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Perfect hearts episode 14


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“You all did well, keep it up!” Mrs Geraldine added before walking out of the class.
Jeremy glanced at his score once more, the questions were tough so he had expected the score. He sighed lowly and slipped it into his pocket.
He tilt his head towards Rebecca unexpectedly and found her getting off her seat, her script almost roughly squeezed in her palm, as she made her way out of the class.

“As if!” Jeremy turned to see Harrison standing beside him with a weird look on his face.
“What’s with that look?” Jeremy asked getting up.
“Four eyes, lied; I did even worse in my work” he said.
“Four eyes? What’s that?”
“Mrs Geraldine, of course!”
“Oh I see. You all call her that?” Jeremy asked.
“Secretly, of course” Harrison replied laughing. “But seriously, my score isn’t even anywhere close to good and she said we all did well?”
“Well, you just have to study harder” Jeremy Said as he stood up.
“Tch..I don’t think studying is my thing. Honestly, I’m still here because of Alicia” Harrison said, whispering the last word.
“Seriously, studying doesn’t have to be anyone thing before you do it. You just have to adjust to it and gradually you’ll be fine”
“Yeah.. I hear that like everyday. I try once in a while though, I guess those are the times I get D’s or C’s” Harrison said, shrugging. “But I got an E this time, that’s why it’s worse” Harrison said. “Sometimes I feel like y’all brainiac use magic or something to get those high scores” he said and Jeremy chuckled.
“We don’t, Harrison. We just study, that’s the magic” Jeremy said.
“Well that magic is boring” Harrison rolled his eyes dramatically.
They arrived at the cafeteria, got their meals and took an empty table.

“Hey?” A girl walked up to their table..
“Um Hi” Harrison waved.
“Yeah,” she replied Harrison uninterested-ly and turned to Jeremy, raising her brows curiously at him.
“Hi?” Jeremy said, his brows lifting as he tilt his head to stare at the blond.
“Yeah.. I’m Hana” she said with a puppy smile..
“Oh okay. I’m-
“Jeremy. Who doesn’t know such brilliance?” She said, smiling toothily.
“Oh..um thanks” Jeremy said.
“You might not know but we’re classmates, I sit two rows after you” she said. “And I’ve always really admired you” she added.
“Thanks a lot” Jeremy said.
“So since you obviously have to eat, I was just wondering if we could be friends. It’s my biggest wish right now!”
“Er Yeah. Why not?” Jeremy said.
“Really?” She said, awed. “Thank you!” She added .
Jeremy nodded.

“So since we’re friends, do you mind if I have your number?” She added.
Jeremy subconsciously glanced at Harrison and he gave him a knowing smile as he sipped his drink.

Alicia suddenly showed up beside Jeremy as he made to reply Hana. She was breathless.
“Jeremy, you need to come with me, now!” She said, taking Jeremy’s palm and dragging him.
“Wait..why?” He asked. “What’s wrong?”
“Just come with me first” she insisted, pulling him.
“But I’m eating. Can’t it-
“No! It can’t wait. It’s very important so just come with me” she drawled.
“Can I come too?” Harrison poked in.
“No. You sit there and watch his food” she replied him.
“I’ll be quick, I promise” she said.
“Okay” Jeremy said and stood up.
Hana flashed him a questioning look. “Maybe some other time, sorry” he replied her with a placating look and followed Alicia.

With his palm on hers, she ran with him into the school building and to the upper floor where the janitor room was located, she opened it and urged him to go in with her.

Jeremy gave her a questioning look before reluctantly walking in.
He looked around and at a far corner, the janitor was fast asleep on a mattress and on the chair was a girl whose head was bent and a hoodie on her body..

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“Isn’t coming here against the school rules?” Jeremy asked.
“Not for me. I’m the school president” she said.
“Well what about me?” He asked almost Immediately.
“Chill, okay? You’re with me so you’re safe” she said with so much assurance.
“And what’re we doing here anyways?” Jeremy asked, feeling uncomfortable.
“I have something to give you” she said.
“What?” Jeremy asked almost immediately.
“Here” she handed him a small gift bag. “I made this for you” she added.
Jeremy gave her a curious look and collected it.
“What is this?” He asked.
“A gift. From me to you” she said, smiling.
“A gift?” He repeated and she nodded.
“Well thanks, But why are you giving me a gift? What’s the occasion?” He asked.
“Nothing much. It’s just to clear any doubt you might have about my feelings to a question you might want to ask” she said and Jeremy’s brows furrowed.
“I don’t understand” he said, with a confused look.
“You don’t have to. But just know I’m free to you and you can always ask me anything. No matter what it is” she said.
“Um okay. Thank you for this” Jeremy said, unsure of what to reply.

They heard a small stir behind them and Jeremy turned to see the girl behind them taking off her hoodie cap and staring at him.
Obviously their noise must’ve disturbed her.
Her brows rose as she stared at him with a frown.
“Why am I not surprised that it’s you?” Rebecca said, staring at Jeremy with a slight frown.
“Oh, um hey. I didn’t see you there” he said, with a teasing smils
Rebecca opened her mouth to reply him but they closed back when her gaze moved to Alicia standing beside him.
Alicia stared back at her with the same cold look..

“What’re you doing here anyways?” He asked.
“None of your business!” she replied him with a glance and stared slightly at Alicia. She stood up, picked up her phone beside her and walked out, a piece of paper falling to the ground from her.
Sorry it’s late. I’ve been srsly busy!💓

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