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Perfect hearts episode 13


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Jeremy quickly slipped his shoes on and tied the laces carelessly. He stood up and rushed out of his room.
Getting to the living room, he found Kylie reading on the couch with her headset on.
“I’m going to the library” he said and she nodded and waved her palm uninterestingly at him.

His eyes subconsciously slipped to the wall clock and he mumbled angry words and dashed out of the house.

“Phew!” Jeremy breathed out as he arrived at the library. He had ran all the way from his house down to the library, looking almost improperly dressed and still he was ten minutes late.
He let out a slight breath and walked into the library; giving the assistant a casual greeting with a wave of his palm, he made his way to the sitting area and began searching for her or the pictures.

He went on until he got to the last column of seats at the back and on the desk, he found the envelope that had his pictures. He recognized the inscription he had made with a red ink marker on it.

“So annoying!” He exhaled, thinking of Rebecca’s words and it’s fulfilment. He made his way to the desk, careful not to disturb the others studying; he picked up the envelope and opened it to confirm.
“Took you long enough”
He turned to the direction of the voice to find Rebecca resting on a shelf and an open book spread on her palm.

“I thought you left” Jeremy said, giving her a look.
“I did,” she unrests herself from the shelf and closed the book. “I mean almost but I had to check out the new stock first” she said.
“And then you came back to check if I was here or if the pictures had been taken by someone else?” He asked.
“Why would I care about that?” She asked, rolling her eyes.
“Then why did you come back here? Oh, you suddenly started to feel guilty cos I helped you and you didn’t?” He asked further.
“Just shut up!” She said, frowning. She held her bag closely and began heading out of the library, Jeremy gathered the pictures back into the envelope and followed her outside.

“Thanks for this. I’m going home now” he said to her.
He heard her call and he turned to face her.
“The name’s Jeremy” he said.
“Whatever. There’s something I have to tell you,” she said and Jeremy gave her a go-ahead look.
“About my diary and me liking music or JD, you can’t tell anyone about it, especially not at school” she said and Jeremy’s brows narrowed as he stared at her.
Rebecca gasped “you told someone already? Who? Is it at school?” She asked breathlessly.
“Calm down, I told no one. I’m just curious why you asked that” he said and Rebecca breathed out in relief.
“Just don’t tell anyone, okay?”
“Yeah, alright. Who would I tell anyways?” He asked.
“I’m serious Jeremy, you can’t tell anyone; promise me” she added unsure.

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With his high score and intelligence, she’s pretty sure he must’ve gotten popular and made many friends.
Her school cherish that after all.

He stared at her face and saw the seriousness in it.
“Okay, I promise” he said and she nodded.
“Can I go now?”
“Just a minute” she said.
She released her bag and opened the zip, and took out an earphone from it.

It was connected to a small box with buttons.

“Here,” she stretched it to him. “I figured you might want it” she said.
“What’s that?” He asked.
“Just put it on” She said, holding out the earphones to him.

Jeremy lowered his stare from her to the earphones before taking them and hanging them in his ears.

She pressed a button and a song began playing.

The tune sounded familiar to him but he couldn’t fully comprehend where he heard it from until it began singing.
He recognized the voice at once and gasped after listening for a while.

“DECISIONS?” He gasped, giving Rebecca an amazed look.

She nodded.

“But it isn’t suppose to be out until next month” he added.
“I have my ways” She said .
“Wow! This might be illegal but I love it!” he enthused, smiling vigorously.
“And just so you know, it has all of her albums and singles, it also automatically downloads any of her new songs. I think it was made specifically for her songs” Rebecca explained.
“For real? Where’d you get this?” He asked.
“Yeah. Do you want it?” She asked.
“Totally!” He replied.
“Then you can have it” she said.
“Really?” Jeremy’s eyes popped open wider. “You’ll give me this?, but why?”
“Nothing. I wanted to dispose it bit then I thought you might want it instead.
You can give it back if you don’t want it” she said, stretching her hand to get the item but Jeremy shifted away.
“I do!” He said, smiling.

A car pulled up beside her and the glasses wind down.
Without looking in, she opened the backseat door.
“I’m leaving. My ride is here” she told him.
“Okay. Thank you for this!” He said and she nodded before getting into the car and it zoomed off..

Watching and waiting until the car zoom past him, she slowly released the smile she had been holding.

Jeremy stared at the box, a huge grin plastering his face.
Alas! An easier and comfy way to listen to his favorite music without having to take his phone.
He stared after the car that had zoomed past and smiled again.
He played the song, pocketed the box and began heading home.
Before you complain; sorry it’s short. I planned to end it here 😁.
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