
She checked her face in the mirror again, going through every aspect of it carefully with her fingertips..
Is it her or is her face having some unusual changes?
“Could it..could it be..” the words died down in her throat. Fear very evident in her expression.
Wrinkles?! Her subconscious completed and she shook her head vigorously, sending every iota of his words off her head.
It can’t be true!, She thought, disturbed. Her face just needs some face lotion to be fine, that’s it!, She added assuringly and unconsciously his words rang in her head again and she unexpectedly shuddered at it.

Why’s she so disturbed. She’s sure he only made those words up to torment her but she doesn’t know why it is affecting her this much.
Becca shook her head once more, letting out a huge exhale, she took out her purse and opened it.
She turned her cheek to the mirror and took out the makeup items from it, she left them on the sink side and carefully she began camouflaging the wound with it.

“See you guys on Monday! Bye!” Fiona waved as they got outside the school gate together.
“Yeah, you too!” Jeremy waved at the girls.
“Enjoy your weekend Alicia, I’ll call-
“Jeremy, don’t forget; you owe me a call” Alicia said to Jeremy, cutting Harrison’s words off.
“Yeah, okay” Jeremy said.
She smiled. “Bye-bye” she waved at him and rushed to meet the girls.

“She’s always so hard on me” Harrison sighed to Jeremy.
“Who? Alicia?” He asked and Harrison nodded.
“It hurts so much when she ignores me!” He added. Jeremy stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. “Or cut me off when I’m talking to her. It makes me feel useless” he said.
“Well..you should tell her how you feel” Jeremy said.
Harrison smiled sadly. “Nah.. Alicia likes smart and intelligent guys and I’m not that type of guy, but still I’m trying to fit in” he said.
“You like her?” Jeremy asked.
“Of course! Ever since I met her! But I doubt she feels the same way for me”
“Have you tried telling her about your feelings and asking her out?” Jeremy inquired.
“Yeah. Once. When we first met but she turned me down after saying I wasn’t her kind of guy. It’s been almost a year already though” he said with a stale expression.
“Oh” Jeremy said, speechlessly.
“It’s been quite long though. You’ve been friends ever since and gotten to know more of each other. Do you have plans on trying again?”
“With how she treats me after my first confession, I don’t think so. I’ll just try extra hard to fit into her taste and maybe when she starts to treat me more nicely, I will” Harrison said.
Jeremy nodded and looked away.
They drew closer to the partings.
“Hey, you can’t tell her about this, okay?” Harrison said and Jeremy nodded. “Promise?”
“Yeah, I promise” Jeremy said, his brows narrowed.
“I’m scared she might start to feel bad and hate me” he said. “Thanks. I’ll see you on Monday!” He added, waving at him as he walked to his path.
Jeremy waved back and continued his journey home afterwards.

Getting home, he met Kylie on the couch with her cell phone as expected and she didn’t seem to pay much attention to him as he walked in and announced his presence.
He left her, for his room and dropped his shoes. Easing his toes with his fingers, went to his tiny closet and took off his uniform, changing it to casuals.
He wore his footwear and took a smaller bag from the line.

He opened his backpack and began taking out the necessary books from them. He paused and kicked against it when he remembered, the next day would be weekend and a school-free day. He began unpacking the books back into his backpack.

He stood up from his bed and walked to his study table, he was about picking up his cellphone when his gaze caught the blue diary, resting beside it.
Last night, he couldn’t help going through the diary after seeing the name on it and he was awed when he realized it contained all of JD’s song lyrics. It was like the owner had practically left the diary for her songs and he needed no doubt that whoever it was would be a die-hard fan, just like himself.
He had spent most of his night going through the book and it got him even more excited.
There were some other song lyrics in it that he didn’t know but he didn’t care, he just read what he knew and sang along with the song in his phone using the diary, his initial plan forgotten.

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He picked the diary up and sat on the study chair, he opened it and forcefully made his gaze focus on finding a means to return the diary and not singing the lyrics or sitting back to enjoy it.
At the introduction page, he found a number and he picked up his phone and dialed it. He placed it on his ear and heard it ring.

Rebecca tilt her face repeatedly as she stared at the mirror. She sighed despondently and sat on her bed.
Truly her face was looking a little different and oddly rough. His words didn’t stop ringing in her ears no matter how much she pushed it off it assured herself that he had made it up.
She frowned as she touched the rough marks she had strangely and countlessly yet tirelessly made herself to see.
Her ringing phone distracted her from the mirror and she picked it up. It was an unknown number.

Unaware, her gaze moved to the time and her eyes widened. How much did she spend staring at the mirror.
She answered the call with un-interest.
“Hello?” The caller said.
She recognized the voice to be a males’.
“Yes? Who are you and how did you get my number?” She asked.
“I got your number from your blue hard-covered diary. It’s yours right?” He asked and she didn’t realize when she gasped; too loudly.
“You found it?” She said, elated. “I mean yes! It’s mine!”
“Well, I have it. It has been with me for some days now. I just went through it yesterday and saw your number. Will you come pick it up?”
“Of course! Yes! Thank you!” She said. “Where are you?”
“At Kitts library, that was where you dropped it after hitting me in a hurry” he explained.
“Oh!” Becca gasped again, recalling the incident. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice. I’m coming right away, anyways” she said. “Thanks a lot!” She said.
“You’re welcome” he said and hung up.

Rebecca put the phone down from her ear and picked up her jacket before rushing out of her room.
“Going somewhere?” Her mom asked, walking out of the kitchen.
“Yeah. I just got a call. Someone found my diary and I’m off to go pick it up!” She said.
“Oh..have Gabe drive you there to fasten the journey, so you don’t keep that person waiting” Tess said.
“Sure!” Rebecca said before walking out of the house.

She signalled to the driver and got into the car.
He started it and drove her to the library as she instructed.
They arrived there and she got down and took out her phone, calling the number.
“I’m at the library, where are you?” She asked.
“Oh..so quick” he muttered but she heard it. “I’m almost there. Just a minute” he said.
“Okay” she said and hung up. Walking to her, she rested her back on it and waited.

Minutes later, her phone began ringing, seeing the number, she answered.
“I’m there and I can’t find you, where are you?” He asked and she unrests from the car and began looking.
“I’m outside!”
“I can’t identify you, can you give me something- oh, are you the one close to a blue Hyundai car?” He asked and she turned backwards..
“Yes, it-
Her words died down when she saw him and her brows furrowed. He walked towards her and paused in front of her.
“You?” She asked, her brows narrowed.
“Yes, it’s me”
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