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Perfect hearts episode 17


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“See? I told you Rebecca doesn’t hate me” Jose said, happy dancing at the cafeteria.
“When will you get tired of dancing, you’re causing a scene” Harrison said, tiredly. Jose only blew raspberry at him.
“Jeez..I hope your happiness lasts. Who knows McCoy is probably on her way to Mr Bricks office to tell him she doesn’t want a partner, like always” Harrison stated.
“Yeah, you wish. If she wanted to do that, she’d have done it in class. Beat it Harry, you’re disappointed cos you were wrong about Rebecca not liking me”
“Oh geez.. liking you? You think she likes you cos she let you be her partner?”
“Yeah duh! She doesn’t usually partner anyone but she let me. What do you call that?” Jose asked and Harrison couldn’t help laughing out.
“So now you think McCoy likes you? Why would she even like ‘you’?” Harrison asked, emphasizing on the last word.
“You say ‘you’ like I’m not a likeable person”
“Well, no offense to you” Harrison said, looking away knowingly.
“Say whatever you like. I think my sweet subtle words finally found a place in her heart and I’ll be so happy to shove it in your face when I ask her out again and she accepts” Jose said.
“Fine!” Harrison said.
Jose blew raspberry at him again and happy danced.
Jeremy just watched the both of them argue as he had his lunch.

As they all sat in the room to begin their after school study lesson, Jeremy could notice the tightness between Alicia and Brianna as they gave each other ugly faces and weird looks.
He glanced at Harrison who also gave him a knowing look and he knew he wasn’t the only one that noticed.

“Okay, seriously, what’s up with you both?” Fiona asked as the session went on. Jeremy and Harrison nodded curiously too.
“What do you mean what’s up with us?” Brianna asked.
“Cos you both have been giving each other this weird angry look, did you both have a fight or what?” Fiona asked.
“We didn’t!” Alicia and Brianna chorused together.
“Okay, now I’m sure you totally did” Fiona insisted. “Come-on, what happened to you guys?”
Brianna first gave Alicia a questioning look, sighed and began speaking
“Alicia want-
“If your best friend wants you to do something that is totally within your power and is super easy, for her, won’t you do it?” Alicia asked instead, flipping her hair backwards. Brianna rolled her eyes at her.
“Um..I will” Fiona said shrugging as she thought of the reasons why Alicia asked the question.
“See? That’s what true best friends are for” Alicia said, giving Brianna a frown.
Brianna stopped herself from talking, she stood up, grabbed her backpack and walked out of the classroom.
“Brianna?” Fiona said, tilting her head towards her direction. “Brianna, wait up! Where are you going?” She called.
“Hey!” She added but Brianna only walked out of the class.
She gave Alicia a questioning look but she only shrugged.
“What? I didn’t send her off” she said.
“Seriously, what really happened between you guys, you were totally fine at the cafeteria” Fiona said curiously.
Alicia looked away at the question. “Come-on, her absence doesn’t change anything. Let’s go on with the class” she said unconcerned.

No one said anything else about the issue as they went back to study.

“Your lateness almost ruined everything!” Alicia yelled at her maid.
“I’m sorry miss. Ma’am asked me to fix her nails first” she apologized.
“Blah blah blah! Anyways, I didn’t get to open the it, how they were heart shaped as I instructed” she asked.
“Of course. They are exactly how you asked me to make them” she said.
Alicia nodded and walked out of the room to the living room to join her parent, they were both seated on a couch, watching TV and she had barely joined them when her phone began ringing, distracting her.
Alicia picked up her phone from the table, checking the caller ID, she excused herself from her parents and walked to her room.
“Yes?” She answered.
“Seriously, I can’t believe Brie and you had to argue over Jeremy” Fiona said and Alicia rolled her eyes. “he’s Brie’s partner, why can’t you just let that be?”
“I want Jeremy, Fiona. You and Brianna of all people should understand how I feel about him cos you’re my best friends. Why couldn’t she just let him go when I asked her to, it’s a very easy thing” Alicia said.
“True but we both know Jeremy’s very smart and Brianna is.. well, not so smart so I guess that’s why Mr Bricks paired them together and she needs him too so her grades can go high” Fiona said.
“Well he’s mine! She should understand that Jeremy’s mine and considering how I feel about him, she should have just let him go” Alicia said.
“Jeremy doesn’t have a problem with it, does he?” Fiona asked
“He doesn’t have to. This is just about what I want. Brianna is my best friend-
“And you’re hers too. You’re smart Alicia, consider her GP too, if it doesn’t go high then she won’t be able to graduate or get into a good university. You know she would’ve done what you wanted if she could but this, can’t you just let it go?”
“No. I won’t. And if she won’t do it then she’s not a true friend and I don’t need hypocrites in my life!” Alicia said and ended the call.
She sighed as she slapped the phone to her bed, with a palm on her forehead she tried to calm herself effortlessly.

A thought rang in her head and she smiled, if Brianna won’t do it then she’ll just have to do it herself.

Jeremy smiled subconsciously as he watched Axel listen with rapt attention as much Kylie taught him.
Kylie caught his stare and he walked into the room.
“I’m off to the store” he said, watching Axel scribble on his notebook.
“Okay. Tell Mom I’ll bring Axel if he wants me to” Kylie said.
“Sure,” he said. “I’m leaving” he said and walked out.
He made to leave when his phone began ringing, distracting Axel and he earned a frown from Kylie.
“Sorry;” he mouthed and walked out.
He took out his phone and saw it was Alicia calling.
He had planned to call her too and thank her for the heart shaped cookies she had given him but he could just do it now.
He answered the call.

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“I’m sure she must’ve rejected you as a partner already!” Harrison laughed out the next day at the cafeteria.
“Keep wishing, you’ll receive the shocker of your life when Mr Bricks says nothing about it” Jose said and again Jeremy watched them blabber to each other.
“Why wait for Mr Bricks when we can just find out” Harrison said.
Harrison nudged his head toward the other side of the cafeteria. “She’s right there, why don’t you go ask her?” He asked and Jose followed his gaze she found Rebecca seated behind them. His gaze quickly dart back towards Harrison as he flinched.
“What? Are you scared your ‘partner’ would reject you in front of this many students?” Harrison mocked.
“I told you she won’t”
“Then go find out” Harrison insisted.
“O-okay” Jose stuttered and slowly stood up. He picked up his drink and emptied the cup, Harrison scoffed.

He began walking to Rebecca who was focused on a book.

“Um..hi” he waved slightly when her gaze shot up at him. “Can I sit?” He repeated and she frowned at him. “Just for a minute, I promise” he added immediately and she nodded once at him.

Harrison gasped slightly from his seat.. “did he just seat at her table?” He asked rhetorically.
“Obviously. What could possibly happen anyways?” Jeremy inquired.
“Biting him or pouring her drink on him. I bet on either of both” Harrison said.
“Seriously? She can do that?” Jeremy asked.
“Dude, she pushed a girl from the third floor, why can’t she do that?” Harrison asked.
“Well, in a way she doesn’t seem like that kind of person to me” Jeremy said. “Are you sure the pushing stuff isn’t just a rumour?”
“Rumour?” Harrison scoffed. “It’s not. Try checking Alicia’s shoulder, you’ll find the scars thick scars scrawled all over it”
“Alicia?” Jeremy’s brows furrowed.
“Yes, Alicia” Harrison said and then whispered, Alicia was the girl McCoy pushed!”
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