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Perfect hearts episode 11


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Jeremy placed the phone on my ear and almost immediately, it began ringing and was answered.
“Hello?” He said.
It took a moment before he got a response.
“Yes? Who are you and how did you get my number?” The receiver asked.
Jeremy knew at once that whoever it was, should be a female.
“I got your number from your blue hard-covered diary. It’s yours right?” He asked and heard her gasp loudly, a small smile curled on his lips at it.
“You found it?” She said, elated. “I mean yes! It’s mine!” She added hurriedly.
“Well, I have it. It has been with me for some days now. I just went through it yesterday and saw your number. Will you come pick it up?” He asked
“Of course! Yes! Thank you!” She said. “Where are you?”
“At Kitts library, that was where you dropped it after hitting me in a hurry” he explained.
“Oh!” She gasped again, lowly this time like she was recalling the incident. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice. I’m coming right away, anyways” she said. “Thanks a lot!” She added.
“You’re welcome” Jeremy said and ended the call.

He pocketed the phone, took the diary and picked up his earphone, checking out his outfit, he nodded satisfactorily and walked out of his room.
“Hey, are you going to meet mom?” Kylie asked, she was no longer on the couch and he noticed she had changed her clothes.
“Not yet, I need to go to the library first. Why?” Jeremy asked.
“I need to give Mom the list for the groceries, she probably forgot to take it with her” she said.
“Oh well, should I give it to her?”
“Nah, you do your thing. I’ll just go myself, don’t worry” she said.
“Okay. I’m off!” Jeremy said and walked out of the house, heading to the library.

He was almost halfway through the journey with his earphone booming to one of his fave song when the song changed to his phone’s ringing tone. He recognized it as *her* number and stopped to answer.
“I’m at the library. Where are you?” She asked almost as soon as he picked the call.
“Oh..so quick?” Jeremy muttered to himself before he realized it.
She must love JD so much! He thought.
“I’m almost there. just a minute” he said.
“Okay” she replied him and hanged up.

Jeremy took off his earphone, wrapped it around his neck slightly and ran the rest of his journey to the library.
He hadn’t imagined her to be so quick. He must’ve wrongly calculated the journey for her.

He arrived at the library minutes after, looking around the big and bustling area, he dialed her number again.
“I’m there and I can’t find you. Where are you?” He asked after she answered.
“I’m outside!” She said.
“I can’t identify you, can you give me something- oh, are you the one close to a blue Hyundai car?” He asked, staring at the petite lady answering a call close to a car.
“Yes, it-
She turned and her gaze met him, he heard her words die down too and her brows furrowed.
Rebecca?! His subconscious spilled to him.
He’s been talking to his arrogant seatmate all along?

He ignored her stare and walked towards her, stopping in front of her.
“You?” She asked, her brows narrowing as a slight frown stayed on her face.
“Yes, it’s me” he replied her.
“Here?” He stretched her diary to her and she took it. Giving him a look, she turned, in a bid to walk towards the car door.
“No thanks?” Jeremy asked and she turned back to him.
“I did that over the phone already. Twice” she said, her voice cold.
“Oh” Jeremy said not in the least surprised.
She had acted nicer on the phone.
“How about an apology?” He asked.
“Apology?” She repeated, giving him a questioning look.
“Yeah. You didn’t apologize when you pushed me at the library then” he said.
“Ah! I apologized on the phone too. You’re smart, you should remember that” she said.
“Tch! Do you really own that diary?” Jeremy asked.
“What are you insinuating?” She asked, crossing her arm as she rests on her car.
“JD?” Jeremy said and Rebecca’s face twitch to a slight frown as she suddenly unrests from the car, giving him a straight look. “That diary is filled with her song lyrics” he continued.

“S-so?” She asked, suspiciously.
“I greatly doubt that someone with your attitude will Stan her genre of music. Her songs isn’t fit for your character, it’s way too opposite” he said.
“I see you still exhibit the habit of going through others’ stuffs” she scoffed. “What business of yours is it if I listen to her songs” she asked.
“I’m her biggest fan” Jeremy said. “and to think that I had to run all the way down here, hoping to meet a die-hard fan like myself and get along; I meet you and of course, your mushy attitude. I should’ve just been a tortoise” Jeremy said. Rebecca quietly stared at him, not saying a word.
“Sorry for going through your diary, I just needed information to return it and honestly, I read all it’s content cos my fave was involved, I couldn’t help it” Jeremy said.

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“Your fave is someone that doesn’t have a face? Someone scared to reveal her identity? A coward?
Tch, you’re even more pathetic than I thought” Rebecca scoffed.
“She does have a face, okay? She just has her own reasons for not revealing it just yet and that doesn’t make her a coward. And you, aren’t you a hypocrite? You listen to her songs and even write them down regardless of your mushy personality, yet you call her a coward? You’re the most pathetic” Jeremy said, giving her a deep frown. Rebecca stared quietly at him and Jeremy turned to go..

“Hey!” She called him after he took a step and he turned to look at her. “Since I’m too egoistical to thank you verbally, can I buy you a drink?” She asked.
Jeremy stared at her for a brief moment.
“I’m too egoistic to accept a drink offer from a hypocrite. No thanks” Jeremy answered and walked away.

Rebecca stood and stared after him for a few minutes, her arms crossed as her gaze lingered on him. She smiled lopsidedly, glanced at the diary and walked into the car.

Jeremy arrived at the store and played with Axel and his action figures. Leaving him, he finished up with the rest of the laundries and left the mild ones for the next day for hand wash.
Soon, his mom left with Axel to her work.

After locking up the store properly hours later, Jeremy walked home. He arrived to home to meet the savouring aroma of the dinner Kylie was busy preparing in the kitchen.
“I’m home!” He informed her.
“Welcome!” Her head popped out through the kitchen door.
“Ahh! I’m so hungry” Jeremy mumbled, walking to meet her in the kitchen.
“Cut it out, we’re not eating without mom and Axel” Kylie yanked, slapping his hand away from the plate of lasagna.
Jeremy grumbled funnily at her and walked to his room. Getting there, settled then undressed and walked to the shower. There, he quickly had a shower and shampooed his hair thoroughly to make up for all the days that he couldn’t. He dried it and walked out.
Arriving at his room, he took went to his closet and pulled his night wear on.

He walked to his small study area, sat on the chair and took out his books. He flipped through them to read and began reading, he had barely gone through a page when his phone began ringing.
He picked it up and checked; Alicia.
“Hello?” He answered.
“Hey. Are you busy?”
“Uh..not really. Why?”
“Nothing” she said.
“Okay. Why’d you call?”
‘Seriously?’ He heard her murmur. “Well, because I have to remind someone he owes me an apology call” she said sarcastically.
Jeremy gasped slightly. “Oops..! I totally forgot” Jeremy said, sitting up.
“Not enough. I reminded you” she said .
“Yeah, I was busy and it just skipped my mind”
“Still not enough, Jeremy. You owe me” Alicia insisted
“I know, I’m sorry. I’ll just hang up and call you now-
“You won’t hang up on my call again, Jeremy” she said.
“Oh. Then I’ll just call you later?”
“Nah.. that’ll be boring since I’ll expect it” Alicia said, grabbing her pillow as she turned upward, a smile across her lips.
“Um.. you’ll forget about it?”
“Never!” Alicia said sharply.
“What do I do then?” Jeremy asked.
“You think of something” she said, biting her lower lip slightly.
“Um..I don’t know. What do you suggest?”
“Uhhmmm..” Alicia drawled thoughtfully, “A song?” She said.
“A song?” Jeremy repeated, questioningly.
“Yeah” she said. “sing for me!”
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