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Perfect hearts episode 18


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“What?” Jeremy gasped.
He couldn’t help recalling the scenario at the janitor room. They had glared daggers at each other and with the way McCoy suddenly left afteklkkr seeing her..
“Yeah” Harrison said. “So you see anything said about Rebecca is not exaggerated”
“So she pushed Alicia because she topped her in a test?” Jeremy asked and Harrison nodded. “Wow! That is..is-
“Absurd and psycho-like” Harrison completed with a nod and picked up his drink again.

Jeremy looked over at Rebecca’s table where she interacted with Jose and somehow he couldn’t accept that she was capable of doing something like that and to him, she doesn’t seem like a psychopath. Although she can be annoying, kind of inconsiderate and mean but attempting murder on someone? Jeremy shook his head.

Rebecca stared at him and noticed how uncomfortable and scared he was as he sat at her spot..
“So?” She asked Jose when he said nothing and just toyed with his fingers. “You can leave if you have nothing to say” she added.
“Um..n-no. actually, about the project-
“Yeah, what about it?” She asked barely letting him complete his words and Jose felt very intimidated by that action.
“Us.. I mean just to be sure, we’re still partners right? Cos in the class you didn’t opt for a change and I was just wondering- You didn’t change your mind, did you?”
Rebecca gave him a brief stare and stretched her hand with an intention of picking her smoothie but Jose misread the action and dodged quickly in case she was about to slap him. Rebecca saw the action and gave him a blank stare, picking her drink. Jose mumbled an ‘oh’ and relaxed himself.
“I wasn’t gonna hit you” Rebecca said and Jose lowered his gaze. “And yeah, we’re still partners” she said.
“Really?” He smiled.
“Yeah” she nodded, returning the smile lopsidedly.
“Okay.. I’ll leave you be now. Enjoy your lunch, okay?” He said. “Um would you like me to get you a-

She gave him a frown and the rest of his words died down. “Right, I’ll just leave” he stood up and walked away hurriedly to join Harrison and Jeremy’s

Rebecca picked up her book and walked out of the cafeteria.

“She didn’t fvcking ditch me! I told you!” Jose excitedly informed Harrison.
“Whoa.. that’s new” Harrison said. “Well congratulations on nothing” he jeered.
“Yeah, sucker!” Jose stuck out his tongue at him and Harrison only rolled his eyes. “I’m leaving you guys, I have something to handle at the school’s backyard” Jose said.
“Or someone?” Harrison interjected.
“Yeah someone” Jose gave him a knowing grin and walked out.
“I wonder what project me Bricks will be giving us this time” Harrison said with a sigh.
“Well, it’s my first since I came to this school so I’m anticipating it” he said.

“Speaking of project,” Alicia pulled a chair and sat. “I’m not cool with my partner” she added.
“You should’ve asked for someone else when Mr Bricks gave the opportunity” Harrison said.
“Yeah, I know. Jeremy, are you cool with your partner?” She asked.
“Um.. Brianna?-
“Yeah! If you’re not cool with her we can go meet Mr Bricks together and tell him, he could make both of us partners” Alicia suggested.
“Actually, I’m fine with anyone” Jeremy insisted.
“Oh,” Alicia mumbled and stayed quiet for a moment. “but you should know she isn’t a very bright student, I mean if you partner with her then you should get ready to do most if not all of the project work, I doubt she’ll get it” Alicia said, twitching her lips dramatically.
“Well, Mr Bricks will definitely give us a detailed explanation before the projects” Harrison said and Alicia gave him a frown.
“Yeah,” Jeremy nodded. “And Brianna can’t be that bad”
“Oh. She is. Trust me” Alicia said.
Jeremy frowned. “Well, I guess that’s why we were paired tho. And the projects hasn’t been shared yet, so you can’t judge her that easily” Jeremy said.
“You don’t know Brianna, Jeremy-
“But I know she is your friend. Why talking so bad about her?”
“Was. she was my friend. We’re not friends anymore,” Alicia smiled deceitfully at him. “Anyways, good luck with your partner and when you change your mind, I hope I’m still available” Alicia said,
“I can be your partner if you want, I’m kind of not really cool with my partner too, so..” Harrison said with an awkward laughter.
“No, thanks.” Alicia said, stood up and walked away.

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“…Team G. Pick your project” Mr Bricks shook the tray and stretched it towards Jeremy, he picked one of the few closed papers and Mr Bricks continued to pass it on until the tray was empty.
“So that’s your projects in full details. It’s self explanatory because I listed every word I would’ve said in that sheet. you can start working on it today or tomorrow as you’ll be submitting them on Monday next week” he said.
“Yes sir!” The class said.
“Study the questions very carefully and if you still need some clarification, you can come meet me at my office. I need very accurate and clear answers which is why I’m giving you that long to work on the topics, it’ll be scored as your mid test. Every little detail counts likewise mistakes” he said. “Good afternoon!” He said, picked up his note and walked out, Alicia following him with the other items.

“What did we get?” Brianna asked Jeremy.
“Um.. let’s see,” he said as he unwrapped the paper. “Creating a business proposal” he said, reading the subheadings.
“Whoa!” Brianna sighed. “So, when do we start?” She asked.
“Um..I’m kind of occupied after school. I need to pick my baby bro from the daycare and we have a family gathering this evening. How about tomorrow?” She asked.
“Cool!” Jeremy said and she smiled with a nod before walking away.
“I wish I got the ‘business proposal'” Rebecca mumbled.
“I overheard you telling your partner” she added when Jeremy looked at her.
“What did your group get?” He asked.
“Creating a company’s webpage with all the necessities” she said.
“Oh..” Jeremy mumbled. “It can’t be that hard right?”
“You think so? Then should we just swap questions?” She asked and Jeremy gave her a blank look. “I thought so” she added and stood up.
Taking her phone out, she walked towards the back of the class and desperate and curious eyes accompanied her.
“Here,” she stopped at Jose’s table, stretching her phone towards him. “Give me your number, I’ll send you the location and when we’ll meet”
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