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Perfect hearts episode 15


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“Hey, you dropped-
Jeremy tried to call her back but Alicia stopped him.

“You know her?” She asked, giving him a blank look.
“Yeah” Jeremy nodded.
He glanced at the door and Rebecca was already out of the room.
Alicia’s face stiffened at his response but Jeremy barely noticed as he walked to the piece of paper and picked it up.
“You both sounded kind of close, are you?” She asked.
“Not at all. We just had few conversations In the past” he said.
“Conversations? With McCoy?” Alicia asked, her face twitching in disgust. “You might not know but she-
“I know. I was told but I can’t stay enemies with her cos of that. If she has a problem with me then that’s her business not mine” Jeremy replied.
“Seriously? You don’t know what Rebecca can do!” Alicia interjected. “She’s a fvcking psychopath. You can’t have conversations with her! She’s a loner and a freak!” she added breathlessly.
“Yeah.. you’re probably right but for real, I’ve got nothing with her. We’ve only had simple conversations”
Alicia drawled, concern etching her face.
“I’ll be fine, Alicia. You, don’t worry” Jeremy said to her. “Rebecca won’t harm me” he said, recollecting her debt to him.
“You have to stop talking to her. I don’t want you to have anything to do with her at all.. you just can’t!” she said.
“I don’t have a problem with her and you have to stop worrying, okay?” Jeremy patted her shoulders with a smile and turned to walk out..
“Where are you going?” Alicia asked.
“To give this back to her”
“Jeremy” Alicia said with a frown.
“What? I’m only going to give this back” He asked calmly.
“Okay. You’ll be quick, promise me, you’ll just give it back to her and meet me at the cafeteria right away. Promise me” she said.

Her face held so much concern and Jeremy couldn’t help but wonder, just how bad Rebecca could be. Still, he felt appreciative for the concern.
“If you don’t then I’ll be mad at you all over again” she added pouting.
“Okay. I’ll see you at the cafeteria” Jeremy said. “Thanks a lot for this” he lifted the gift bag and head out of the room.

Alicia shut her eyes tightly as she released the long breath she had held in.
She hoped Jeremy would just listen to her, he’s too sweet to see who Rebecca truly is and she’s very worried that he has to be close to her amongst others.

Jeremy made his way out of the janitor room and almost immediately found Rebecca making her way, slightly hurriedly to where the staircase was located.
“Rebecca,” he called as he hurried up to meet her. “Wait up!” He added when she made no move to answer him.

“What!” She suddenly turned cohesively, causing him to almost bump into her.

“Tch..it was you who dropped your stuff and me who picked it up and ran all the way here to come give it to you and you’re the one getting aggressive” Jeremy scoffed. “And you really have a habit of dropping things when I’m around, don’t you?” he added, stretching the paper to her.
Her eyes lowered to it and a frown displayed on her face. She collected the paper from him and without glancing at the content, tore it into shreds and threw it into a wastebasket close by.
“That’s because it’s trash, dummy!” she sneered at him.
“Trash? That’s your assignment script” Jeremy said, pointing to the waste basket that had the torn script.
“See? I knew you’d have gone through it. It’s your habit after all” she said.
“It was unintentional” he defended.
“Well it’s still trash!” She deadpanned, turned and began walking away.
“Why?” Jeremy asked, following her.
“Not your business” she replied plainly.
“Your score was a ‘B’, that’s a good grade to call trash” Jeremy said.

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“Well, I signed up for an A , not a B” she said.
“What’s wrong with a B?” Jeremy countered.
“If you see nothing wrong with it, then you should’ve just gotten it while I get an A” she said.
“Wait.. how’d you know I-
“No one is smart enough in our class to score that high except me but you came and broke that jinx” she said, crossing her palm.
“So you don’t like competitions?”
“Competition? With you? Oh please!” she gave a weird laughter.
“Why did you say ‘with you’ like I’m a loser?” Jeremy asked.
“I’ve been to a lot of competitions, both internationally and Nationwide and I’ve done well. So I won’t settle to have one with you!” She said.

“So does that mean you’re gonna be nicer to me?”
“Was I ever nice to you? Ah, is it the music box I gave you? You think I’m nice cos of that? Tch” she said, scoffing and referring to the earphones around his neck.
“Do you know what I wish for most right now?” She asked.
“No. What?” Jeremy asked.
“That you’ll stop coming to this school and I’ll go back to my usual life and position” she said.
“You mean friendless, boring and lonely?” Jeremy asked with emphasis.
“My life isn’t any of that and friends? Do you really think we’re friends?” She asked.

“Aren’t we? Cos last time I checked, friends talk and walk together and have certain things in common; We both like a particular musician”
“So? That doesn’t make us friends. I don’t make friends and around here, you definitely wouldn’t want to found walking with me” Rebecca said with a smile that didn’t particularly come from her mind.
“Why? Doesn’t that give you a bad feeling?”
“You can ask anyone around here and Bad feeling?” Rebecca scoffed. “No. I’ve lived with it for years and I’m perfectly fine. It’s what I designed for myself and I’m comfortable with it” she said, dishonestly.
“I don’t believe that” Jeremy said.
“And I don’t care what you believe” she said “now, you had better stop walking or talking to me if you still wanna keep your fame and friends around here. Plus, we’re enemies. Don’t forget that” Rebecca said, giving him a quick glance she walked away quickly, averting to the other stairs.

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