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Perfect hearts episode 12


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“Sing? You’re kidding right?” Jeremy asked, laughing slightly at the supposed joke.
“I’m not!” She said. “I want you to sing” she repeated.
“Like right now?”
“Yeah. You asked for my suggestion.
Why? Are you scared that I might not like your voice?” She asked.
“No, it’s not that”
“Then what? Don’t tell me you can’t sing!”
“I can! I mean I do sing a little, sometimes”
“Cool. Then sing. I’ll let you pick a song” she said.
“Uh okay. It might not meet your expectations and before you get too surprised, just remember you asked for it” Jeremy said.
“Okay. Now sing” she said, giggling.
🎶 A thousand reasons why I can’t put up this piece together.
🎶 I’m a person, why do I have to live differently
🎶Can’t be ashamed of who I am, or maybe it’s just the other life speaking
🎶I sit back and wonder how I came this far, when you’re here!
🎶Do I have to be camouflaged and let my voice speak out
“Wow! You’re good!” Alicia commended, giggling. “What song was that?”
“Why by J.D”
“J.D? Who’s that?”
“An artist?” Jeremy said, his brows narrowed slightly.
“Right! But how come I haven’t heard about him? Is he new?”
“A She not a He and she’s not new, she’s been singing for over three years now or more. I guess she’s just not that popular” Jeremy said.
“Okay. I’ll check her out later” Alicia said. “We’re good now BTW. I’ll call you back later, don’t fall asleep yet, okay?” She said.
“I don’t know but okay” Jeremy said.
“You had better not fall asleep Jeremy Harris, I’ll be back! Bye” she said and hung up.
Jeremy sighed and dropped the phone.

Alicia seems very friendly to him, how come Harrison thinks otherwise about himself?

Rebecca left her window when she heard a knock on her door the next morning. She glanced at her table clock and realized it was breakfast time, so she knew who to expect at her door that morning.
She walked to the door and touched the knob to open it but stopped when she heard the voice.
“Rebecca? Are you awake?” Her dad’s voice jerked her up a little. He knocked again.
She hadn’t expected the knocker to be him..

“Um..yeah. I’m coming” she said after being quiet for a brief moment. She took a quick check around her room, everything was well kept and without suspicions, she sighed in satisfaction and opened the door.

“Good morning, dad” she greeted, moving aside for him to walk in.
“Morning. Did you sleep well?”
“Yeah” she nodded. “Um..why are you here?”
“Your mom wants you down for breakfast” he said..
“Oh.. I’ll head down-
“Wait,” her dad stopped her before she could walk past him outside. She stopped and gave him a look.
“Yeah?” She said when he was quiet for a while and just staring at her face.
“I just want to-
His ringing phone cut his words short and he brought it out of his pants pocket. He took a glance at the screen and answered the call.
“Yes, Mrs Davis?” Her dad said and Rebecca’s brows furrowed slightly. The name sounded very familiar.
It might just be a coincidence.
“It’s okay. You didn’t have to call, I’d have called you instead. Thank you, anyways” her dad said, bringing Rebecca back to reality, and dropped the phone.

“I knew you’d make me proud again!” Her dad suddenly said, drawing her close to him and kissing her forehead. Rebecca’s face twitch at the sudden movement. “You’re lucky I still believed in you! You did well, Rebecca? I’m glad!” He added and Becca nodded absently.
He patted her shoulder lightly and walked to the door, he paused at it and turned to her.

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“Oh and hurry up to the dinning. I have something for you after breakfast!” He flashed her a smile and walked out without getting a response..
Rebecca stared confused for a moment.
When he walked in, it seemed like he was about to scold her again for her grades and then suddenly he received a call and suddenly seemed very happy with her.

Mrs Davis? Rebecca thought. ‘Could it be her homeroom teacher?’
Did she call to tell her dad about her score and it possibly changed his mood and he became happy with her?
Rebecca thought carefully and suddenly it all started to make sense to her.

Mrs Davis had been the one after all, the one informing her dad about her poor and good grades.
No wonder she always seems particularly interested in her but Rebecca hadn’t read much into it.
“Tch!” Rebecca’s lips twitch in surprise and anger.
Truly, her father gets all the information from Mrs Davis about her school’s activity.
She recalled when she had signed up to join the choir for a school play, she had done this secretly without her parent’s knowledge but her dad had found out that exact day and made her quit but not without smashing her laptop where they began practice, online.

It has been Mrs Davis all along.

“Rebecca, honey?” She heard her mom’s faint voice and quickly walked out of her room, heading to the dinning room.

“Arrgh!” Kylie groan frustratedly from the couch.
“What is it, Kylie?” Jeremy asked, walking into the living, with Axel beside him, his hair deemed from a wash.
“This damn house,” Kylie gritted. “I can’t find my brushes!” She said.
“Ohh.. have you checked your room?” Jeremy asked.
“Of course. Where else would I check? I checked it twice” she said.
“It probably dropped into your toilet? You should check it out”
“Ugh dummy! My brushes; like my make up brushes!” She fussed, annoyed.
“Oh..well sorry for caring” Jeremy said, walking to another chair.
“Whatever! I’ll just ask mom” she said, putting her make up items into a box
“Hey hey! What are you doing with that?” He asked.

“What? It’s my make-up” she said, her brows narrowed.
“Yeah, I know. I meant the box” he said.
“Oh, I lent it. My make-up box is faulty” she said, her gaze focused on arranging her makeup.
“What? You can’t just lend my stuff without my permission. You didn’t even ask me first” he said.
“You weren’t home and I didn’t think the box was so useful to you-
“Well, you still should’ve asked me first before taking it”
“Yeah alright”
“Where are my stuffs inside the box before you took it?”
“Oh, I left them in your room drawer and I left the pictures in your diary. By the way, I didn’t know you keep a dia-
“Wait..what diary?”
“The blue hard-covered book in your room. I found it on your desk”
“No no! You didn’t” Jeremy gasped
“Yes I did!” Kylie responded, raising her brows at him.

“Aw.. come-on!” He frowned
“What? I didn’t think it’d be so safe In your drawer and- oh I get it now. I didn’t read your diary; You’re welcome!”
“That’s not my diary” he said. “And I just returned it yesterday to its owner”
“Oops,” Kylie brows narrowed. “You can call that person and collect the pictures right?”
“I-I can’t” Jeremy said.
“Jeez! What kind of person doesn’t have his friends number?”
“She’s not my friend” he answered.
“So who’s diary was it then, if it wasn’t your friend’s?” Kylie asked.
“Ugh..just forget it!” Jeremy said with an audible sigh.
He lifted Axel to the couch and began pulling his shoes into his feet.
“Sorry?” Kylie said, giving Jeremy a placating look.
He gave her a frown and sighed again, shaking his head.

Rebecca placed her feather pen on the page of book she was studying and stretched to reach her diary on the upper shelf. She got hold of it and took it, she flipped it open to the middle page and picked up the big envelope on it. She took out the pictures and stared at them..
At the first glance she had known who he was. There was only a slight difference between his younger self and his present self .
She picked up her phone beside her notes and turned it on.. she needed to see him but what if she calls and he misunderstands?
She dropped the phone with a silent sigh and began putting the pictures back into the envelope.
She paused when her phone began ringing and she took it up again, checking the caller. It was him, she could tell.
He had only called once and she didn’t even bother saving his number cos he wasn’t important, she just had the ability to recognize anything in just a glance.

“Yeah?” She answered picking the call.
“Wait… how’d you know it’s me?” Jeremy asked, his brows furrowed.
“I’m smart enough to recognize things at one glance, even though I don’t want to at some point. It’s just how my brain works” she said and he sensed the brag in her words.
“Okay. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but in your diary, there are some-
“Yeah, pictures. You saw them?”
“They’re yours?” She asked, hypocritically. Ignoring his question.

“Geez..no wonder they looked grossly familiar” she said, cutting him off.
He sighed “Well I’m glad you kept a track of my face”
“Tch! You wish” she replied, her face twitching. “Anyways, your pictures are right here and you can come pick them up at the library, I’ll be leaving soon though so if you need them then you’d better rush down here quick” she said.
“Wait..how soon?”
“In five minutes?” Rebecca said, glancing at her watch.
Jeremy eyes dimmed as he stood up.
“What? Five minutes?! But I’m-
“I Don’t care. If you’re not here in five minutes then I’ll just leave these pictures here cos there’s no way I’m taking them home” she said.
“Ten minutes? At least for helping you find your diary?” Jeremy said, putting his shoes on.
“You didn’t give any condition then,” she said. “And you’ve got four minutes now!”

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