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Perfect marriage episode 20

Divorce Agreement.


✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 20.

“Samuel!!!” I scre-med when he caught up with me on the staircase, he struck me hard on my wa-ist and I fell face down.

I thought I was going to faint or even die from the pain as blood oozed out of my nose but nothing like that happened.

There was no atom of pity on his face when he pulled me up at once and twisted my neck forcefully so I would face him.

“When next you try such nonsense with me, I swear I shall kill you!!” He threatened and pulled on my hair.

“Sam… Honey, please… I promise… I won’t… Oh, God” Tears streamed down my face as I forced words out of my mouth.

“Wow, she looks… s€×y and beautiful, I didn’t notice” he growled and threw up just about the same time as he pulled up my skirt.

He messed up the staircase and it became slippery, he staggered forward and pushed me to move in front of him.

He stepped on the slippery spot and we landed on the floor together, my back was on the ground while he fell on top of me.

“See… Why would you push me? Am I not lucky to be the one at advantage…” He laughed mocking his stupid self.

He bent his head immediately and I noticed he was going to k-ss me with that dirty mouth, I shut my eyes and clamped my teeth.

His lips covered mine and the funny taste of his mouth made me want to throw up too but he didn’t give me a chance.

When he tried and failed to penetrate into my mouth with his tongue because of my clenched teeth, he broke the k-ss and cursed me.

He charged up and dragged me up again, “You don’t want it the gentle way, right? I’m going to show you the stuff am made of!”

“Sam… Sorry, you can k-ss me again… I will… No!” He yanked me against our bedroom door and I felt dizzy at once.

The wh0le house spun around and my knees buckled, I had to hold onto his arms tight to avoid plummeting.

“See, am a very gentleman and I don’t hurt women… You know, I love it when you shut up and be a good girl” his lips patted in a wicked grin.

I depended on him for strength so I held unto him while he tore my skirt into shreds and knelt down to finger me.

If it were in different terms, I would love him and enjoy what he’s doing but all I’m feeling is pain, he isn’t gentle at all and I will have a lot of wounds to heal after this.

His left hand held my thigh, my hands rested on his shoulders, I squealed when his finger nail dug a h0le on my thighs.

He’s holding me way too tight, when he looked up at my face, he looked sober and it seemed as though the alcohol is relinquishing bit by bit.

Anger flickered into his eyes at once and he forced himself up in the funniest way considering his height and body size.

“Look at you! You want to prove to me that you are not enjoying it, huh? Are you supposed to be crying painfully or joyfully!!”

His hand moved up quickly and I couldn’t dodge the punch that broke my nose and more blood stained my polo shirt.

He lifted me up to his shoulder and carried me into our bedroom, he threw me on the bed and started working on his belt.

“I will not be a gentleman again, you will see me in action…” He continued talking but I wasn’t listening, every part of my body ached.

My eyes flew up just at the same speed as the belt he lifted and I realized late that he is going to use the belt on me.

I used my hands to cover my face in time so it hit my hands, when he lifted it the second time, I looked at him and scre-med.

“Samuel, please!!!!!!!” I’m sure our neighbors will be wondering what is going on in here with that shriek.

His hand stopped half way towards me, his eyes locked with mine and slowly, he threw the belt away as if it has bitten him.

I didn’t know what was happening to him or what he has in mind when he climbed slowly to the bed like a snail.

A sense of reasoning told me to run but another told me to stay put, I felt really afraid to an extent that my nose failed to take in air into my lungs for seconds.

He took hold of my hands and stared hard at my face, he lifted his hand mindlessly and trailed a finger on my left cheek.

“Eva… Sweet Eva…” He hugged me and his weight pushed my back to the bed.

I couldn’t control my tears, he felt quite, cold and weighed ten pounds more than his actual weight and that is unusual.

I pushed him and he rolled off to lay on the bed.

He fell into a deep slumber and I sat on the bed beside him and wept with broken heart.

Jake and Sandra sat opposite each other at a restaurant, they met to have dinner and discuss about their friend.

They agreed to look for possible means to help them because they understand that Eva and Sam are meant to be and are the best couple.

They believe it’s trying time and it’s not easy on them both.

“Thanks for coming here to meet me, Jake” Sandra said inclining her head and sipping her juice.

“They are our friend, Eva and Sam are like family to me and I feel sad about what has happened this two weeks, I feel I have a hand in…”

“No,” Sandra stopped him from blaming himself over what is currently happening to their friends, “This is not time to apportion blame”

“Right, but I feel bad. I mean, instead of things to get better, it’s getting worse after the divorce agreement I gave them” he said sadly.

“You and I know that what is going on has nothing to do with the divorce agreement or whatsoever you guys agreed on” Sandra waved off.

She knows how natural it is to experience bad moments in a beautiful life, of course, man proposes and God disposes.

“I’m kinda confused now, babe, what do you suggest we do to help them? I can’t think of anything now” Jake confided.

“Yeah, they need our support. First of all, I guess you talking with your friend, Sam will go a long way while I keep Eva company regularly,” she said curtly.

“That will be good for a start, I will be damned if I don’t go home with my front teeth, Sam can be weird especially when he is drunk as I presume he is this days”

Jake knew Sam very well, not from childhood but they have spent too many years together for them to understand each other.

He still remembers the night they went on camping trip with other students, a girl got him drunk and she paid the price of her devilish work.

Sam doesn’t drink alcohol like every other guy, he’s gentle too but quick to anger and when he tastes alcohol, he becomes an assh-le.

Jake thought it wise to go meet him when he is calm and not drunk to avoid creating a disastrous scene for the Daily News article

“You know when to schedule a meet up with him, I wish you luck with that, buddy!” Sandra raised her glass for a cheer.

He raised his glass to it and smiled, “how’s your wedding preparations going?”

“Not as good as when Eva was involved, she’s the best and has the key to a successful wedding, I pray she comes around, really”

“I can’t wait for the batchelor’s night party, I might find my missing rib during your wedding” he laughed lightly.

“See that? You think I haven’t heard about the girl with front and back you are tripping for, she will simply catch the magic” She mused.


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